Photos: Start Of 2011 Recruit Camp

January 16, 2011

At 8am this morning [Jan 16] dozens of young men and a handful of women entered the gates of Warwick Camp to begin their two week recruit camp.

Recruit Camp Jan 16th 2011-1-7

During the Camp, which ends on Saturday, January 29, the recruits will be introduced to Drill, Weapon Handling, First Aid and many other subjects. Regimental Sergeant Major Lee said that Recruits would learn to form new teams and would learn to work well within those teams. Recruits will be paid almost a $1,000 a week for each of the two weeks that they will be in Camp.

Recruit Camp Jan 16th 2011-1-21

Pictured below is Zelipha Mbugua, one of the female volunteers. The diminutive 26 year old Kenyan native said she had always wanted to serve, but was deemed too short in her native Kenya, and said it was a pleasure to be able to serve in Bermuda.

Recruit Camp Jan 16th 2011-1

As usual, there were some late stragglers, who were escorted off to the side upon their late arrival. Crowds lined the gates outside of Warwick Camp as the new recruits filed in.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    And so another cycle begins. Two weeks of time wasted money lost for some…those who are self employed & those whose time is very valuable to their employers. Two weeks of baby sitting for the rest. A general waste of public money for all of us.

    • ok says:

      and further to that the people that need it the most are STILL sitting on the wall doing nothing!!

  2. the truth shall set you free says:

    Annnnd let the forced labor begin. I wish every single recruit will join together and march right of Warwick Camp together.

  3. Terry says:

    Employers know when this annual occurs. They should make plans. I am sure that ten guys, 5 guys are not taken from one employer.

    As for the guys sitting on a wall…..ever thought they done thier time?….Well…I know ..define time.

    Oh well..guess we complain about everything and for some, even the waffers at communion.

    It’s all the UPB’s fault. Wasting money on self-employed people and taking their earnings when they could be in St. George building a new hotel and building the new “Causeway/Bridge” and repairing the ‘Cruise Terminal’ in Hamilton and looki9ng into ‘Slow Ferries’ that work, arrive on time.

    I’m gonna bring this up at the next Caucus meeting. Caucus freedom of speach, detz y…..sittin here on a wall drinking alaphants, smokin veed, nut rite. Verz dee pleece………


    • smileing says:

      boy terry u know a lot about the boys on the wall drinking smokin weed have to ever stop to find y some do n y some are there may not b doing neither can b just sitting there. Some looking for a break in life.I am mad at some of the things u say i hope the shoe dosent fit your feet. cause i think so of the thigs u say are out of order but this is what u must get paid to do b rude

  4. small biz says:

    I wonder…..due to the current “Gun Climate” is wise to train these “soldiers” how to shoot?

  5. Terry says:

    Good point Small Biz. No we should not do this nor should Government condone it.

    Open a well funded Maritime Enforcement. Stop,search every vessel that transits out water/s. Seize vessels and harbour them in Hamitlon ( waterfront that is).

    We could even extend privilage to Somalians and drug runners from the Carribean, Miami and Phillydallfeah.

    We could even open/operate a new weather channel…


    Todays outlook is cloudy with a few bullets. Overcast means it will rain heavy, winds from the east at 9mm vering to west at 38 with occasional gusts to 45……

  6. John Smith says:

    TO all those that think it is a waste of time and money I truly hope that when the next hurricane hits the island you won’t be the first ones on the talk show or in the daily thanking the same processes that helped put a tarp on your roof or cut the trees fallen in your yard.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      As with anything else it would most likely be much faster & far cheaper to have the private landscaping companies do the job of post storm clean up. They have the people who do this stuff every day. They have the equipment. They have the experienced people to effectivly oversee & get the job done.

      Ever watched a Regiment cleanup crew? 15 people mostly standing around doing what 5 professional landscapers can do in an hour.

      • JT says:

        well drifter it seems that the boys in green take their queue from our great W&E dept, them fellas have the stand around and watch one guy work down pat.

  7. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW says:

    That’s because terry is a x cop who has nothing better else to do but blog all day…..And the sad thing is he’s in canada talking all his bull…..S…. Mr.C get a life………

  8. youngfemaleinbda says:

    FYI…they get paid!!!

    I really don’t know what all the fuss is about…I’m pretty sure that those young men who are serving their country in the regiment are NOT the same boys who run around shooting people! I’m sure those guys in the gangs are not going to willingly going to serve their country. Even if forced, I’m sure they’d rather serve time in prison before they choose the regiment. Think about it…

    • Itcouldhappen says:

      Young female,

      It’s easy to say ‘they get paid’ since it’s something that’s not forced on you as a female. Let that change and see if the sisters don’t cause world war 3!

      • youngfemaleinbda says:


        My being a female has nothing to do with my comment. I was simply stating that these young men and WOMEN are not up there losing out on their wages.