Peace, Joy And Love: Christmas Across Africa

October 7, 2022 | 0 Comments

[Written by Dale Butler]

Former Minister of Government, Terry Lister, has added an exciting and creative book title to his first two books: Immersed in West Africa, released August 29, 2019 [winner of 14 international awards], and A New Day Dawns, released October 28, 2021 [winner of 8 international awards]. Although new to the literary world [started publishing in 2019], he is one of the most successful international authors Bermuda has produced.

It is recorded that Africa is soaked in spirituality and religion is a major part of their lives. Some historians have highlighted seven major religions in Africa. Mr. Lister is about to release another eye-opener, this time covering a subject few people ever think about concerning the continent of Africa: Christmas, one of these major religions.

This is the first time I have personally ever thought about Christmas in Africa, so this book is very enlightening to me. Indeed, his editor summed it up by saying “Terry Lister’s experiences and research gives the reader a glimpse into the customs and practices of more than thirteen African nations delivering an educational taste of the traditional foods and common rituals.” With a collection of beautiful photos, you will be excited when you see that our Gombeys mirror a few of their native Christmas dress. Release date for the book is October 15.

Mr. Lister has visited 22 African countries and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from his experiences as he has shared the history and culture of each country with sad and happy events. Now we can see Christmas in Africa through his eyes. He has presented an insight into 15 of the 22 African countries he has visited and you will love the similarities and differences.

On a regular basis, we still hear a demand for more African knowledge. While the internet and YouTube are very comprehensive, why not get a more intimate review from an award-winning Bermudian who stated that regardless of their economic state, “it is heartwarming to see the great efforts made to ensure that happiness, joy and love are felt in the festive period.”

Terry Lister’s book will be on sale from October 15 in local book stores and on Amazon. You can also contact him at or 595-2908.

- Dale Butler is the Professor of Bermuda Music who also writes music and food reviews

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