Premier David Burt’s Trip Cost $13,247.08

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A trip in November 2021 by Premier David Burt to London and Brussels cost $13,247.08, according to a recent listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

UKOTA Meeting

The trip duration was listed as from November 14, 2021 – November 22, 2021, and the web page listing said, “This year the Premier acted in capacity as President of the Political Council within United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association and chaired the meeting of the Political Council where Overseas Territories Leaders discussed the issues that would be raised with the U.K Government and the Joint Ministerial Council the following day


“The Joint Ministerial Council is the highest forum for political dialogue and consultation between UK and elected leaders and representatives of the Overseas Territories for the purposes of providing leadership and promoting cooperation in areas of mutual interest. It provides a forum for the exchange of views on political and constitutional issues between the governments of the Overseas Territories and the UK Government: to promote the security and good governance of the Territories and their sustainable economic and social development; and to agree priorities, develop plans and review implementation.

“The Premier attended JMC as leader of the Government of Bermuda, and was accompanied by the Minister of Finance and London Office Director, and Bermuda’s UK Representative Ms. Kimberley Durrant.

“Brussels with MoF & Business Development in Brussels

“This trip marked the Premier’s first return to Brussels since both Brexit and the start of the COVID19 pandemic. He used this opportunity to support the Minister of Finance in bolstering Bermuda’s reputation within the European institutions and to meet with broader government and industry stakeholders.

“The Premier had the opportunity to meet with the Director of Economics and Trade at the UK Mission to the EU. They exchanged on the UKEU and Bermuda-EU relationships post-Brexit and discussed areas where Bermuda and the UK Mission to the EU could deepen connections. This included in the important areas of vaccination certificate equivalence and EU mobility, climate change and follow-up from COP26, and financial services.

“The Premier met with the CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies [CEPS]. CEPS is among the most influential European think tanks, and among the top ten think tanks in the world. In addition to producing firsthand research and analysis on EU proposals and regulations of importance to Bermuda. The Premier had the opportunity to discuss Bermuda’s broader interests ranging from financial services and Solvency II, to innovations within Bermuda’s digital assets and renewable energy sectors. This meeting helped identify potential synergies with CEPS and areas for future cooperation.

“The Premier also attended and delivered a keynote speech at a dinner with government and industry partners based in Brussels, organised by the Government of Bermuda Brussels Office and British Chamber of Commerce – EU and Belgium. Engagements such as this create multipliers for positive messaging about Bermuda and ensure that thoughtleaders and key stakeholders are well informed about the opportunities to do business on the island.

“Dinners for Students in London & Manchester

“Upon returning from Brussels the Premier held two dinners for Bermudian students and young professionals living in the United Kingdom. Each dinner was organised by the Government of Bermuda London Office, with 12 students attending in London and 10 in Manchester. During the dinner the Premier outlined important Government initiatives relevant to young Bermudian students and professionals such as the Economic Recovery Plan and National Youth Policy.

“The Premier invited students to engage in dialogue and ask any questions of him that they wished to. The students and Premier discussed topics such as support for the arts, climate change, cost of living, jobs and more.

“Ground Transportation Breakdown

  • Train Tickets: $1,040.23
  • Car Service: $1,697.97.

“Pounds and Euros converted at prevailing exchange rates.”


  • Air Travel: $4,761.70
  • Ground Transportation: $2,738.20
  • Accommodation: $5,655.61
  • Meals: $91.57
  • Total costs: $13,247.08

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    Spend it up Burty, while the island looks like sheet and is in sheet state.
    Let’s keep the ego guy in longer I’m sure China will eventually bail us out

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