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May 26, 2022 | 0 Comments in partnership with Centennial Bermuda Foundation, is “engaging in a strategic process to assess the current scholarship landscape and is inviting all organisations that offer post-secondary education scholarships to participate.”

A spokesperson said, “It is thought that approximately 153 organisations offer a total of more than 250 scholarships in Bermuda each year and many of them, although not all, are listed on the website The website is a source for information on all scholarships offered in Bermuda and is used by students to research and apply for educational funding.

“All organisations providing one or more post-secondary scholarships are invited to complete a 15-minute survey that will gather data on scholarships currently available, including for certification, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and vocational studies.

“The goal of the project is to understand the breadth of scholarship giving and to identify any areas of disparity, as well as identifying potential opportunities for collaboration, partnership or leveraging of funds.”

Centennial Director of Programmes, Vivien Carter said, “We encourage all scholarship providers to participate in this survey as it will give us all more information about the scholarship landscape. Our thanks to those who have already responded. We plan to share a high-level report with all stakeholders, once the data is collected.”

“The survey has been emailed to known scholarship providers and the project leaders are hopeful to collect data from as many as 100 organisations. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential,” a spokesperson said.

“The survey is for all scholarship providers who offer any form of post-secondary education funding options for Bermudians, and is open until Monday, May 30th and can be accessed here.

“Meanwhile, Centennial will undertake an in-depth strategic assessment of its own scholarships this year, reviewing its processes and how its scholarships fit within those of the wider community across Bermuda. It will assess all the scholarships Centennial offers, with a view to building a more robust programme in support of Bermuda’s students and their future.”

Centennial Managing Director Allison Towlson said, “We are working to ensure equitable access and opportunity for all Bermudian post-secondary students. Three years ago Centennial refocused the eligibility criteria for its scholarships on financial needs as the first criteria; this year’s strategic assessment is the next step in that work.”

Questions or feedback about the project can be directed to Centennial’s Director of Programmes, Vivien Carter:

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