Photos & Videos: Ultimate Drivers Challenge

June 14, 2011

Scores of spectators turned out at the Southside Motosports Park to watch TORC’s Ultimate Drivers Challenge this past Saturday [June 11].

Team Oni Racing Club [TORC], a custom tuner car, truck & motorcycle club, hosted TORC’s Ultimate Drivers Challenge. The afternoon involved five category time trial driving competitions for local drivers and TCD licensed vehicles.

Scheduled races included Rayclan Ltd’s 0-40-0 Acceleration & Braking Challenge, Custom Acoustics Grand Slalom, TORC’s Rapid Lane Change, Miller Beers 0-60 mph Sprint and the RUBiS Energy Pit Stop Challenge. Ten videos of the racing action can be seen on Bernews TV.

TORC Ultimate Drivers Challenge Bermuda June 11 2011-1-15

Vendors were on hand to meet the refreshment needs of the spectators and different stalls were displaying products and services available to the car owner’s market.

TORC Ultimate Drivers Challenge Bermuda June 11 2011-1-21

Pit passes were available for patrons who had the opportunity to mingle with drivers, firefighters and get up close to the cars. The title of Bermuda’s Ultimate Driver was awarded to Richard Walker-Talbot from Walk Tall Racing.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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  1. TORC says:

    Thanks for the all the support Bernews we really appreciate it!

    • bernews says:

      No problem, we enjoyed it. Will be back next year….

    • Need4Speed Chick says:

      I’m mad as **** that I didn’t know anything about this!! No fault of your’s, of course… Are there any other events planned in the near future?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hope it involved more than expensivly tricked out cars & driving through the cones.

    Many years ago the Bermuda Institute of Advanced Motorists (BIAM), in conjunction with the BPS held a real drivers challenge testing real skills.

    For example not only did you have to drive foarward throughthe cones, you had to reverse them as well & take the time. The cones were much closer than for the TCD zig zag test or as shown in the video.

    Parking: your car was measured & you were given 1.5 car length to park in. No touching curb or cones.

    Width judement: From a distance, you had to have poles moved closer & closer till you though you had minimum clearance, mirrors included. Penalty for going too small, left over distance measured at the mirrors if wide enough to fit through.

    Three point 180 turn.

    Many other driving skills, non involving speed.

    A great event that anyone could enter to test themselves.

    Sorry, no skill test while talking on phone, reading the paper, eating, watching a movie on the indash screen or applying make up.

    • Think about it says:

      Are you serious? This was a speed competition genius. Do you see them parking, going through zig-zags etc. in Formula 1 or Nascar? You can be the best at car parking in the world and still be a horrible driver.


      • are you joking says:

        Speed competition with no helmets..are YOU serious.

        I agree putting on the event was a good idea but if it was a speed competition there should be some basic safety equipment as a seat belt dose not cut it.

  3. EC says:

    ultimate drivers challenge with no helmets….what a great message to give to kids.

  4. Concerned says:

    why no matter what someone does in Bermuda everyone critizes it. thank you TORC for putting on the event to showcase local business and to entertain those who came. please do again.

  5. Think about it says:

    I’ve seen other videos of this event and heard from a mate of mine that all the cars that entered were slow as hell, and not one went faster than 60mph Lol

    Wish I would have entered now, cause I would have dusted all of them

  6. Sad says:

    This site is becoming a hate mongers paradise, congrats Torc job well done don’t listen to the idiots who always talk crap. You are creating alternatives to racing on the roads

    • Think about it says:

      No one is hating on the event at all, so chill out. All I said was that I had been told by people that attended, that the cars did not go very fast. I know the cars weren’t supposed to be suped up, but come on, a peugeot station wagon? A Mazda 3 hatch with a 1.4, 1.5 liter engine? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Merc’s won every race

      • Don't know your Facts??!!! says:

        After 7 months of approvals TORC worked with what they were given promission to do on this track by government and many other organisations involved. Great event TORC and those who weren’t there to see it shouldn’t be hating, your hard work getting this event started is much appreciated by many!!! It will only get better :)

        • Think about it says:

          I swear you people either don’t read, or don’t know how to read. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE EVENT ITSELF, I AM TALKING ABOUT THE CARS THAT ENTERED. If I’m driving a 1992 Mazda, I’m not gonna enter a speed competition and embarrass myself Lol.

          And after watching the videos I was right, the Merc’s were flying down the strip Lol

          Next time he should take car class and weight into consideration

          • Don't know your Facts??!!! says:

            It was not judged by speed it was 5 time trials, hense the Ulitimate DRIVERS Challenge, testing drivers skills not the cars skills, hope to see you enter the next race!

            • Think about it says:

              It was 5 time trials, but how else are you going to get the best time without speed? Without a car that can reach said speeds quickly and handle good enough to get better times, how do you expect to win? THAT is my point.

              Think before you speak. “It was not judged by speed, it was 5 time trials…” don’t make me laugh Lol

              p.s., I do plan on entering the next one. My car has higher horsepower, better suspension and less weight than most of the cars that entered.

              • jokier says:

                My car is way better than yours!

                • Think about it says:

                  Lol, prove it?

                  • jokier says:

                    how about a dyno graph to prove….550 HP at the rear wheels. What do you have…200???

  7. 32n64w says:

    If everyone had such a good time why is no one smiling in those photos? Everybody looks pissed off.

    • hate the game says:

      That is because it is cool not to smile. It shows you are a tuff guy and you are ready to fight anyone at any time!!

      Serious though you are right. If I was having a good time I would be smiling.

  8. First I’d like to say THANK YOU to Bernews, our sponsors, TORC customers & all that came to enjoy the show. Thank you to everyone who’s written a positive comment on this page, it took allot of work to make this race happen.

    It took a while to get everyone lined up, simply because there were only 3 of us with true racing circuit experience (walker, jonesy, lovamun). No fault of anyone, this was the first time local Bermudians have ever entered a car race proper. Rules were bent in order for the show to go on. Once jonesy & walker took the lead & the pit staff got in order, we had a fun, exciting & safe event.

    The fastest car did not win the race, but the best driver did (Walker). His 1.6L supercharged Mercedes should have been no match for the 1.8L SC Merk or TORC’s two 2.0L tuner Tiburons. But If you can’t get your car off the line, then you can’t win the race! We had 16 cars enter, but only 8 showed up! So big up to all the drivers that raced. You are all Ultimate Drivers in my mind and should be congratulated for your bravery & courage!
    Grand Slalom time & speed example – Walker top speed 43 mph with a time of 12.02, TORC’s white tib (not scored) top speed 39 with a time of 12.36, a difference of .34 of a sec. Now that’s racing!