Opposition Delivers Reply To The Throne Speech

February 15, 2013

[Updated with video] Opposition Leader Marc Bean delivered the formal Reply to the Throne Speech in this House of Assembly this morning [Feb 15], covering a wide array of topics and initiatives brought forward by the One Bermuda Alliance.

Mr Bean said, “The OBA has waxed eloquently and vociferously about their commitment to openness, transparency and accountability. They have demonstrated these ideals impeccably when it comes to providing comfort and job security to non- Bermudian work permit holders.

“Yet, when it comes to jobs for our people, they have been remarkably and shockingly lacking in details, specifics or solutions. In fact, the Government has given some sectors of our community the distinct impression that they are more interested in securing and increasing the number of foreign workers, than in creating jobs for the people already living here.”

Mr Bean continued, “We note with interest the Government’s proposal to introduce mandatory parenting and budgeting classes to persons on financial assistance. At first glance this is a noble sentiment, but it evolves from a flawed premise. Not everyone on financial assistance is there because of personal irresponsibility, and not everyone on financial assistance can be tarred with the bad parent brush.”

Speaking on education, the Opposition Leader said, “It is the considered position of the PLP that we must dismantle the Middle School system, as it is an inherent part of the institutional culture that is damaging our social fabric. The mega school concept is a proven global failure and pretending that Bermuda has not been subjected to the same social and academic challenges as other jurisdictions is destructive.

“In our current format, gang culture has flourished,” said Mr Bean. “Restore the education system to one with seven years of primary school, and five years of high school, as well as the de-centralization from the mega school concept.”

Towards the end of the speech Mr Bean said, “In presenting our Reply to the Throne Speech, we have attempted to break away from the traditional role of armchair critic and offer our people an alternative vision for the direction of our country.

“Some may ask why we did not implement these ideas and bring forward these proposals while we were in government? To them I say, with new leadership comes a new direction, a new purpose, and a new way of doing things.

His Imperial Majesty once said, “A house built on granite and strong foundations, not even the onslaught of pouring rain, gushing torrents and strong winds will be able to pull down.”

“There are those who have hailed the political defeat of the PLP, saying that like the UBP, we will soon be consigned to the dust bin of history. Where we differ from that late, unlamented champion of oligarchic rule, is that we are not bound together by greed, lust for power, and opposition to progress.

“Where their foundation was one of sand, a foundation built on protecting the privileged and the few, we stand on a foundation built on expanding opportunity for all.”

The full reply from the Opposition is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Loquatz says:

    Some of the items in this speech run counter what PLP’s explicit policies were while in power. And many of the others were within their power to execute, and they never did.

    • notleader says:

      Pettingill was rude, I heard him. He takes on the behavior of his clients. Nasty, rude crude and ugly.

      • Balanced Facts says:

        Quotes from your default Leader Bean last night:
        “Your”re Jokers.”
        ” Fraudsters”
        “You bought the election”
        “Your leader is a surrogate”
        “Scott is a Rookie and can’t talk to me!”
        Rude? Petingill was sharp ,witty and canned the PLP with truth and some great quotes, they can’t handle him in a debate …guess thats what you find ugly???

  2. keturah says:

    lol you all were certainly like the now defunct ubp before the election, let’s not forget that. Well done for changing direction though…it must have taken a lot of pride swallowing

    • Mrs. Voter says:

      After seeing the attitudes of those byes Pettingill, Dunkley and Fahy. OBA giving away our children summer jobs and their future with taking away term limits. I will be helping the PLP get back into power. I did not vote for them. But wasted my vote on OBA>

      • Pastor Syl says:

        Get it right. Summer jobs for expat kids was a suggestion proposed by a PLP thinktank. It is not law yet and may never be. Work permits properly enforced protect Bermudians. Term limits just screw us all.

  3. The Truthsayer says:

    ” is that we are not bound together by greed, lust for power, and opposition to progress.”

    yaa suuuuure

    • Please Leave Politics says:

      I cracked up laughing at that same line!

      • swing voter says:

        ya mark you were not as believable with that one liner. we’ve seen nothing but greed, power hungry, and digression especially over the last 8 years…..Poor Freddy, Lois, Allen, Cox Senior all rolling in their graves now that their ‘offspring’ have sold their souls and out UBP-ed the UBP

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Hmm word….it didn’t move as efficiently as we would have liked, and congrats to the Poice….a fantasy speech

  4. Sorry Sir says:

    “Where we differ from that late, unlamented champion of oligarchic rule [the UBP], is that we are not bound together by greed, lust for power, and opposition to progress.”

