Chamber: Harbour Nights Kicks Off Tonight

May 31, 2023

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the first Harbour Nights event of the season will take place tonight, May 31st.

A spokesperson said, “After the unfortunate weather-related cancellation last week, we are excited to invite everyone to join us for an unforgettable evening of vibrant festivities, delicious treats, and endless fun.

“Harbour Nights has long been a cherished tradition in Bermuda, showcasing the island’s unique arts, crafts, culinary delights, and live entertainment. Today’s event promises to be no exception, with an incredible lineup of vendors ready to showcase their talents and products. From handcrafted treasures to mouthwatering delicacies, attendees will be treated to a diverse and captivating experience that truly embodies the spirit of Bermuda.

“The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce would like to remind all attendees that bike and car parking on Front Street is strictly prohibited between 5pm and 11pm during Harbour Nights. To ensure the safety and smooth flow of pedestrian traffic, the road will also be closed to vehicular traffic at 6pm. We encourage visitors to utilize alternative parking options and make use of public transportation to reach the event.”

“We are delighted to finally kick off the Harbour Nights season tonight,” said Amanda Duncan, Marketing and Events Specialist of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. “We want to thank everyone for their understanding last week when we had to cancel due to safety concerns. We have worked diligently to make tonight’s event even more special, and we invite everyone to come and enjoy the festivities. The Corporation of Hamilton, in particular, has a few surprises in store for all who attend!”

The spokesperson said, “Harbour Nights will transform Front Street into a vibrant and bustling celebration of Bermuda’s culture and creativity. Visitors can expect a lively atmosphere filled with captivating performances, delectable food, and an array of unique products to explore and indulge in. This event provides an excellent opportunity for residents and tourists alike to support local businesses and experience the best that Bermuda has to offer.

“For more information about tonight’s festivities, including an entertainment line-up and list of attending vendors, please visit here. Join us tonight as we kick off the season with a bang and create lasting memories at Harbour Nights!.”

Schedule for tonight

07.00: (Flagpole) Night opens – Welcome
07.15: (Flagpole) Community performance by the St George’s Dancerettes
07.30: (Flagpole) Gombeys – The Warriors
08.00: (Flagpole) Live Music by Hindsight
08.00: (Birdcage) Corporation of Hamilton special unveiling
10.00: Closing

Vendors in May – June:

Accent Embroidery, Ahmani’s Cookie Company, Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, Ashley’s Lemonade, ate@8 Sooo Nut Sharing, BB’s Braiding, Bermuda Biscuits, Bermuda Blizzard, Bermuda Bubble Tea, Bermuda Cupcake Company Snowball Shack, Bermuda Ocean Apparel, Bermuda Triangle Designs, Blossom Youth Spa, Boujee Body Beads, BUBBLEKIZZES, Carla Marquardt, Casa dos Acores da Bermuda, CB’S Crafts, Churchill”s Ltd., Cindymitchelldesigns, Current Crafts, Da Gingerbread Man, Dandesign, Dandy Donuts, Degraff Lunch Counter, Details, Dill Pickle Farming, Dreamscape Designs, Duch Pops Bermuda, Eat @ Smucks, Ems Gems, EZAL Studio, Faithful Fragrance, Fluffly Stuff snowballs, Food Hub, Fresh Faith Apparel, Frosty Ice Cream Truck, Funtyme, G-Communications, H.S. & J.E. Crisson Ltd., Island Soul, Island Style, J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza, Jamaican Grill, Jazzy Treats, Key-Quee’ Empire, Kreatively Made, Lit Burgers, Little Dippers, Little Roads Bermuda, Loquat, Media Lounge, Ministry of Education – Education Reform Unit, MIXYZBDA, Natural Wellness Spa, NovelTea, Paintz, Pink Sand Slime Shop, Rebecca little jewellery, Samuel Lynch, SC SKINCARE, Sensational Delights, Serenity Scents, Siam Spa, Sniggle’s Professional Fac e& Body Art, Spot restaurant and bar, Strange Bird Bermuda, SunKissed Hair Henna Jagua, Tassel Bermuda, The Little Gallery, Uplift Ltd., Vibe Vanity, Wacky Waffle Bar, Wales accessories.

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