Guilty: Stealing Ground Beef & Bodywash

September 27, 2012

Two men appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Sept 27] and pleaded guilty to stealing ground beef and body wash from Hunt’s Supplies in Warwick.

Devon Lee Foggo, 41, of Hamilton Parish, and Sherman Armstrong, 49, of no fixed abode, were involved in the theft of two items. Mr Foggo admitted stealing a package of ground beef worth $64.75 and Mr Armstrong admitted stealing body wash worth $31.95.

The Senior Magistrate was told that on 14th August 2012, between 11am and 12pm, the two men had been recorded on the store’s CCTV. They were seen entering the store, going to the relevant sections, secreting the items on their persons, exiting the store without going to the cashiers, and running for the car which was seen to be rapidly exiting the area – but without the two men on board.

Some shop staff knew them from the past, and had watched the CCTV system from the time that they had been seen in the store. Once the two men had exited the store, shop staff chased and attempted to accost them but the two men ran off. On reviewing the CCTV records, the men were positively identified and Police were called. The two men were later picked up by Police.

During Police interviews, both men refused to speak. The car driver was also picked up. He admitted taking both men to the store and driving away rapidly when he observed the two men coming out of Hunt’s with Hunt’s shop staff in hot pursuit.

Mr Foggo had been before the Court on another matter and was wearing an electronic monitoring device. A check of the device confirmed that Mr Foggo was in the Hunt’s Supplies shop between 11am and 12pm on 14th August 2012.

Both will be sentenced at a later date.

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Comments (25)

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  1. Oh Please..... says:

    Um….is the costing of those 2 items correct?? $64.75 for ground beef?

  2. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    $64:00 worth of hamburger. Thats a lot of meat. Where the devil can you hide that much meat on your body. The staff probably noticed the cow leg hanging from the bottom of his pants leg. And as for the guy of no fixed abode…. he more than likely needed the body wash.. let him have it. :) :) . You just can’t make this stuff up can you. And to the get-a-away driver… see if you get any hamburger tonight.

    That had to be funny to see :- start de car – start de car but dang, wait till we get in.

    • enforcer says:

      Don’t forget one idiot had on the electronic bracelet so I’m sure once he was identified he was easy to find.

    • Island Princess says:

      LMBO thanks for the visual and the giggle….

  3. Joonya says:

    F&*%ing idiots. I cant wait to hear the “I was hungry and cant find no jawwb” excuse.

  4. the word says:

    maybe they weighed the wrong beef lol

  5. Dude says:

    The real crime is that a package of ground beef costs $64.75 and body wash costs $31.95.

    Bout half a bag of groceries today myself that costs $76 dollars

    Shame all around really…

  6. Hunts staff says:

    um… the ground beef was like alot…you can make like 100 hamburger out of it….so have a nice day and the body wash if you go price right it is about 40 dollars…i love my job

    • CHEEKUMS BI says:

      i agree dat der meat could feed 100 bums, and the body wash..cheekums bie..dat der can make a bum smell like womans fantasy man

      • Dude says:

        How much per pound of ground beef on the island exactly?

      • Marsha says:

        I live in the United States, in Washington, DC. And for $64.75 I can buy 14 three pound rolls of ground beef. And for $31.95 I can go to the 99 cent aisle and buy 31 bottles of body wash. I’m sure both of those guys stuck out like a sore thumb. gee whiz!!!!!!!!

      • really tho? says:

        shutup NOW. idiot bermudian

  7. Xeno Kills says:

    $64.75 for a package of beef. Only in Bermuda.

  8. Bazinga! says:

    That body wash gives the phrase “bathing in luxury” a new name!

  9. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    The driver was heard yelling “FAT YOU BIES I AINT GOT NO BEEF WIT HUNTS, CLEAN UP YA ACT!!” O_0 lol

  10. peeeeeved ! says:

    These 2 again geeeeez man how long is our system going to allow these 2 criminals to continually steal from us…..come on judges give these guys some real time….they are making a mockery of you by still committing acts while wearing your ankle bracelet…..the bernews story says the staff knew them from pass acts, when store owners start to defend their properties against the known thieves the system will wanna jail the store owners….well jail these 2 for a long time an save us the headaches.

  11. But Seriously says:

    …Dat bye is dopey. And he had on one of dem GPS tings. Bye look bye, you deserve to be locked for bein so dopey.

  12. 32n64w says:

    I guess he needed the body wash to clean up the pink slime :-)

  13. Cellar says:

    I suppose No Fixed Abode means they planned on cooking the beef in the midday sun? Seems legit.

  14. TJ says:

    Not saying they were right but damn come on obviously they were hungry and needed to bathe as for HUNTS some of your prices are ridiculous as other retailers.

  15. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Armstrong and bodywash ..Go figure . Now about the hamburger .. There are many restaurants in trouble with BGA and other agencies , many don’t care where the beef comes from , as long as they get it .

  16. Highly Concerned2 says:

    Just an FYI yes the prices in Bermuda are ridiculous but if we as Bermudians continue to purchase items at these ridiculous prices they will continue to rise, however, if we do not purchase their items retailers will be forced to lower the prices to the ‘should have been’ prices from jump. IJS!