    But that’s exactly what you became…

    • Lisa says:

      “To them I say, with new leadership comes a new direction, a new purpose, and a new way of doing things.”

  5. K.T.B. says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why the school system was changed in the first place. When I think of all social problems and debt that could have been avoided by leaving the school system the way it was, it makes my heart hurt. And it’s sad that it has taken this long for a political party to admit that the school system should be restored but better late than never right? If the PLP (or anybody for that matter)can execute this objective then they would have my full support.

  6. Bobmarlin says:

    Mr.Bean states the OBA lacks in detail how it’s going to create jobs.Give me a break!
    The PLP put 3-4 thousand Bermudians OUT OF WORK. Please mr.Bean,try to come up with solutions to the demise Bermuda is in.After all it was YOUR party’s incompetence,which has got us where we are.

    • jack says:

      Wrong! PLP didn’t put 3,000 people out of work. There were many other factors which lead to our economic downturn most of which were not due to government policy. I wish people like you would just shut it.

      • 32n64w says:

        “There were many other factors which lead to our economic downturn most of which were not due to government policy. ”


      • Mad Dawg says:

        The PLP sat on the sidelines and focused on making themselves rich out of being in government, and watched hopelessly while the expconomy tanked and billions in debt was racked up.

        At last we’ve got a government that is actually trying to stop the rot.

        Notice how invisible Zane is now that he can’t benefit financially from being able to award himself contracts and get planning applications sneaked through.

  7. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    Well done Mr Bean, an excellent reply with great thought.

    The OBA are now the government, therefore as the government they must outline a plan of how they would carry out job creation in Bermuda. Talk and bullet points is easy to do, but an actual plan of action would provide more valid assurances to the people. People are looking for jobs, they are tried of talk, after all this is what the OBA pushed out pre-election. Lets see it !!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Yes well done old Bean. Must have been distracting, what with two of your MPs buggering off in the last week. Must be wonderinng hiw long this leadership position can last, if half your MPs don’t want to work for you.

      By the way, where was the immediate and forthright statement that you will volunteer for the drugs test? Shocking that you wouldn’t (or should I say couldn’t, to be more accurate) .immediately confirm you will show some leadership and take the test.

  8. johnny blaze says:

    if we think we are in some tough times now, its going to get even worse with the road ahead. because clearly, why didnt the OBA emphasize the term limit exclussion during the election? so while you set up programmes for bermudians to get skilled training for the job sector, You turn around and pass this law. OBA time for a change is right.

  9. Brian says:

    OK, I’ve been saying the same thing about our school system for years. I am happy that someone has finally listened, but way too late!

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      The school system in Bermuda is a FAILURE that’s a fact…

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      Frankly, whether it is primary and secondary or elementary, middle and high school, doesn’t really matter. It is the core curriculum that needs to be built. We need longer school hours that will go late in the day, whether that means longer lunch or extra curricular activities during that longer longer lunch period or after school. More focus need to be spent helping develop students study and work habit and behaviors. Homework classes after regular school hours, something to help students who migh fall through the cracks, the student who are at risk are the ones who don’t have support structure at home for whatever reason, whether it is a single parent who is always working multiple jobs just to provide clothes and food or parents who don’t take an interest and don’t see value in education (sadly they do exist). The later hours would allow parents working full time to pick up their kids after work, certainly decreasing he amount of kids lingering around the bus terminal, fighting, swearing.
      Technical programs need to be developed, let’s face it not everybody is meant for a desk and underwriting, I wasn’t. I prefer working with my hands and my mind, that is why I continually persue professional certification in my technical trade. Treach technical skills after school as part of the curriculum, whether, electrical, mechanical or even cooking. I know some parents who would love to have their children learn how to cook health full meals, and being at the end of the day, if they are going home with dinner already made for the family, that is one more pressure off a parent who is left with little time to do it at the end of the day.
      Life skills and discipline are as important to learn as math and english.

