Momentum For Diversity In Eldercare

March 29, 2022

Age Concern Bermuda was among those who celebrated in New Orleans at a event held by the American College of Healthcare Administrator’s [ACHCA] to acknowledge the work of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee [DEI] of the New York, Chapter of the College.

A spokesperson said, “ACHCA is a non-profit professional membership association dedicated to administrative leadership and excellence in post-acute and aging services care across the spectrum of health care services.”

Mr. Bob Lane, National President of ACHCA, stated, “Last, Wednesday, March 22, 2022, represented an historic moment for the College as we celebrated the New York Chapter and the work of its DEI Committee at our 55th Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony.

“The New York Chapter of ACHCA is leading the way in championing the values of fair representation and diversity among professionals who serve as administrators of long-term care across the United States.

“We are also pleased to be working with Age Concern Bermuda, within the NY Chapter, to broaden the reach and access to long-term care training and peer mentoring access to Bermuda and the Caribbean”.

Age Concern Bermuda March 2022

Mr. Keith Chambery, NY Chapter President, was inspired to formulate the Committee after the tragedy of Mr. George Floyd.

Mr Chambery stated, “Mr. George Floyd’s experience created a greater opportunity for reflection and commitment to do something to address systemic injustice wherever it may be found. This ACHCA award recognizes the NY Chapter for doing something that no other Chapter in the nation is doing elevating our mission toward making advancement in our profession attainable for all groups that have been underrepresented.”

Also, in attendance to receive the award were Ms. Shennoy Wellington and Mr. Mark Sanchez, Co-Chairpersons of the Committee, along with several DEI Committee members.

Dr. Claudette Fleming of Age Concern Bermuda, also a member of the DEI Committee, said of her colleagues, “It would have been so easy during the height of Covid-19 lockdown to put the issues of exclusion and disparities on a shelf to deal only with the immediate health crisis at hand.

“However, as the pandemic further unfolded, so did the disparities. This group of committed professionals and its leaders remained dedicated to creating a structured DEI Committee model that can be replicated within the many ACHCA chapters across the United States and by extension Bermuda, which provides a framework for concrete and measurable action.”

“I was pleased to be introduced to ACHCA almost 5 years ago to the NY Chapter’s, Summer Leadership Conference, coordinated by Larry Slatky of the NY Chapter, who was recently inducted to the ACHCA’s national Hall of Fame. The Summer Conference has been hosted in Bermuda for the last 30 years, up until this year where it will be held in Aruba.

“ACHCA is the only association of long-term care administrators in the United States. Becoming a part of ACHCA; the NY Chapter and contributing to its DEI work is a direct result of the ties established through a genuine love of and commitment to long-term care and to Bermuda over the years.”

Dr. Fleming added, “We are pleased to be associated with ACHCA and look forward to working together to advance its great work, in Bermuda and across the Caribbean.”

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