‘Tea With Tracey’ Author’s New Book

April 4, 2012

The author of the popular expatriate survival guide to Bermuda, “Tea With Tracey”, has published a new book.

Tracey Caswell’s second book, “Twelve Nights With Tracey”, chronicles a very different adventure than her story of relocating to Bermuda — but displays the same humour and upbeat style with 68 pictures as well.

Focusing on her efforts to keep her 20-year marriage fresh and buoyant, in her new book she shows how you gets what you give — even when starting out with very few resources.

The captivating first paragraph: ”Well really, the only thing to do was have him kidnapped by a Playboy bunny. So I did …” leads
into a fascinating story of how gifts without meaning were something Ms Caswell could not bring herself to give
Chronicling 12 nights that took five years to complete, the book not only serves as inspiration but is a source of a multitude of interesting and educational facts Ms Caswell came to discover on this journey.

The mighty cast of volunteers who helped bring together the
costumes, food, decorations and entertainment allowed her to take her surprised husband traveling around the world without leaving home.

This non-fiction account gives many tips and ideas on how one might follow in her footsteps — even for just one special night.

“Twelve Nights with Tracey” is available at the Bookmart, Bermuda Bookstore, A.S. Cooper & Sons and the Bermuda Craft Market.

Tracey’s survival guide to Bermuda — “Tea With Tracey” — was written to help new arrivals to the island settle in quickly and happily.

Born in Alberta, Canada, the prairie girl found her first year in Bermuda quite the challenge and quickly discoverd that she was not alone.

After searching for a book to help with the adjustment and finding that it was not available, she wrote one herself in 1994.

Appearing on the best-seller list in two weeks, that first printing of 5,000 sold out in two years.

Companies requiring world-wide talent were quick to purchase bulk orders making their interview tasks much easier.

If a prospective employee had serious problems with bugs or mould or any other issues island living entailed, it’s not likely they would end up on the “short list”.

Copies were also added to the welcome kits of successful applicants to ease their adjustment to the island.

Many of them, especially men, simply sent the book home to mother or grandma to answer all their questions of “What’s it like there?”

The success of this book can be attributed in large part to Tracey’s humorous, upbeat and laid-back style told in stories as if she is sharing a pot of tea with a friend.

The second edition appeared in 2004. The third edition represents a thorough update and also includes new material as suggested by many fans of the earlier editions.

The third edition of “Tea with Tracey” is available at the Bookmart, Bermuda Bookstore, A.S. Cooper & Sons and the Bermuda Craft Market.

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