  10. Skeptic says:

    There seems to be some conflict in the response with respect to educating and protecting Bermudians.
    On the one hand the education system has seen insufficient improvement over the tenure of the PLP and the focus still seems to be on trying to push the product of the education system into limited technical fields, from nail technicians to CISCO technicians. Our education system does not produce sufficient quantity or quality of Bermudian employees for Bermuda to be attractive to an overseas investor. The way around this resource deficit is for an overseas investor to be confident that where they cannot fill roles with well trained Bermudians, they have flexibility to bring in their chosen people to work for them, but that is impaired by a sad and long history of poor immigration policy, badly managed, which results in an expat phoebic community on the welcome wagon. And you won’t entice the overseas investor by telling them that they are also required to train our inadequately developed labor force beyond what any best practice business will do to continuously improve its workforce.

    The conflict in the response is the suggestion that the banks and law firms be opened up to foreign competition – nice idea to have an inrush of competing firms that will undermine the Bermudian shareholders in the existing businesses and place greater demand on work permits and policy concessions. New law firms and banks will bring new business, but the balance of government policies and community attitude toward a fresh uptake of well heeled expatriate professionals needs to be ready willing and able to support it against the cost of forceably undermining our existing businesses and staff in those sectors.

  11. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    I heard some B/S in my life,but this was UTTER Dog $h!te!

  12. No longer a member says:

    What is all this “His Imperial Majety Haile Sallassie” non sense? This man did more damage to his people and country than good. Some of the man’s family have left Ethiopia and don’t even want to be known for what their father and grandfather had done. Aask some of the Ethiopian taxi drivers in Boston what they think of as you put it “His Imperial Majesty Haile Sallassie.” Mark, as I have always known you to be, a man with lots of words, animocity, confusion and very little positive action. I thought you were over that when you cut off your dreads. A leopard doesn’t change his stripes. At least you agreed that the OBA are not afraid to bring real positive change, even though to call it cut and paste. Lets see if you are truly going to do what is right as a leader for the betterment of Bermuda, because all I have heard is lots of anger and hatred from your propaganda station. All this is doing is creating anger amongst your party faithful.

  13. Picks says:


    Wake up and smell the coffee. If PLP put 3-4 thousands people out of work, then The OBA is going to put more.

    Premier Craig all he does is talk and nothing going to get accomplish. I see no action from him and I guess he will be still talking in 2016.

    They have no plans to creat any jobs. The jobs that are available,you have to be qualified.

    • sonoso says:

      and how do you know the OBA has no plans to create any jobs? why were you not lambasting the PLP when they were in power, when, clearly, they HAD no plan to create any jobs? give the new govt a change to get the ball rolling..

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      another idiot full of plp kool aid!

    • ob. A says:

      Leave Puppet Premier Craig alone we all know by now he has another hand up his a$$. Craig forget the haters and get that fat a$$ paycheck with a smile.

    • Mrs. Voter says:

      most of the jobs in their election campaign going to foreigners.

  14. Islander says:

    exactly Picks – you have to wake up and smell everything including the coffee – pride comes before the fall – don’t let it land on you Mate. Positive thinking, desire to work hard, desire to save your money, desire to be a poositive citizen. For to many years we have had to listen to negative talk and bury to many young me and see orange jump suits – looking like a pumpkin garden. Time to wake up and be counted for, time to wake up and walk the walk, talk the talk and be involved in the healing and progress of this Island if not for yourself for your child(ren) and your familiy, cousins and friends.

  15. god1st says:

    mark bean you are spot on with this speech. OBA has shown that I.B and foreingners, are more important than some bermudians. (“a certain segment of the community to be more specific.”)

    • sonoso says:

      so what “segment of the community” does the reply to the throne speech speak to?

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      Strange notion as it is, but encouraging businesses, especially in the critical IB industry that supports our economy, that will help create jobs and employment in every industry is indeed a very destructive notion.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      I’m guessing you are among those like Chris Furbert, that believe that we can create jobs without businesses, and that it is the responsibilities of businesses to work for their employees. There isn’t a single sucessful socialist nation in this world, not one where the countries wealth is spread evenly amongst the people, in fact the levels of corruption in their ruling parties is equal to if not worse than the capitalist nations. To think the the PLP would represent the socialist ideal any better tells me that obviously have had your eyes shut for the last 14 + years. At least in capitalism you have a better shot at success.

  16. Verbal Kint says:

    I missed the speech. Did he address who owns Spice Hill and who might have benefitted from that planning decision? Just curious.

    • Webster says:

      Verbat. you know and we we all know who would have benifited !!! this to shall come to the fore.

  17. campervan says:

    If another 2000 people lose their jobs under the OBA, their record will only be half as bad as the PLP who lost 4000 jobs.

