PLP: Pre-Storm Decisions Cannot Be Repeated

September 11, 2013

In a post tropical storm update Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley said this morning [Sept 11] that “the decision to close schools was not premature but prudent based on the information we had at the time and out of concern for the safety of the most vulnerable in our community, our children”.

In response to the Government’s handling of school closure decisions during the storm’s approach Shadow Minister for Education Walton Brown said, “Education Minister Nalton Brangman’s decisions regarding school closures yesterday and this morning made for a confusing day for parents and students. This cannot be repeated.

“For parents and students to go to bed at night knowing that there would be no school in the morning only to find out at 7.00am the Minister had reversed his decisions no doubt made for a stressful start. Standard practice regarding storms and hurricanes is to make a decision regarding school closures at the optimal time and stick with that decision. I would encourage the Minister to adopt this practice.

“One of the unfortunate aspects of the Minister’s reversal of his decision is that it was not conveyed to all media outlets, further compounding the problem for parents. Wherever this breakdown occurred this too must be addressed so that it is not repeated.

“Any decision regarding closing schools is based on the need to ensure a high level of safety for our young people. This should apply irrespective of whether or not the student is in private or public school. In light of this, I implore the Minister to set out a framework whereby a decision to close public schools—for national safety reasons—is equally and simultaneously embraced by the private schools”.

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  1. Navin R. Johnson says:

    Hey Walton why not blame this one on the Bermuda Weather Service…..they are the people who always seem to get it wrong……….

    • Mazumbo says:

      Hypocrites, when PLP was in power it was the Ministers fault now Obeah/ubp’s turn its Civil servant’s and everybody else. I’ve never seen a bunch of pathetic cowards in my life who are afraid to go on Sherrie J’s show and duck questions. I understand through history that no matter what a certain segment in the community does and thinks it’s alright and not a big thing. I agree PLP messed up on some things and they admit it , but to see these bunch of ragtag misfits are making PLP look like boy scouts and what’s laughable is their supporters endorse it. Keep on exposing them. LMAO

      • Al says:

        The problem was that the PLP Ministers behaved like Civil Servants and spent their time doing a lot of things that should have been done by the people in the Ministry… except when it was time to get in front of a microphone and they’d stand up and take credit for the Civil Servants’ work.

        Now the OBA are actually doing things right and allowing the professionals in the Civil Service to do their jobs.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Now we have Ministers who are afraid to get in front of a microphone especially Sherrie J’s. LMAO

          • Karma Chameleon says:

            Who cares about those talk shows. I can understand listening to a talk show on the way to work but throughout the day. Most people work during the day and do not have access to the radio, or choose not to tune in and listen to a bunch of people rant all day long. Its been that way for 20+ years on those shows. They are a waste of time and just a vent for people who just like to complain and want to be heard, instead of people with solutions.

            I would much rather our MPS in the OBA and PLP spend their time working on solutions and not feeding the shark tanks.

            Want to smile and have better days – stop listening to those shows for one week – they suck the life out of people. Stop watching and your attitude will improve, you will be happier and have a more positive outlook – regardless of who the government is.

            • B. Trump says:

              It is a good form of public debate, it is also another format for the public to have their voices heard. I enjoy it from time to time, it puts the pulse of the public in the hands of the MPS. So why is the OBAubp afraid to talk on the SHerri show, lack of confident or lack of correct information…. sad really that OBAubp are running away from it…. REALLY !!

      • mixitup says:

        Sooo true!

      • E$ says:

        y would u go on sherri’s show when she jus talks trash about de oba and whoeva else don’t agree wit her.

        • B. Trump says:

          YOU sound like your afraid to hear the FACTS. SHERRI HOLD MPS up to telling the facts, regardless if they are PLP or OBA, or UBP or OBAubp. She is a strong radio host with great intelligent on most subject matter, this is lacking from other talk show host in Bermuda. I thinks this might frighten the OBAubp MPs as many lack the ability to stand tall and tell the truth.

          Sherri does a good job of challenging the mis-information, lies, myths, untruthful information presented by anyone that comes on her show. Folks can not just say anything without supporting their presentation..>THIS IS KEEPING THEM HONEST….SHERRI does a great job of that….I can understand why the OBAubp are AFRAID>.>>.

