New US CDC Measures For Dogs Effective Aug 1

June 11, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Ministry of Home Affairs advised the public that effective August 1, 2024, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] will implement new border protection measures to reduce the risk of rabies-infected dogs entering the USA.

A Government spokesperson said, “The USA continues to view Bermuda as a low-risk jurisdiction, free of dog-mediated rabies. However, these measures will affect dogs from all countries, including those residing in Bermuda and those re-entering the USA following travel to Bermuda.

“The new measures will also require USDA-accredited veterinarians to become involved in allowing dogs normally residing in the USA to return from overseas more easily. It must be noted that previously, dogs entering Bermuda from the US did not require involving a USDA-accredited veterinarian. This change creates an extra step for those US dogs destined to leave and return to the USA.

“Please also note the following points, which are among the new requirements affecting dogs entering/re-entering the USA:

  • The dog must be at least six months of age at the time of entry or return to the United States;
  • The dog must have a microchip that is International Organization for Standardization [ISO]-compatible;
  • The dog must appear to be healthy upon arrival;
  • The dog owner must have a receipt for submitting a CDC Dog Import Form. Available online, owners must complete this form and file it, along with a photograph of their dog, with the CDC ahead of travel.
  • The dog owner must also possess additional documentation, which will vary depending on the dog’s travel history.

“For complete details of the requirements, dog owners are strongly advised to visit and familiarize themselves with the new requirements.

“Dog owners may also use the guidance offered by the ‘DogBot’ tool located at

“The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is seeking further information on how these rules will impact dogs transiting through the USA and travelling with cats and will advise the public accordingly.

“The change in rules for dogs entering the USA will not necessitate a change in legislation for Bermuda.”

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