    • Just input says:

      IMO, I think the OBA would be 150% worse should another 2000 jobs be lost on top of PLPs 4000; for they did not create any jobs to rehire the original 4000.

  18. Bobmarlin says:

    Mr.Bean,are you for drug testing of your MPs and senators?
    The OBA are for testing.The people of Bermuda want to know YOUR position.Police,fire,customs and many others are drug tested.The least we expect of our elected officials,is that they are as well.We need to be assured that those in The House have a clear head when determining our future!
    As you may one day be the leader of Bermuda,you should clarify your party’s position!

  19. Bermudican says:

    For every lob that is lost it touches on 5 other workers in the community. so , basically, support jobs for that newly created job eventually employs more people . Deny the companies the right to hire who they want and no job is created , the effect being, no new support jobs.
    It seems clear to me . How about you?

  20. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    i dont think the letters P,L,P, can ever be used again as being a successful political party, just as it was for the UBP…remember? also any other change of letters will always be reflected as the old PLP…yup!…the coin has two sides. The best scenario for the opposition party is to sit back…watch,listen and learn, stop trying to trip the OBA while they are trying to alleviate Bdas. horrendous state of affairs.How can they concentrate on fixing problems when they have to waste time on childish bleeting every five minutes. The Blame Game: Object, to shift blame.
    Just, Let the O.B.A. F#@K UP on their own, THEN come with your two smoking barrels,but until then ssshh. Dont ferget now..uv’e been bad and ur still on time out ok.

  21. Redman says:

    More PLP BS from the opposition leader … and lets all hope that they remain in opposition for a LLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time if this is an indication of the PLP changing its mindset.

    The Bermuda Economic Miracle had stood the test of a depressions, recessions, world wars etc… but unfortunately it was helpless to deal with 14 years of the clueless, incompetent, self serving and schizophrenic PLP Government.

    Under their siege mentality Governance Bermuda has lost the one thing that its people both old and young could rely on which set us apart from most if not all of the larger islands & neighbouring countries … opportunity.

  22. bermydude says:

    did he forget that this Gov. is only in power for 2 months??? all this mess is the PLP cause!! another idiot from the PLP

  23. M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

    The Opposition Leader is a consummate DREBITE who I shall take great pleasure in watching the OBA cane like the naughty schoolboy that he is .

    • Clear Picture says:

      Sorry M>P Mouth – there aren’t many that can out debate Marc Bean, definately not our Premier! There was no change, the new government was so very childish they need to grow up and realise they are the government and start acting like it. Terry said he was placed last in the line up for the opening of parliament, whose fault was that? Who makes up the list

      Isn’t it the speaker of the house>

      • 32n64w says:

        “there aren’t many that can out debate Marc Bean”

        That’s probably because he argues for and against the same issues.

        • Balanced Facts says:

          Pettingill said his “best weapon was the boomerang!”…LOL, so true!

      • Balanced Facts says:

        He got canned by Pettingil first up and then cried on T.V that he had been “childish” for saying the Reply to the Throne Speech should have been called “WE DID NOT BUT YOU SHOULD.” Funny as hell and true! I think the OBA have plenty of first class debaters to easily deal with the default Leader as Crockwell called him. PLP with Bean…: Progressively Losing People….

  24. Building a better Bermuda says:

    2 months in office, Parliment only just convened, and the OBA has already taken more action to restore confidence in Bermuda’s reputation as a business center, than the PLP have taken since the start of the recession. Yet the PLP accuse the OBA of not having a plan. I recall when Mr. Bean failed the PLP on their education performance. What happened after that though, rather than bring up these ideas then, over 5 years ago, he only brings them up now. Now that he isn’t the government and doesn’t have to figure out how to manage or finance these changes with the mess his party left the government in. For 14 years, where was these ideas, quiet for the sake of the party rather than noisy for the sake of the country. He talks of the PLP changing, with too many of the old guard PLP’s own ‘forty theives’ ingrained with too much to lose, the change he wants will require him dismantling the party and rebuilding it new. Those old guard will let him talk change, it is to their advantage too make it look like they are willing to change, but they will never let it actually happen, so his words are just that, and it makes him a figurehead, a ‘youth surrogate’. I’ll believe they have changed when they actually do it and not just talk about it, otherwise they are just talking to make the OBA look bad and to try and get themselves back in.
    Let’s remember, the OBA took the initiative to scrap term limits when they realized that enough reports had already been done to determine they were useless, rather than drag it out longer like the unions would have like just to keep their useless policy in place. And now even the PLP have admitted the policy was pointless and didn’t and wouldn’t do what they said it would. 14 years, it’s going to take more than a document printed up to look good.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      Bermuda’s reputation as a business center is not going to be saved or undone by Government. If changes are not made, the reputation is going to be ruined by the legal system and the questionable practices of its banks and fund managers. When those entities hand the US a good reason to eliminate the tax advantages here, business and this Island are dead in the water.

