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February 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Selection and Appointment Committee for Human Rights has launched its recruitment for the Human Rights Tribunal panel members.

A spokesperson said, “The Selection and Appointment Committee [SAC] for Human Rights, established in accordance with Section 13A of the Human Rights Act 1981, as amended [Act], is pleased to announce and launch its recruitment for Human Rights Tribunal panel members: the critically important independent arm of the Human Rights Commission responsible for presiding over and adjudicating human rights complaints.”

The Head of the SAC, Seth Darrell commented, “The work of the Human Rights Tribunal, and of human rights defenders more broadly, is essential to equity, justice, fairness, respect and dignity for all.

“The appointment by the Cabinet Minister responsible for Human Rights, Minister Tinee S. Furbert JP, MP, to serve as Head of the Selection and Appointment Committee aligns with my unyielding belief in safeguarding civil liberties and rights, and I am delighted to shepherd the independent appointment process alongside esteemed committee members Cherie Dill, Senator Robin Tucker, Chiara Nannini and Dennis Pimentel.”

In accordance with Section 13B[1] of the Act, the function of the SAC is to, among other things, invite applications and appoint persons from the general public to serve on a panel as members of the Human Rights Tribunal. The Human Rights Tribunal panel will consist of twelve to fifteen persons, including a Chair and Deputy Chair.

Mr. Darrell continued, “The SAC is very much committed to attracting a diverse group of persons reflective of Bermuda’s community who each will uphold those principles necessary to foster greater public confidence in the integrity, independence, impartiality and effectiveness that the Human Rights Tribunal panel ought to possess and exercise for Bermuda and her residents.

“The SAC believes that this is both a tremendous opportunity and a tremendous responsibility for persons to meaningfully steer the protection and promotion of human rights. The SAC commenced its radio and digital recruitment campaign on Wednesday, February 09, 2022 and we wish to encourage all those interested in serving to e-mail for more information or apply via our designated application website.”

A spokesperson added, “In addition to candidates with experience, interest in, understanding or knowledge of human rights law, the SAC seeks applicants with sufficient availability to efficiently adjudicate proceedings [which may require three [3] to five [5] full days to complete] and ability to draft reasoned Tribunal decisions at the conclusion of a matter. For more information, visit here or email”

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