      • Hypocrites says:

        Pre-Storm decisions like prematurely closing the causeway back in 2010 for tropical storm Shary only to have it re-open some 50 minutes later because there was barely a breeze! St Davids Islanders never forget!

    • B. Trump says:

      WELL SAID, Mr Brown, thanks for pointing out such inexcusable actions of the OBAubp party. This was a bad and quick decision by the OBAubp. It failed to follow protocol, and now the Minister is working hard to back paddle. REALLY !! Mazumbo you are correct.

      • Karma Chameleon says:

        Schools opened – our kids have an opportunity to learn and that is a bad thing!? Who exactly was confused? Many people I know did even know there was ever a notice of closure the night before, so they went on with life as normal. I checked my email in the morning and saw the notice that school was open again! No big deal there. I was happy I didn’t have to take time off work. I also noticed other kids in the neighbourhood going to school, and in uniforms – so that should be a clue for some of the slower ones. I’m sure everyone else got messages by TV, Radio, email , text, Bernews, RG website, papers, Facebook, Twitter etc…

        Who exactly was that confused by a notice or seeing kids in Uniforms that they couldn’t cope and / or make a decision?! Are we that slow – that we can’t figure this out!!! Betty, Mazumbo, Walton, – if you couldn’t figure this out and cope by 8am, I don’t know what that says about your IQ. Sorry

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh for FFS PLP, give it a rest.

  3. SoMuchMore says:

    walton, pleazzzze give it a break. go talk to your clan about the amount of screw-ups they done. when you do let me know alright.

  4. Seriously ??? says:

    Seriously Walton ??? How hard was it to turn on the radio or check on one of the local websites at 7am to see or hear that the decision to close had been reversed !! Give it a break man !! Have you ever sat down and wondered why you are a shadow minister ???? Ask somebody !!!! Jeez !!!

    • Mazumbo says:

      That’s the Shadow MINISTER’S JOB , that’s what WE’RE paying him for DUH. Not every one has internet and not every one listen’s to the same radio station and speaking of radio station’s, the Minister forgot to call Hott 107.5 and Magic 102.7, the same stations Obeah/ubp are afraid to go on!!!!!!! Nothing but a bunch of incompetent cowards. LMAO

      • Karma Chameleon says:

        So if not everyone has radio, or listens to the same talk shows – then they wouldn’t have ever known that the schools were closed to begin with!

        Let say that the Minister did not call those two radio stations – do they not have news people? Couldn’t they figure it out and report or call someone?

        By the way you do remember the a certain PLP Minister Forgot to sign Cruise Ship contracts two years ago, allowing one of the lines to pull out and move ships elsewhere resulting in 12 less cruise ships x 3,000 passengers. Would you call that incompetent! Surely you must!

        • B. Trump says:

          It is the duty of any professional operating government to ensure that information of great importance is delivered to all Media outlets in Bermuda. That is not something to be debate. The OBAubp failed on this one, and there are no excuses for it. Stop Spinning and defending the wrong doings of the OBAubp government. They MESS up on this one.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Look, I hate agreeing with Walton Brown on anything. But this was a screwup. Let’s hope they learned something from it.

      As a matter of fact, I checked all government websites and media websites at 7.30am, and there was NOTHING to suggest that anything had changed since we’d been told the night before, numerous times, that schools were closing. And we were not told that they ‘might’ close, check again in the morning. They were closing; the decision had been made.

      It’s not the end of the world, and the PLP made mistakes that totally eclipse this. But it would be nice if the decision making and communication were handled a bit better next time.

      • Mazumbo says:

        It’s not the end of the world but it’s pathetic and embarrassing and the Obeah/ubp supporters are endorsing it by saying nothing. LMAO

        • Mike Hind says:

          It’s not the end of the world, but it’s pathetic and embarrassing how the PLP propaganda merchants are trying to make hay out of it…

          • Mazumbo says:

            Gotta make hay while de sun shines and with 9 months of Obeah/ubp F!@@# ups its a heat wave!!!!!!!! LMAO

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              That’s all you got? The schools opened. That’s the biggest “mistake” you can find? Yeah, have at it.

              • Karma Chameleon says:

                I don’t know anyone that was confused? I woke up, saw no real damage outside, checked email and there was a message saying – school is opened. If anything I was grateful that I did not have to take a day off to take care of the kids!

          • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

            Both parties stink

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Its pathetic and embarassing when you would say this, Mazumbo, in response to Zombie being critical of what happened. Is he “saying nothing”?
          But he’s right. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the end of the world. It was an error on the safe side, if anything.

  5. jt says:

    How tiresome.

  6. watching says:

    Mr Brown is on point with this. No one doubts that the decisions were made from a point of safety, however, perhaps they were being overly cautious. At 7pm the night before, there was no way they could know what the weather was going to be like the next day.

    The Minister should have reserved making a decision until 6am. He could have easily told the public to prepare for business/school as usual and that a decision would be made based on assessments done first thing in the morning. This would have allowed for less uncertainty.

    In addition, the Minister and his department failed to notify all media of the change in decision, so some people were unable to get the information. That is unacceptable and careless.

    Thirdly, there is the same weather on the island regardless of if a person attends private or public school. So there should be a standard policy affecting all or none, instead of this haphazard stuff.

    Mr. Brown’s statement is on point as far as I am concerned.

    • sonso says:

      hi betty!!

      • B. Trump says:

        Well said @Watching Carefully, I could not have put it better. It looks like the OBAubp has created a MESS and now are quickly working hard to polish it up. Only good thing is that Minister for once admitted that he did make such a decision. A decisions which should have not been made so quickly, after all it was reported as Storm, not a Hurricane…

        @Sonso, I have never written on this site, but decided to do so since many often call my name. Its nice to know OBAubpers looking for me !!…

  7. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the plp are FINISHED!..EXTINCT!

    • payattention says:

      Mr. Brown is correct in his assessment. This has nothing to do with whether the PLP is extinct or not. My guess is that your comment was fueled by the fact that you know they’re not and that makes you just a ‘lil’ uncomfortable. Hang in there buddy!! KEEP CALM and embrace the inevitable!

    • Mazumbo says:

      For correction the PLP are alive and well and with a new LEADER who has B@LLS and not afraid to speak his mind to rejuvenate the vision that our for fathers founded I see why that’s what your hoping for.
      RIP UBP/oba. LMAO

      • Yeah right says:

        Mark Bean is an absolute joke. He will not be your worshipped idol by the time the next election comes around…the PLP are planning

        • Mazumbo says:

          Lets see Puppet Cannonair go head to head with him, oh I forgot he’s gotta have permission and a spokesperson. LMAO

      • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

        Exactly the problem, vision of his forefathers, not a new, modern vision. It’s not 1977 anymore…

  8. media says:

    It’s amusing to listen to Magic and all the whining. Storm in a tea cup again and Sherry sure likes to stir it up. Yes, I was disrupted by the changing plans due to the storm, but that is what you might expect with unpredictable weather. The decision was made early this morning to open the school when they saw that there was no damage and all road were open.

  9. Seriously ??? says:

    @ Watching

    Are you for real ???? Prepare for work as normal and we will make a decision in the morning ??? What is the difference ?? You still have to check !!! There is still uncertainty !!! What is your point ???? You sound just like Walton !!!! Must be his biggest fan !!!! Funny that we can all call each other and find out who is doing what and who is zooming who on this island but the important stuff nobody can communicate ???? Gimme a break !!!! Crawl back under your rock and let the EMO do what they have to please !!!!!

    • watching says:

      Yes of course you would still have to check…however the fact that the Government statement last night said school would be closed, gave people the security that it would be closed…

      you are obviously an OBA supporter, which is fine, but lets gain some objectivity and have a real discussion.

      • Tired says:

        So, if they would have said at 6:00 am that schools would be closed, the parents would still be in the same boat, looking for someone to take care of their children. Then they would have complained that they were not given enough time to make arrangements. Can’t please some of the people.

      • sonso says:

        and you are obv a PLP supporter, so get over it

      • DUHHHH says:

        watching, your an *ss! just like the plp closed the causeway and opened it an hour later! at the time it was appropriate to close and later they realized it was indeed safe to re-open. same situation with the schools this time so what is the problem! no governing party will ever be able to make everyone happy. you and walton brown and mike hind always looking for things to complain about, bunch of a**es you are! SMFH

        • DUHHHH says:

          Furthermore, i was out there 6am and the weather was fine! there was no wind at all and although it did rain throughout the day, kids have been to school in the rain before. now had they not re-opened the school, you all would be complaining that the kids are out and the parents don’t have anywhere to send them. give it a damn break will you!

