Govt Launch Consultation On Water Sector

September 19, 2022 | 1 Comment

“As outlined in the government’s platform of 2017, members of the public will recall several commitments designed to enhance our citizens’ lives,” said Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col David Burch, as the Ministry launches a public consultation on improving Bermuda’s water sector.

“The consultation, entitled, Opportunities for Improvements in Bermuda’s Water Sector, will run until 28 October 2022 and will focus on improving regulations around business practices, the protection of consumers concerning the production and supply of water, and the collection and disposal of wastewater. The consultation document is attached.

“While Bermuda’s traditional approach to water services and water sector management has served the Island well, opportunities for improvement exist.

“The Government of Bermuda believes that if the sector remains unchanged, there is a risk of adverse public health and environmental outcomes, higher costs for Bermudian households and a detrimental impact on the country’s reputation as a premier vacation destination.

“Specific to the Ministry of Public Works, the Government committed to reviewing the current system for handling and regulating water and wastewater servicing and working with the private sector to facilitate systems that would properly treat sewage waste across the island, including the two Municipalities,” Minister Burch added.

“A review is also essential concerning monitoring piped and trucked water quality levels. This is being done with the intent of improving consistency across service providers.

“While the Department of Health carries out a water monitoring programme, water testing is done voluntarily or in response to specific customer complaints.

“The public is encouraged to visit to view the consultation document and submit feedback under the page Consultation on opportunities for improvement in Bermuda’s water sector. The Ministry also encourages the public to take this quick survey.

“Residents are further encouraged to watch our live discussion on this subject on Facebook at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 28 September.

“Hosts Tarik Christopher, from the Ministry of Public Works, and John Ikeda from Castalia Advisors, will discuss the consultation and take questions from viewers. It will be moderated by Tari Trott from the Department of Communications.

“For further information or to contact the Department of Works and Engineering, residents should email or telephone 278-0570.”

The Consultation Document follows below [PDF here]:

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