    • 32n64w says:

      ^^ Clapping ^^

  25. Bobmarlin says:

    Excuse me while I light my spliff!

  26. Really? says:

    didnt see him say he was gonna do that long awaited drug test….

  27. auslander says:

    They spelled Selassie wrong.

  28. Concerned Citizen says:

    It’s obvious that the OBA, judging by these comments, are VERY AFRAID of Marc Bean. He clearly would run circles around your fake ass puppet premier, and certainly has the capacity to discuss all issues and topics. Quite a departure from the staged press conferences that Craig deals with, which are controlled so as to avoid any question that would require him to actually THINK and speak without the permission of his controllers. Let’s make a Bet……..Craig will be kicked out within a year, by the same snakes that used him, and the PLP will be he next government. Like I said, you all are VERY afraid of Bean, and rightly so. If some PLP MPs underestimated him for the leadership, it shows that Bean has a unique power to rally, inspire, and mobilise people in this country. And, if you OBA supporters think that the PLP is in a weak state, then call an election to try and destroy them over the next year. Like many others, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the sound defeat of your demonic obaubp party. Marc Bean should not be underestimated. You obviously have no idea of the strength that man possesses. Btw, kudos to Bean and the PLP for an excellent reply. I’m impressed with his analysis on education. Finally, a real leader of the people has arisen, and the OBA bosses know this to be true!

    • Truth says:

      Indeed @concerned citizen!

      Tremendous response Marc!

      We’ll show them that their LIES on our failures will come back to haunt them!

      The Heavenly Father God is on our side…

    • Balanced Facts says:

      “VERY AFRAID”? Really? Sounded on the radio later in the evening like he was getting ripped left and right and being laughed at and called the “Default Leader” of the PLP! OBA have too much work to do to fix the PLP mess so they’re won’t be an election to wipe out the fading green party…Bean seems to be doing fine getting rid of people on his own…2 down…more to go!”Finally a real leader has arisen.” LOL…

  29. Pat says:

    What a reply! The audacity of Marc Bean to publicly admit that our Education system is a mess and should be returned to the old way? How many Education Ministers did we have during the reign of PLP terror? Why couldn’t they have had that revelation during the last 14 years? Give me a break. Education is a combined effort of Student, Parent and School. It must be promoted as the journey that has no end. The sky is the limit to where YOU want to take it. We don’t challenge ourselves enough as Bermudians. We are just happy to sit back and blame anyone other then ourselves for the position that SOME of us are in. We believe that everyone working in IB or any other Big business has to be really smart and that we as Bermudians are unable to compete, that is so untrue, we need to step up our game and view education as the ticket that will take us on the journey of our lives.

    I have been hearing about longer school days, the return to technical skills to the cirriculum etc. I agree that technical skills are needed. Everyone is not going to excel in IB or Big Business. If the plumbing, electricity, etc. needs to be attended to, the plumber and electrician are on speed dial. The jury is still out on longer school hours. We should have a public forum on that subject .

  30. I am not impressed says:

    I am not impressed. They had 14 years to undo the UBP damage. I am not impressed. We are 2Billion in debt. I am not impressed.

  31. politics= pile-of-tricks says:

    OBA creating jobs LOL… if there is any truth to this, then I would ask who are the jobs being created for? Premier Cannon…(cause he is going to cause destruction) has already proven that he talks just to hear himself and the so many blind supporters he has. At the gas station that he runs, if you were to visit you would see evidence of contrary views…the majority of bermudian workers have been let go except for a couple of gas attendants and a cashier…but inside the establishment, the previous delicatessen, has been replaced with the Buzz….Not only is the staff all foreigners but we all know how expensive their prices are.

    OBA for Bermudian people LOL…

    ALL Politicians are crabs. Even if you started your political career with good intentions, once you team up with the rest of the crabs you will end up becoming one yourself or your political career will be short lived… Politicians are no different than gang members…they both have a “Get down or Lay down” policy!

  32. Bobmarlin says:

    Thankyou Mr.Lister,for acknowledging the good work,done by the OBA.All the best!

