Fire Fighters Respond To Morgan’s Point

July 25, 2011

This afternoon [July 25] there was a fire at Morgans Point property in Southampton. A Bermuda Fire Service spokesperson said, “It started out as a controlled burn of horticultural waste. However at about 11:20 it was getting out of control and spreading, therefore Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service was called for assistance.”

Morgans Point Fire Bermuda July 25 2011-1_wm

“The area was approximately 50′ x 50′ and BFRS responded 5 vehicles, a special high volume pumping unit that is capable of drafting large amounts of water, and 20 personnel. The fire was brought under complete control and all hot spots were eliminated after approximately 4 hours. There were no reported damage or injuries.”

Bernews was stopped by security and unable to enter the property, hence unable to obtain decent footage or get a closer view of what was happening.

Morgans Point was “swapped” for Southlands last year, after the plan to build on the Southlands area was met by a public outcry. After prolonged discussions, the principals of Southlands and the Bermuda Government signed a formal agreement which will see a luxury resort built at Morgan’s Point, while Southlands will remain a park.

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  1. EMPORA says:

    they were burning last week too hhmmmm

  2. EMPORA says:

    all that bermuda green gone up in smoke..birds..enjoy lol

  3. BermyGuy says:

    Bet you a case of beer that some of the bales of trash from when the tyne’s bay was temp closed were burnt as well. I seen trucks carrying 2 bales a trip. Must be costly trucking it. Maybe thats why Bernews was not allowed to go get pictures. I guess it is a case of ” Doing More With Less “.

  4. PEPPER says:

    So I hear that the hospital has had some problems with their Incinerator !!!so exactly what was buned today at morgans point ?
    I saw the black smoke for hours….I do not think it was horticultural waste, maybe a fire fighter could enlighten us.

  5. Cant we says:

    was it the cannabis plants they seized that was burning?