EAP Bermuda Achieves BNSC Accreditation

August 2, 2022

The Employee Assistance Programme of Bermuda [EAP Bermuda] announced their successful Bermuda National Standards Committee reaccreditation.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda National Standards Committee [BNSC] offers the opportunity for organizations providing health and human services in Bermuda to achieve international accreditation or certification.

“In order to receive this designation, an organization must demonstrate compliance to seven or more standards that speak to administrative best practice, continuous quality improvement, client rights and responsibilities protections, risk prevention, governance, due diligence in financial principles, and maintenance of on-going training and supervision.

“EAP Bermuda completed this reaccreditation through a rigorous collection of evidence, interviews, and on-site review. EAP Bermuda’s submitted evidence was evaluated by two peer reviewers with local and international accreditation training, who then prepared attestations of integrity and a recommendation of designation.

“The peer review process, materials, and recommendation were then individually reviewed and validated by the BNSC Accreditation & Certification Board of Directors Subcommittee, before ultimately being conferred by the BNSC Board of Directors. The full BNSC Accreditation designation applies from 2021 through 2025.”

Latisha Lister-Burgess, Executive Director for EAP Bermuda shared that “EAP Bermuda is currently the only accredited Employee Assistance provider in Bermuda and have been continuously accredited since 2013. We are proud of the hard work and dedication from our Board and staff throughout the accreditation process and view this achievement as our continued commitment to best practice and following international standards.”

For more information about EAP Bermuda, please visit www.eap.bm. If you are interested in the BNSC designation or process, please reach out to Dr. Tara Hines, BNSC Coordinator [Consulting] at tarawhitehines@gmail.com.

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