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Seriously
      The point is that the Minister made a definite statement yesterday. There was no need to expect him to change the decision this morning. You might be surprised to know that not everyone gets up in the morning and listens to a rado etc before going to work.

      To make matters worse, all media did not report the information at the same time.

      A comment that a decision would be made in teh moring would give everyone a reason to check various reports in the morning.

      These posts and others reinforce the fact that a simple apology would cause a lot less grief!! PS – the Minister gets it and has already apologised.

      • B. Trump says:

        Yes VOTE FOR ME< I am one that seldom listen to the radio in the morning, as I do not want to hear the same news as last night..Big Blunder by the OBAubp.

    • Indepedent says:


      Seriously, please take a break. What they are saying is correct, and your just a hater. Something as important as this, and it is not given to all media outlets doesn’t make sense. Stop hating on the party, and listen to what he is saying. Seriously! lol

    • ha! says:

      I think the difference is people would have gotten up early and checked (I would have). I didnt set any alarms because we were informed that the schools and my place of employment were going to be closed so there is no need to be up at 6 am! To be woken out of your sleep at 7.30 to be told by the way we changed our minds and school is now open is totally inaccepatable be it PLP or OBA/UBP sorry……. total incompetance, dont care what party it is. Make a decision inform the people and stick to it. If there are any changes then make sure you have press releases prepared and inform EVERY media source and let them convey the message – not everyone listens to the radio in the morning! EMO Texts or alerts from the media could have been sent surely. The whole thing was a total disaster the way it was handled.

  10. Vote for Me says:

    MP Brown and Watching (2:47 pm) are correct with their comments.

    MP Brown – you were anOBA hero when you supported the appointment of Dr. Heatly as the Commissioner of Education but now youy are being villified by their obvious supporters.

    This just goes to show that when anyone supports the OPBA position, they are cherished but as soon as they oppose….

    • media says:

      Has anybody bothered ask why Walton supported the appointment of Dr Heatley?? I suppose the PLP are glad they weren’t still the Government in this case…Politics is a funny business.

  11. Fed Up says:

    anf they closed the causeway how many times when not necessary

    • watching says:

      And I thought that was overly cautious as well in some cases. I never condoned each closure.

      Secondly, why does everything the OBA does wrong have to be referred to something the PLP has done wrong? Immature much?

      • Fed Up says:

        Nothing Immature about it, it”s just the truth. stop grumbling when you didn’t do it right either.

      • Mike Hind says:


        Why does everyone have to point out hypocrisy when it happens? Sheesh!

      • sonso says:

        whos to say it wrong or right? depends who you talk to if you ask me.

  12. Mike Hind says:

    No, that’s a MOUNTAIN…

    Same old same. EVERYTHING is an outrage.

  13. Seriously ??? says:

    @ vote for me

    For real ???? Common sense does not prevail in you and watchings case !! You must sit around all day just waiting to argue and complain about everything !!!!! Please take 2 mins out to sit back and think about what you are saying and what you are arguing about !! You obviously do this often !! Today is my day off so instead of watching ignorance on TV i read this ignorance on line !!!! So funny !!!!!

  14. Seriously ??? says:

    @ Watching !!!!

    It was the EMO !!!!! Not the OBA !!!!! Ask someone to sit next to you and help you read !!!! You obviously have an OBA chip on your shoulder !!! Get over it and move on !! You have 4 more years of it…….deal with it !!!!!!

    • watching says:

      The decision was made by Ministers Brangman and Dunkley to open the schools.

  15. Seriously ??? says:

    The minister apologized because unlike me he cant say ” common sense is a gift people, use it !!

    • Who KNOWS it FEELS it! says:

      Dunk…u can’t simply say…geese I made a wrong call!! Jumped the gun on this one. Causeway didn’t even close, surely schools shouldn’t have. Received 1 EMT message…that could’ve been a means of communication to inform the majority. Admit when wrongs, makes one more credible and one with some integrity!

      • Who KNOWS it FEELS it! says:

        N Opposition Shadow Ministers…take a BREAK! Must u respond to EVERYTHING like OBA did when they were the opposition…irritating like LJ was in the opposition. Keep it movin!!! Try coming up with SOLUTIONS to problems and make a f****n difference!!!

