Convicted Stalker Given Suspended Sentence

August 24, 2012

In Magistrates Court yesterday morning [Aug 23], Corey Medeiros, 40, who had earlier been convicted of the July 2012 stalking and assaulting of his ex-girlfriend was brought back to Court for sentencing and was sentenced to six months in prison.

However, having read a Social Inquiry Report, a Psychiatric Report, a Victim’s Impact Statement, and having heard submissions from lawyer Kim White for Mr Madeiros, and Carrington Mahoney for the Crown; the Senior Magistrate ordered that the six month sentence was to be suspended.

The Senior Magistrate took into consideration that the victim had twice visited Mr Madeiros whilst he was incarcerated on remand awaiting sentence; that in her Victim’s Impact Statement she had said that she thought that any further incarceration was unnecessary; and that she had suffered no lasting emotional impact. The victim asked that her Victim’s Impact Statement not be read out in Court, and the Court complied.

The sentence was suspended for two years and included a two year period of Probation during which Madeiros must comply with all conditions set out his Probation Officer as well as be assessed for Anger Management courses, seek full time employment, and not consume any controlled substances. Mr Madeiros thanked the Magistrate and said he was sorry for wasting the Court’s time.

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  1. Bermuda Son says:

    Greetings Bermuda
    Here we go again with our Courts/Justice System Failing to Give an Appropiate Sentence to Deter Crimminal Behaviour!!!!
    Stalkers Usually Go On To Seriously Injure or Kill Their Victims!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Pray The Victim Has Peace and Safety!!!
    Thoughts of a Son Of Bermuda!!!!!
    Have a Blessed & Safe Weekend Bermuda!!