Hamilton Rotary Interact Club Releases Report

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Outgoing Hamilton Rotary Interact Club President Emma Roberts has provided the club’s end of year report.

Ms. Roberts said, “As I leave my post as President of the 2021-2022 Hamilton Rotary Interact Club, I wanted to take this moment to summarize all the wonderful achievements our club has made this past year.

“In September of 2021, I started my term as President. I remember how exciting and nerve wracking it was as I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to take over as President. However, I soon found my strength and with the help of the adult leaders, my Vice President Ny’esa Jones, and the Executive Board, this club was able to have an amazing and very productive year.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic was still in force and restrictions were still in place, as a group, we were unable to meet in person for the majority of our year. However, we managed to overcome and adapt by using Zoom video conference for our weekly meetings.

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“At the start of the term year, the club was presented with an amazing opportunity to attend the International Youth Summit, hosted by the Hamilton Rotary Club. The inaugural Youth Summit event was a program where Interactors and other youths throughout the island composed and presented their own creative presentations and research.

“The purpose of the Youth Summit was to hear the opinion of Bermuda’s youth and have them interact and give their thoughts on programs that would affect Bermuda’s youth. Interactors were also able to participate as Rotary Youth Ambassadors in an International Interact information video. With the help of Youth Director, Cathy Bassett, and her daughter, we were able to send out a beautiful video of some of our members speaking about the Interact Club in Bermuda.

“The video was then be sent overseas to help promote Rotary Interact within high schools and communities on the east coast of the US and beyond.

“My main goal for my term as President was to strengthen the relationship between the Hamilton Rotary Interact Club and the other Rotary Clubs on the island. We succeeded by participating in joint events with the Hamilton Rotary and the St. George’s Rotary Club. Interactor volunteers provided assistance during the St. George’s Rotary Club’s first annual 5K Run, where they honoured one of their past Presidents, Philip Guishard. We also worked with and supported the other clubs on the island during the Rotary Club Golf tournament earlier this year.

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“During my presidency, these were also other projects which were completed:

“Past President and Community Service Board Leader, Sari Smith, along with her committee, worked tirelessly to continue her intergenerational program that she had started during her term as President. The intergenerational program is focused on improving the lives of senior citizens through the help of the island’s youth.

“The Senior Call Project had Sari and her committee members regularly calling senior Rotarians to ensure their wellbeing. Other intergenerational projects included putting together holiday gift bags along with $50 food vouchers, which were distributed to seniors living in their homes. Additional gift bags were also given out to seniors living in nursing homes throughout the island.

“We continued KBB clean-ups throughout the island.

“We donated $1,000 to PALS for cancer and dialysis patients.

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“Another wonderful opportunity presented to our club was the chance to participate in the newly established Toastmasters Youth Leadership program. This program began in late January, ending in a graduation and award ceremony at the end of April. The program was wonderfully led by past District Governor, Mary Shackleton, and members of Toastmaster International.

“Toastmasters International is an organization that strives to ‘provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.’ [Source: Toastmasters International club mission statement].

“The inaugural Toastmasters program had seven participants, who all graduated from the program on the 28th of April. The graduates were Emoy Holdipp-Lynch, Jack McDonnell, Marli Spriggs, Ny’esa Jones, Joanna Santiago, Sari Smith, and Etienne Wolffe. All worked tirelessly for weeks on end in order to improve their public speaking skills, confidence, and writing skills.

“In March, female Interactors were given the opportunity to attend the International Girls Empowerment Conference hosted by the Hamilton Rotary Club in March. Girls from our club, alongside girls from Somersfield and CedarBridge Interact clubs, were treated to a brunch at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dingy club.

“Four outstanding women, in different positions on the island, spoke to the girls on the empowerment of women in the workplace. Speakers included CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Kendaree Burgess, Laura Taylor from WESPEAK, Hazel Clark from Bermuda Tourism and Tricia Pitcher the head Aquarist from BAMZ. A special Women of Vision Award was presented by the Rotary Interact Club to senior Rotarians Ms. Joy Lusher and past District Governor Barbara Edwards. Lastly, a United Nations livestream of this international event was then shown to all participants.

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“Through all the service projects and activities we participated in over the year, we also had opportunities to meet in person and have amazing socials. Thanks to Advisor Darmell and the Social Relations Committee, we had an amazing bonfire event to celebrate the end of the first half of our year. After not being able to meet each other in person, social restrictions were lessened allowing us to get together in person.

“The committee rallied up participation and created a wonderful night to bring all our members together for a night of fun. We also held a small Christmas party at the Girl Guide Headquarters, as well as a very well attended awards ceremony and fun social at the Botanical Gardens this past month.

“In closing, without a doubt, this past year has been an amazingly successful adventure for me. I am so thankful to Ms. Cathy Bassett and our wonderful Advisors for being there to help me whenever I was unsure of something and for all they’ve done for our club. I’d like to thank the Executive Board for all the work they’ve put in, and I’d especially like to thank my Vice President Nyesa Jones for her assistance and reliability whenever I couldn’t attend a meeting.

“I wish the upcoming President and Board the best of luck and I’m excited to see what endeavours next year has in store for the Hamilton Rotary Interact Club.”

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