  16. Guy Carri says:

    “For parents and students to go to bed at night knowing that there would be no school in the morning only to find out at 7.00am the Minister had reversed his decisions no doubt made for a stressful start.”

    OR it’s a normal day and your kid goes to school and you to work…

  17. Bermewjan says:

    I am neither an OBA/UBP or PLP supporter, so please accept my view without bias. I would rather prudence than risky decisions when it comes to storms and hurricanes. So thank you EMO, in this case I think you made the right call. Well done.

  18. wow says:

    The Blame should not be on the Minister or the Education Department the blameshould be on the department that is responsible for Government’s messaging or information: DCI (Department of Communication and Information).

    The EMO messages were unclear, they did not “fully” use the mediums that were available such as facebook,twitter,instagram, emails. They should have advised the Ministers better with a best case, worse case Scenerio.
    The last sentence to all media should have been, “before you go off to school in the morning please check with your school or the media to confirm school is in/or out”. Also each school should have a email alert system for mass email blast, and an active website/facebook page or twitter account that is maintained by the school for critical messages like, PTA meetings, other school meetings grub days sports, and major things like potential school closings.

    Come on this is 2013 step up your communication game!

    • B. Trump says:

      The Minister made the final decision, that is where the BLAME LIES. The Minister than directs the Department of Communications to deliver the message to the public. So stop attempting to give the OBAubp a free pass all the time.

      The OBAubp need to stand up and take full responsibility. Mr. Dunkley did indicated in his press release that he and the Minister of Education did make such a decision. I am surprise as the OBAubp seldom except responsibility for most things they do, but rather always attempt to pass it on to anyone or anything, for example SAGE, and PS. Overall, a decision that was made too quickly and in haste.

  19. yaboy says:

    Walton Brown is the shadow minister of education????? Hilarious!!!! WOW, just WOW.

    • Mazumbo says:

      What’s Hilarious is the MINISTER!!!!!!!!!! WWWOOOOWWW.LMAO

    • B. Trump says:

      Nalton Brangman Minister of Education, what a joke…aha..ahah REALLY not even got one degree ???? I think that is more hilarious, as Mr Brown is more qualified than your current Minister…

      • Mike Hind says:

        Well… no, he’s not…

        Seeing as he’s missing the one qualification that Mr. Brangman has…

        Being elected.

  20. Lay down! says:

    This statement really makes me come 2 the conclusion that party politics is going to SCREW BDA! PLP give it a rest for one second! MR. Brown act your age and not your shoe size!

  21. Terry says:

    Our youth are killing each other.
    People b*t*h and moan about school closures.

    Too much Young and the Restless and rum and weed.

    EMO made the call.
    Good on them but then again Mike Dunkley has to appollogise?

    Quo Fata Furunt.

  22. Vote for Me says:

    LOL – MP Brown was the hero for supporting Dr. Heatly but the villan for pointing out an obvious error.

    @ Seriously – I assume you do not have children between age 5 and say 13 because a school day and an off day are VERY different. You also speak of ignorance. The definition of ignorance is not knowing but we often use it in a derogatory manner. In this case, I guess you are ignorant about child rearing.

    Enjoy your day off!!

  23. haha says:

    like I said earlier:


    If you would have been prepared this wouldn’t have even mattered. Lazy f***s!

  24. d.o. says:

    and you lot were so perfect never, get some substance before you shoot from the hip Mr Brown. To ere on the side of safety you have a problem with?????When did you become an expert weather man. A storm will do as it wants and beholds to no man.

  25. Seriously ??? says:

    @ vote for me !!

    I actually have 3 children between those ages !! In public schools……with common sense i told them and my wife to be prepared for school tomorrow if anything changes !! You obviously have no brain to assume that i wouldnt….ASSUME ?? Dont do it cause you make an…..a$$ out of U and ME….ignorance is YOU !!! Dont assume !!! See….you had me down as a non father of 3 and not married !!!! Again…..common sense is a gift……Vote for me……..see if you can borrow some !!!!!!!!

    • B. Trump says:

      @Seriously ??? says

      I actually have 3 children in public schools……with common sense who are able to make a better decision than the OBAubp Ministers. But the OBAubp Ministers told parents that there would be NO school tomorrow. !! Obviously, is it possible that your Minister’s also have NO BRAINS? Especially to make such a serious decision so early in evening, before waiting to see what the weather would look like early morning. After all it was a Storm not a Hurricane. Guess the persons with out a brain are the MINisters of the OBAubpers. REALLY> Again…..common sense is a gift……and looks like the Education Minister might be missing it……. !!!!!!!!

