Olympics: Arantxa King Finishes In 13th Place

August 7, 2012

[Updated: Arantxa King jumped three times, with her best jump of 6.4m earning her a 13th place finish, missing the finals by one spot as the top 12 go through. This is a substantial improvement on her 36th place finish at the 2008 Olympics. The 22-year-old was the final Bermudian to compete in these Olympic Games.]

Arantxa King — the final Bermudian to compete in these Olympic Games — will take the track at 3.05pm Bermuda time today [Aug 7] for the women’s long jump.

Ms King, the Bermuda record holder, received a wildcard entry with her personal best of 6.5m. You can follow the long jump action live on the Olympic website here, and view all our Olympic coverage here.

Ms King and American basketball star Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Opening Ceremony:

Update 3.04pm: They have shown the start list on TV so it appears they will be be showing the women’s long jump, so tune into channel 11. It appears the commentator originally credited Ms King as being from another island initially, however they straightened that up and noted she was from Bermuda the second time they mentioned her.

Update 3.28pm: Ms King has completed her first jump, which was 6.4m. They did not show it on TV, as they cut to the hurdles at the time she was jumping. She has two more jumps.

Update 3.38pm: IMC showed many of the other long jumpers, but none Ms King’s jumps. She fouled on her second attempt, and hit 6.2m on her third attempt – leaving her first attempt of 6.4 as her best jump. The other jumpers are still competing so we have to see how they do to find out Ms King’s final placing.

Update 3.57pm: Ms King is maintaining her 10th place after a few more jumpers. We still have to wait for the final jumpers to get her final result, but it looks as though she will achieve a very solid placing.

Update 4.16pm: Ms King finished 13th, an impressive showing from the 22-year-old Bermudian and a substantial improvement over her 36th place finish in the 2008 Olympics.

She only missed the finals by one spot as the top 12 go through. Her 6.4m jump was actually tied with Veronika Shutkova’s from Belarus, however Shutkova gained the 12th place qualifying spot as her second jump was further than Ms King’s…by only one centimeter. Bermuda has now concluded competition at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Update 8.17pm: Ms King’s latest tweet below.

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  1. Amazed says:

    It was always going to be a stretch for her as it would require her to jump substantially better than she has ever done before!

  2. Everett says:

    Arantxa, I know you did your very best to represent us! I am proud of you and your effort.

  3. amen says:

    She made it to the Olympics which is an accomplishment itself. Well done to her, plus she got to meet KOBE! lol

  4. Spider says:

    well done! You have a very bright future ahead of you. Congrats!

  5. Team Bda says:

    Oh man she missed 12th spot by 2 cm.

  6. Future says:

    Excellent!! Watch that kobe guy though!


    Its amazing that we have athletes competing and making it to the Olympics …. a competition of the finest athletes in the world! She, and all the other athletes have made bermuda proud by simply qualifiying!