7 Dogs & ‘Substantial’ Cannabis Plants Seized

August 25, 2022 | 11 Comments

Seven dogs and a “substantial amount of cannabis plants, some measuring as tall as five feet, seven inches in height” have been seized, the police have confirmed.

The Bermuda Police Service said, “On Thursday, 18th August 2022, officers of the Tactical Unit [PSU] assisted the Government Animal Wardens with a search warrant under the Dogs Act 2008 at a residence in Hamilton Parish, which resulted in the seizure of 7 dogs. During the search, officers discovered a substantial amount of cannabis plants, some measuring as tall as five feet, seven inches in height.

“One man was arrested for the offence of Suspicion of Cultivation, the plants have been seized and an investigations into the matter has commenced.

“Anyone that has any information in relation to this investigation is asked to call Police Support Unit on 247-1784 or email x-PSU@bps.bm. Anyone that has any information in relation to any other crimes occurring in their neighbourhood is encouraged to contact 295-0011, or the Non-emergency contact Centre on 211 or the confidential Crime stoppers number 800-8477.

“Meanwhile, on Sunday 21st August, officers from the Tactical Operations Division executed a search warrant on an unrelated matter, when they discovered a large quantity of Cannabis plants in the yard of a Devonshire residence, growing at heights of up to five feet, nine inches tall. The plants have been seized under the Misuse of Drugs Act.”

Cannabis Plants Bermuda Aug 25 2022 (1)

Cannabis Plants Bermuda Aug 25 2022 (2)

Cannabis Plants Bermuda Aug 25 2022 (3)

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  1. I and I says:

    I can understand the concern for the dogs health and welfare , but what a waste of time and money on a plant!

  2. Nardella says:

    So glad I left the island as it is way behind not allowing weed! Can not believe Maine, best place on earth and where I am, allows this. Bermuda get with the times. You could use he money it brings in.

    • saud says:

      You’re in the US? LOL, hardly the best place for anything…although its racism, homophobia and xenophobia matches Bermudas’.

      • Nardella says:

        So clueless

        • saud says:

          Yes, you’re clueless…that’s your response to any challenge, you have not brain one.

          You’re nothing but a meth. LMFAO

          • Nardella says:

            Nice choice of words……..you must have your masters degree like me. Your nothing but a meth. How old are you 15

            • saud says:

              Your internet credentials are as fake as you are….you methy little thing.
              Grow up, your bigotry is boring.

      • George says:

        Hi Saud… am knocking you ok..but how can you change your race? So why some people change their gender?

        • saud says:

          Try Grammarly…or ask a child to write down your thoughts for you. You’re clearly not in any position to debate with anyone. You can barely eek out a coherent sentence.
          Try again, bigot.

  3. Let the dogs says:

    Enjoy their weed.

  4. tucker says:

    That looks like some of the lowest quality weed I’ve ever seen.
    You could probably make some rope with it.

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