  26. justMYopinion says:

    Help me to understand why a decision that was made and had to be reversed due to change is now a full blown political issue…..really? Are we that desperate to look for things to complain about?

    Let’s bicker about something that actually counts….like the high cost of electricity and how some families are finding it difficult to feed their children because the prices in the grocery stores are outrageous…

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Most appropriate response !
      All of this whining and stamping of feet every 10 minutes from a bunch of people who appear to never have faced any inconveniences in life is beyond ridiculous.
      Listening to them make any and every issue into some sort of political mountain out of a molehill is like listening to a spoiled child throwing a tantrum because it didn’t get the chicken nuggets and french fries it wanted for dinner, and instead had to deal with broccoli and carrots.

      Lord help us if they ever have to face some real diversity . They surely lived a very charmed and lovely life to turn out the way they did and would never have survived a week had they lived 100 years ago.

  27. RB says:

    I believe the government was acting on the forecast the Bermuda Weather Service was giving yesterday for this morning, and that was still for gust of 65 knots. If they had declared yesterday evening that the schools were staying open the PLP would be moaning about that, and saying they were putting students lives at risk.

  28. Really says:

    If it was PLP, you all would be complaining. I think it would have been refreshing if OBA could have said, yes it was a bit premature, next time we will be sure to wait and monitor weather conditions in the morning or something to that effect – I could respect that – no body is right all the time! This is why the PLP and OBA frustrate me because they NEVER take responsibility. Oh, I didn’t vote in the last election but I want OBA to well because they are the party in power. Please be different from the PLP not the same.

  29. Come On Man says:

    No No No! There are some decisions that are made that have to be final. Obviously not much thought was given as to the remafacations of the decision to open the schools. You have to respect people’s schedules etc. Not everyone is just waiting to take their kids to school and just go home after like the well off rich folk who don’t work do. Knowing the people involved in the decision making that don’t give a damn how you get your kids to school just like how they treat their staff at the companies that they own. These type of people don’t have a clue how much folks have to go through to get their kids to school.

  30. Realist says:

    Call up Colonel Burch,he closed The Causeway and Schools regularly!

  31. Come On Man says:

    Just like how you used the SMS system to alert folks about the storm use it to inform them about the schools. Im not buying the typical BS that comes out of their mouth.

  32. Come On Man says:

    @haha: people have the rite to B*t*h. If they pull this crap again, my kids will be staying home.You can’t tell folks the day before that schools will be closed the day after the storm and then on the eleventh hour tell them they are open it just doesnt work like that. It shows a lack of respect, understanding and regard for the public witch is typical of these type of people who are in government.

  33. Terry says:

    Typical f****n Bermudians.
    B***h and moan about everything.
    Get off your dam computer.
    When the s**t hits the fan you’ll have nothing because you think so negative.
    B***h moan.
    Now go text and watch Young and the Restless.
    Wakeup call means s**t to you.

    • Mazumbo says:

      So all de B****in and moaning when PLP was in power was valid , now de shoe is on de other foot you cant take it, Democracy at its best ,reminds me of my child hood days , de spoiled brat didn’t like to lose so (um gonna take my bat and ball and go home). PLP, keep on throwing de rocks in de crowd and you’ll always get remarks like this!!! LMAO

  34. CommonSensenBda says:

    Here is simplicity itself,Bermudians.

    If there a tropical storm…. show up to work and school.
    If there is a hurricane…… don’t leave your house,period, until you get the All-Clear!

    This B***hing and Moaning serves no purpose.

  35. nana says:

    It’s time for us to work together. It was totally out of order to say one thing in the night, only to wake up and hear that school was going to be open in the morning. At 7am is far too late to make a change. A lot of us leave home at 7am or before 7am. I sure hope this does not occur again and let it be a lesson as to who makes the decision. I am one who don’t have radio or TV on mornings, and I didn’t hear last night that school was going to be close tomorrow. I only received calls this morning before 7am that school was closed for the day.

    Psalm 119 v 143 Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands are my delight.

