Photos/Video: Daddy And I Explore Book Signing

January 7, 2013

Local author David Chapman hosted a book signing on Saturday [Jan 5] at the Horticultural Hall at the Botanical Gardens, which included an interactive talk by Mr. Chapman on Raising Environmentally Conscious Children.

‘Daddy and I Explore… The Caves!’ is the fifth title in the Daddy and I Explore children’s book series, and Mr Chapman said the series about “encouraging early literacy, as well as promoting environmental appreciation.”

“Also keeping that theme about fathers and families in general spending time with their children and using the outdoors as a food medium to do that,” Mr Chapman noted. “I started the series to show families, fathers in specific, that it doesn’t take much money to have fun with your children.” For more information visit

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Hurry up, finish your phd, and return home Mr Chapman, Bermuda needs you! A quality leader is an understatement.

  2. OBA all the Way says:

    @Concernced Citizen,

    before Mr D. Chapman lands at the airport tell him that the plp party has a long waiting list and that young people must wait their turn as Derrick Burgess, Roban, Michael Scott, Glen Blakeney, the Listers, Zane Desilva, Randy Horton, Rolfe Commisioner, Walton Brown, Kim Wilson, Lawrence Scott and many others have still not drank their swizzle yet or plp koolaid also the Cox legacy is taking time off and Patrice, Jennifer and Renee WILL BE BACK! As will Col Burch

    we dont care what people who look like you think remember

    Also make Mr Chapman aware of how it works as if he opens his mouth he will be labeled as being in a camp and then eventually reap the reward that most young people get from the party Frustration

    The time for Leadership is NOW Mr Chapman and others like him should come and take it and not be made to wait their turn for the next 30 year period of the PLP being opposition

    PLP are losers Please Leave Politics to the OBA

    @ Mr Chapman,
    Please join the OBA
    A Vote for OBA is progress
    A Vote for PLP will make your books get charged 67% reading duty to pay down the $1.8 billion debt run up by Dr B and Cog

  3. Smh says:

    Lol @ OBA all the way, do you know who Mr. Chapmans mother is?

    • mixitup says:

      Hello?!! LMAO aint gonna happen. But David is definatly a future leader (political or not)

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Do you who is mother is? How about his best friend? If you only knew that David is a real leader, not a person who would sell their soul for 30 pieces of silver, you would realise that he would never join the OBA, the falsehood philosophers!

  5. Prayerful says:

    Why Oh why does everything end up being political. Here was a gifted man sharing his knowledge with children and adults in a non-political arena the oly thing that you, “OBA all the way” can comment on is political garbage

    From what I see of Mr. Chapman, he is an intelligent adult and an independent thinker.

  6. All I will say is “Thank you to everyone that came out and especially to my daughter, Zen, for sitting there during the interview while daddy ran his mouth!”