Happy Hour With A Feminist Twist At Princess

March 4, 2022 | 0 Comments

A new Happy Hour initiative being offered at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Crown & Anchor throughout the month of March aims to raise awareness of the global pay disparity between men and women while still offering a good time.

A spokesperson said, “The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is offering a feminist twist on their Happy Hour throughout the month of March!

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“March marks Women’s Month, a time for honouring and recognising the achievements of all women in our lives – and for acknowledging the challenges that many of them still face. Recent studies by the UN have shown that women on average make 77 cents to every dollar earned by men.

“To raise awareness of the global pay disparity, while still encouraging a good time, Crown & Anchor will be discounting their Friday Happy Hour cocktail menu by 23 per cent for female patrons throughout March. While women might be paying favourable rates, men are encouraged to be generous when buying a round as the 23 per cent price difference will be donated to the Women’s Resource Centre.

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“The Women’s Happy Hour menu is divided up into ‘his and hers’ pricing but features drinks that everyone will love. The cocktail creations have been made by or inspired by female colleagues at the hotel, including ‘Empress Me’, featuring Empress Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Grapefruit and Lime Juice and topped with Prosecco.

“Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are encouraged and can be made by emailing Ham.DiningReservation@Fairmont.com or by calling 298-2028.”

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