Flight Cancellations Start: BA, Westjet, United

October 16, 2012

[Updated] A number of today’s [Oct 16] flights have been cancelled due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Rafael, with United Airlines, Westjet and British Airways all having cancelled their flights.

As of 6am, Hurricane Rafael is 395 miles south of Bermuda, moving NNE at 16mph with maximum sustained winds near 85mph. Its forecast to pass approximately 100 nm to the ESE of Bermuda this evening, bringing tropical storm force winds by early afternoon and hurricane force gusts by this evening.

  • WestJet flight #2710 which was due to arrive from Toronto at 1:43pm has been cancelled, as has the WestJet flight #2711 due to depart for Toronto at 2:45pm.
  • United Airlines has also cancelled both their flights for the day, with flight #1419 due to arrive from Newark at 3pm showing as cancelled, as is the departing flight #1416 at 3:54pm.
  • British Airways — who landed during the last Tropical Storm — has also cancelled their flights today, with BA flight #2233 from London due to arrive at 6:30pm showing as cancelled, as is flight #2232 due to depart for London at 8:20pm.

The flight cancellations showing above are those that have been confirmed as of 7.30am. You can keep up with all flight cancellations for the day on Bernews.com/flights which automatically updates every 12 minutes.

Update 10.26am: A BA spokesperson said: “British Airways has officially cancelled today’s flights BA #2233 and BA #2232 due to Hurricane Rafael. Passengers are requested to contact the toll free number 1 800 AIRWAYS to rebook their flights. British Airways regrets the inconvenience to passengers who were due to travel today.”

Update 11.47am: US Airways has also cancelled their flights to/from Philadelphia.

Update 1.28pm: The EMO issued a statement, and the relevant portion about airlines is below:

The Department of Airport Operations (DAO) has advised that the LF Wade International Airport is expected to remain open throughout the day. The DAO will continue to assess the latest forecast weather conditions as they become available to make a determination on any potential disruption to the Airport’s normal operating hours. As of 12 noon, the following flight cancellations have been confirmed:

  • British Airways to/from London Gatwick
  • United Airlines to/from Newark
  • US Airways to/from Philadelphia
  • Westjet to/from Toronto
  • The two evening American Airlines flight arrivals have been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. American Airlines flight 308 from Miami will arrive tomorrow at 9:35am and depart at 10.32am. American Airlines flight 1416 from NY JFK will arrive tomorrow at 10:15am and depart at 11:00am.

Delta Airlines flight 561 from Boston has returned to Boston due to a mechanical issue. The airline has not yet provided an update on its status. All other flights are operating as per normal.

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  1. Purple says:

    Thanks Ber News….always first.

  2. C A Raynor says:

    Can you find out if the cruise ships that are suppose to arrive tomorrow are still coming?

  3. 3rdworld says:

    Delta got halfway here this morning and returned to Boston because,”They could not contact anyone in the tower”. Conditions at 11 am were perfectly suitable for landing. Where was the tower controller? On break? You have seriously got to be kidding me…

  4. Black and White says:

    @3rd world…I was supposed to be on the return flight to Boston..they turned back because of mechanical problems and the flight has been cancelled.

    • 3rdworld says:

      You are correct. My initial news from someone ON the Delta flight was flawed. Tks

  5. SoMuchMore says:

    C A Raynor, the cruise ships are enroute to Bermuda but I can’t tell you if they’ll be delayed.

  6. Black and White says:

    @3rd world..your person on the flight probably had too much too drink in order to sleep through the turbulence!!

    It was probably fortuitous that it was cancelled, it would have been a rough flight back to Bermuda!!

  7. SoMuchMore says:

    3rdworld, you are so gullible and if i told you that pigs where flying the Delta flight to Bermuda this morning i bet you’d believe that too. LOL

    3rdworld, there is SoMuchMore to believe in such as the PLP LOL

    Damn I love our slogan, thanks flip flop furbert and team… if no one else is making use of the slogan i am! LOL