Minister: Heritage Wharf Repairs Begin Next Week

April 12, 2012

Minister of Public Work Michael Weeks today [Apr.12] announced that remediation work on the damaged thruster wall at the Heritage Wharf in Dockyard will begin next week.

Minister Weeks said: “It is public knowledge that the thruster wall sections of Heritage Wharf were damaged while Hurricane Igor passed Bermuda.

“While our initial concern was to determine the safety of this structure for use thorough a visual survey, the Ministry of Public Works carried out a more detailed investigation during the off season for cruise ships.

“As a result of our investigations, and in order to provide confidence to the cruise ship lines and eliminate any liability of the Government of Bermuda, we are undertaking remedial works to the damaged wall.

“These works are scheduled to commence on Monday, April 16 weather permitting. The works will be undertaken by experienced Bermudian marine contractor Crisson Construction Limited,” concluded Minister Weeks.

“The Department of Environmental Protection will observe operations and thereafter will monitor for any environmental impacts at the site and its immediate surroundings,” said a statement.

Last year Government released a statement saying the damage to the Pier was caused by Hurricane Igor.

At that time Shadow Minister for Tourism and Transport Pat Gordon-Pamplin replied to the report saying, “The report released today hardly satisfies the basic information that ought to be given to the public, let alone the Government’s specific promise to do so. An exercise to inform the public becomes an exercise to the suppression of information.”

“It must be remembered that Heritage Wharf, originally planned for $35M, came in at almost twice the price, and was defended by the Government as being the result of excellent work by the ‘expert’ contractor, Correia Construction. Less than 2 years after its completion, the dock is falling apart, as implied in the Government’s one-page statement.”

“If one hurricane undermined the soundness of the structure, how can the Government be sure that the next blow will not totally dislodge the structure?” asked Ms Pamplin-Gordon.

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  1. Family Man says:

    I thought Ewie said there was only one experienced marine contractor with the skills necessary and that’s why the job wasn’t put out to tender? Who is this bye Crisson?

    I feel like I’m living on Animal Farm where every time I turn around the commandments have ‘been tweaked’ just a bit.

  2. Bewildered says:

    Will the Minister please confirm that the original contractor will be paying for the cost of the repairs, and that the costs will not be paid by taxpayers (again).

  3. Guy Carri says:

    Good point there Family Man.

    The damage was caused by little ole Igor? Really? I’m guessing that’s the story because;
    1. DC won’t fix it at his cost
    2. there is no stipulation in the contract to hold DC accountable under “shoddy workmanship”

    Good idea to fix it right when the ships start to come in. Probably waited so long cause behind the scenes they’ve been “discussing” with DC to fix at his expense.

    DC was so busy laughing as he counted the money that he forgot to build the thing properly.

  4. Truth (Original) says:

    I would really love hear the answers to Family Man’s excellent questions.

  5. Limey says:

    Will the taxpayer pay for the repairs, the insurance company or is it under warranty and Correira will pay?? Either way i love how work begins when the season starts, oh i forgot some cruise ships arent bothering to come any more!!

    Also are the repairs just to turn it back to its former state (that can be easily damamged by a Cat 1 Hurricane) or will it be made alot better to withstand higher category hurricanes??

  6. Rockfish#2 says:

    Surely Minister Weeks realizes the public is owed much more information than the crumbs presented in his statement!
    What the hell is happening with PATI?

  7. verbal kint says:

    I wonder how Correia’s luxury dock he built in St. Kitts is holding up?

    • The nitty gritty says:

      or the one in Honduras ?
      After this $60 million fiasco certain people in the business were saying things weren’t built anywhere near the standard you’d expect for that ridunculous price. How quickly the chickens come home to roost. But do you hear the Government reassuring the taxpayers that this loss will be covered by Correia? hell no they say Government (you and me) will pay!
      The Correia Peninsula needs to be investigated in depth even if we have to use PATI to do it.
      You all know the truth behind Berkeley, Courthouse,BLDC,BHC,PAY TO PLAY,Dockyard Cruiseship Pier and so many other scandals is going to show this country to be right up there with Nigeria in the “mismanagement” category. We will put the British Parliament’s expenses scandal to shame!

  8. see da roots says:

    The thruster walls cost $4,100,000.00 to install, according to Mr. Correia.

  9. JollyRancher says:

    It is so ridiculous that these repairs are required ALREADY!! The amount of money that is thrown out to line the pockets of some smh. When taking on these projects and spending the country’s money, why isn’t a committe formed which includes people that work in the field, and have great knowledge in the area, not just the department head who most times do not have a clue, so that we do not have such unnecessary cost.Let it be known the thruster walls have been in need of repairs since early LAST season, the Dolphins growing further apart each day. As for waiting to the start of the season isn’t this the normal way of operating for Government. Watch next week they are going to report that the ferries are out of commission due to maintence and they have had all winter!!

  10. Grouper says:

    BERMUDA SUN March 21st 2012 – Mr Weeks said: “By April 1 at least one of the Dog Parks will be open to the public.” It is now April 12th…

  11. Grouper says:

    Crisson joined the PLP – wow!

  12. Cancer says:

    This is just another failed project by the flip flop PLP party! Hope the repairs last – and hope their using a different construction company from the original PLP Construction.

  13. Yes says:

    A perfect start to the short tourist season!

  14. WTF BDA says:

    Where is the accountability on this contractor to correct his work?
    Where is the accountability on the Minister of W&E for signing off on this without having the clauses in the contract for a warranty period of more than 2 years?
    Hold on lets just ask where is the accountability on any of the capital projects that occur on this island?

    I would also like to add as one blogger did already,
    The tendering process was vetted by someone and it was made to public that Corriea Construction was the ONLY contractor that could do this work. So why now is another local firm doing the repair?

  15. The nitty gritty says:

    starting to become obvious where the $1,300,000,000 + is coming from huh?