  33. Verbal Kint says:

    I’m really tired of hearing about Mr. Bean’s skill as a speaker and his supposed accomplishments, etc. What has he ever succeeded at besides being a part of a highly suspect Government? As a debater, he seems to follow the Paula Cox model of very forcefully saying a bunch of words that don’t seem to have much substance. If he wants to see a new PLP, he needs to answer the question. Spice Hill, planning appeal, illegal building. Just answer the question.

  34. Concerned Citizen says:

    Verbal, wow you are jealous. If Bean was part of your demonic red wearing OBA/UBP, you would be calling him the next John swan! And don’t say sir John was self-made…….far from it…….. Like I said earlier, you all are very afraid of Marc Bean, which is a good sign. I can see this continuing in the same vein that you attack every PLP leader, yet give a free pass to your puppet premier. You know what, you should be afraid if this is the way some of you think. You cannot touch Marc Bean, the man is of the people, and never left his roots. He is Real, and you know it, so your trying to find something to attack him on. It will not work, and will hasten the ultimate demise of the demonic OBA/UBP, the dark art politicians, and their minions. The OBA is on borrowed time with Bean as PLP leader, so Marc Bean, be wise, and be careful. Keep your trust in the people and continue to speak and act within our best interest. The majority of us trust you, and believe in you. We see your vision for us, and we share it. Oh, thank you for the reference to HIM, as it has caused the demons of the OBA/UBP to go crazy. Lol!

    • Balanced Facts says:

      “The OBA is on borrowed time with Bean as leader”??? Really? So far your Leader has lost two of his most senior and capable people, Lister said the whole Parliamentary Group wanted him as Leader and not Bean…Crockwell, Scott, Sylvan Richards, Pettingill and the Premier didn’t exactly seems to be shaking in their boots last night debating circles around the PLP Leader and Terry Listers former Group!!! You may want to get the facts and reflect on the fear factor?

    • Verbal Kint says:

      let’s get some thing straight off the bat. One: I have no reason to be jealous of Marc Bean or anyone else. Besides my mother taught me not to be jealous. Two: I don’t particularly like John Swan either. Three: I’m not an OBA supporter. Four: I didn’t attack Marc Bean. I stated an opinion and you twisted it into an attack. I don’t really care what people think of Marc Bean, or if they share my opinion of him or not. I only care about the fact that he may have acted unethically as a Minister. By the way, you didn’t address the question, but that was the whole point wasn’t it? It’s called a red herring, subterfuge, sweeping the trail. So I ask again. Who owns Spice Hill and why did Marc Bean see fit to rule as he did on the planning appeal?

      • Webster says:

        Surely someone knows wh the hell owns Spice Hill .

        • Verbal Kint says:


          • Concerned Citizen says:

            Get your puppet minster sylvan Richards to answer it. Btw, did I hear right…..did your new MPs read their maiden speech? Really? The OBA is that weak? Lol

  35. Katlyn says:

    Is it Wif or with?

  36. Speak what you know says:

    Wow, after listening to the comments made on the floor of the house by Government MP’s while others were speaking I’m almost certain that they are the very same people who post on here as OBA supporters. The disrespect is so identical. It’s like what you lack in substance you make up for in negativity.

    This Reply To The Throne Speech, was hands down better then the reply from any leader of the OBA or UBP. MP Bean laid out a vision that is clear. He hit on many topics and didn’t ramble on like what seems to have been the norm. In fact it even was better then the Throne Speech.

    Yeah, clearly you all are very afraid of MP Bean, and you should be. He will lead the PLP to victory at the polls come next election, as he has the ability to bring the people together and the drive to take the action needed to build the community’s up.
    Your time as Government will be short lived.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      Your name is Speak What You Know, so do you know who owns Spice Hill? If so, please speak.

  37. Verbal Kint says:

    Drat, another day, no answer. I’ll just have to keep on asking, I guess. Spice Hill, planning, buildings not approved. Anyone. You could hear a pin drop in here. :)

  38. Jobs says:

    Forget all the bickering name calling and trashing each other! Wake up all of you haters! The real issue here is many of your fellow Bermudians are jobless and penniless! People are hurting and want to work and earn money to survive! Get some empathy and compassion on board if you know what that means!!!!!! And I’m not for either party just concerned about people being stressed about their present and future on this island!

  39. Really says:


  40. Jobs says:

    And you’re so Boring!!!!!!!