BBC To Broadcast Race Coverage Starting At 8am

May 26, 2022

[Updated] Bermuda Broadcasting said they are “thrilled to announce dynamic partnerships that will take Bermuda Day Half-Marathon media coverage to a new level.”

“Tomorrow’s race will not only be carried by BBC live on TV, radio and social media, but also on the Bernews website and its three main social media platforms,” the company said.

“Bermuda Broadcasting is renowned for its minute-by-minute coverage with live commentary, and it will be augmented this year by a slew of additional, mobile cameras.

Bermuda Day Half Marathon May 2022

“Digicel has helped BBC to facilitate this high-tech upgrade, and the unrivalled online reach of Bernews means that tens of thousands of people will have easy access to superlative coverage of one of Bermuda’s most cherished events.”

Patrick Singleton, CEO of Bermuda Broadcasting, said: “Our BBC team has been working hard on preparations to ensure that our coverage captures all the action and is widely accessible.

“Whether you’re at home watching on TV, cheering on the runners roadside or on a boat using a smartphone or tablet or a radio, you’ll be able to follow everything’s that’s happening. And we’re delighted to be working alongside Bernews and Digicel to broaden our audience reach.”

BBC said, “Coverage starts at 8am with a pre-race show live on ZFB TV7, Power 95 radio, BBC’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, which will include an extended tribute to the late BBC journalist Mike Sharpe, whose name is synonymous with Bermuda Day racing. Our expert commentary team includes Ian Rawlins, Nick Jones, Mike Watson, Donna Raynor and Albert ‘Jay’ Donawa.

Donn Foggo, Digicel Bermuda’s Director of Marketing, said, “Digicel is proud to partner with Bermuda Broadcasting to bring live coverage of the Bermuda Half-Marathon Derby to the homes of all Bermudians. As the [tested] fastest network in Bermuda, we pride ourselves on ensuring we use our connectivity to support, promote and push Bermuda’s sporting events.”

Update 8.12pm: Unfortunately — and this is through zero fault of the BBC whom we hold in very high regard — Bernews apparently will not be able to carry the stream of the race. Bernews will note we have made every effort to cover Bermuda Day since our inception, and while we are not exactly ESPN, we remain proud of our efforts! The great news is, the BBC will be covering the event, so we encourage everyone to tune into their television channel, YouTube channel and Facebook page, and Bernews will provide all the coverage we are able to of other events. We wish everyone a happy holiday! divider line ewrr

For extensive coverage of Bermuda Day spanning over a decade, visit our website, the island’s most comprehensive resource on the Bermuda Day holiday.

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