St George’s: ‘Most Picturesque Village’

February 28, 2012

St. George's Town Dec 02 10-1-2Budget Travel has named St. George’s as one of the “World’s 16 Most Picturesque Villages.”

“Spend a few minutes in these 16 villages and you’ll realize that quaint and charming aren’t just adjectives, they are a way of life,” said the travel magazine.

Their description of St. George’s said, “St. George is the oldest continually occupied English town in the Americas, and little has changed since the Brits established residence here in 1612.

“Sure, nowadays you’ve got gourmet restaurants, hopping bars, and upscale shops specializing in things like hand-rolled cigars and custom-made perfumes.

“But it’s all surrounded by beautifully preserved colonial architecture and historic sites like Fort St. Catherine, the 17th-century stone State House, and St. Peter’s Church, the oldest continuously occupied Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere.”

Other towns named include Shirakawa-go, Japan; Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada; Cua Van, Vietnam; Caleta Tortel, Chile; Molokai, Hawaii and Wengen, Switzerland.

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