Athene Donates Laptops To Dellwood School

March 31, 2023

Athene Life Re Limited, the reinsurance subsidiary of Athene Holding Ltd., has donated laptops to the Bermuda Public School System, with the laptops to be used in Business Studies Encore Courses at Dellwood Middle School.

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain said, “We are grateful to Athene Life Re and Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative for partnering with Dellwood Middle School to provide student laptops. This donation is an instrumental resource for middle school business studies students who are engaged in research on business, marketing, finance, IT and media fundamentals. This type of support is a prime example of how community partnerships can assist and support students to explore subject material connected to their circular interests and passions.”

A spokesperson said, “Ms. Stacey Daniels, Business Studies teacher at Dellwood Middle School, stated she is very thankful for the generous donation of laptops from Athene. This laptop donation has enabled all students in Business Studies to have access to technology to enhance students’ lesson experiences. These additional laptops will be used in Dellwood Middle School’s Encore Department.”

“We are happy to support Dellwood in providing an engaging classroom to their students”, said Natasha Scotland Courcy, SVP, COO and General Counsel, Athene Life Re. “Our donation to Dellwood’s Business Studies program is an example of Athene’s commitment to help improve the learning experience for students in Bermuda so they can reach their educational goals. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to give back to the community.”

Joe Mahoney, Director of the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, which helped facilitate this donation stated, “It is important to note that as the school transformation processes plays out, we must continue to support the middle schools over the next few years with the necessary tools and resources to access to 21st -century curriculum.

“This is one way the YEI continues our work to support the middle school business studies teachers leading up to the restructuring to a two-tiered system.”

Dellwood Middle School Head Boy Santonio Cherrington extended thanks on behalf of the Dellwood students and staff by saying “Thank you for this opportunity to assist all students on the island who are taking business studies. These computers will help to support our young entrepreneurs in the making.”

Davonte Smith-Richardson, Gabriella Cabral, Nyree Trott, Jaylah Ible, Nai-Lah Barclay, Halle Simons, Joe Mahoney [YEI], Ms. Kali Douglas, [Acting Principal, Dellwood Middle School], Nekesha Holdipp [Department of Education, Acting Education Officer, Business Studies], Diallo Rabain, [Minister of Education], Stacey Daniels, [Business Studies Teacher, Dellwood Middle School] Natasha Scotland Courcy, [SVP, COO, and General Counsel, Athene Life Re], Santonio Cherrington, Shiloh Waite, Ahnyah Ming, Aaliyah Berkeley, Makalia Jones, Leneikah Wallen

Athene Dellwood Middle School Bermuda March 31 2023 1

Natasha Scotland Courcy, Athene Life Re, Minister of Education Diallo Rabain, with Dellwood students Santonio Cherrington [Head Boy], Gabriella Cabral [Head Girl], Nyree Trott [Deputy Head Boy], and Halle Simons [Deputy Head Girl]

Athene Dellwood Middle School Bermuda March 31 2023 2

Gabriella Cabral, Dellwood MS Head Girl, Minister of Education Diallo Rabain, and Nai-Lah Barclay

Athene Dellwood Middle School Bermuda March 31 2023 3

Santonio Cherrington, Dellwood MS Head Boy, Minister of Education Diallo Rabain, and Lekeikah Wallen

Athene Dellwood Middle School Bermuda March 31 2023 4

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain taking a group photo with Dellwood students.

Athene Dellwood Middle School Bermuda March 31 2023 5

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