  36. gotta love'em Pee-Al-Pee says:

    How dopey can you people be who – the ones who are lambasting the Minister. Normal people would have heard there was a school closure before going to bed and normal people would have gotten up the same time to see if there had been any change in the school closures. If there had been any update to previous information [as it was], then no issues – life proceeds as normal. Ifr the weather can change, surely the information provided by the Minister must change…as stupid as stupid does you people…and for those who need help: PLP/BIU-ERS.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Col. Burch did a much better job , these dreamers should’ve taken a page out of his book. LMAO

      • Mike Hind says:

        Now, I KNOW you’re joking!

        • B. Trump says:

          @Mike Hinds, we know your the number one OBAubper Joker…really …lol…

          • Mike Hind says:

            Come on. You can do better than that!
            I mean… seriously? You can’t even get my name correct? It’s right there above your post.

            You can do better than that.

            I mean, how many times has it been proven that I’m not an OBA supporter, yet you guys continue to try to pretend I am…

            You DO get that people aren’t like you, right? We don’t define our lives by which political party we support or don’t. You get that, right? Most of us don’t care enough about the political parties to lie for them like you do.
            I’m not sure you get that.

            • Mazumbo says:

              Its been proven your not an Obeah/ubp supporter yet you cry down de PLP and endorse Obeah/ubp F!@# ups.LMAO

              • Mike Hind says:

                Nope. This is not true at all. You’re making things up again.

                Again, I have to ask (even though, you’ve shown time and again that you won’t answer):

                If the truth is so bad, why do you have to lie, almost every time, to make your point?

      • G.E.T outta here. Had to pay for a night at Grotto for a Causeway closure that was totally unnecessary

    • B. Trump says:

      @gotta love’em Pee-Al-Pee says:

      September 11, 2013 at 7:15 pm

      How dopey can the OBAubp Ministers be? Frequently, they lambasted the PLP Ministers every opportunity they got. Abnormal Ministers whom made an Official Statement that schools would be officially closed today, would not reverse their decision at the last minute and fail to give Parents sufficient time or notice.

      Why make an official statement and later change it? Where the Abnormal Ministers THINKING RIGHT? A Normal Minister would have waited, and told the public to listen out for follow-updated reports or announcements. REALLY !! This would have kept the public informed. Surely, an updated reported would have kept folks abreast and on the alert to listen for further news. But the OBAubp failed to act in such manner and confused the general public, mostly hardworking parents.

      Maybe the decision of the OBAubp is stupid as stupid as a Minister can get, NOT THE PEOPLE>…’s that for ya….

  37. God 1st says:


    Hats off to you for that brilliant comment of yours.

  38. JUSTIN FRANK says:

    HOW IS THIS NEWS WORTHY? PLEASE help me to understand ‘if we are working together’?

  39. JUSTIN FRANK says:

    The Minister explained truthfully, and with full respect for ‘BERMUDIANS’ “SAFETY”. I’m not understanding your point mr.brown? What are you trying to point at? Does it seem wrong to care about the people of Bermuda? I am confused as to how you see things.

    • B. Trump says:

      @JUSTIN FRANK says:

      September 11, 2013 at 9:09 pm

      The Minister explained failed to be honest, and he did not respond truthfully. He should have been HONEST and stated that his decision was in deed a premature and it resulted in confusion. He should have also acknowledge the ramifications of the decision to open the schools and with full respect for ‘BERMUDIANS’ parents”. Mr. Brown made a very good point, and outlined that the process must be followed to avoid future MESS like this in the near future by the OBAubp government. This was indeed a BLUNDER in the OBAubp book for the day !!

      • Mike Hind says:


        What did he lie about? (and please make sure you back up the accusation)

        You’re just smearing, yet again.

      • Come On Man says:

        @Btrump the minister doesn’t understand because he is out of touch with the common man. He never had to experience what the common folk are going through. He is not sincere for sure.

  40. just saying says:

    I can’t tolerate Sherry J….she is such a boring host….full of anger, hostility,paranoia and has an axe to grind…her voice and wining is almost as bad as scratching your nails down a chalkboard…I always switch to ANY other radio station which can at least be more balanced in their thinking and preferably encouraging reconciliation and unity…

    • Mazumbo says:

      The beauty of CHOICE and your entitled to your opinion, Democracy at its best however there are many people who appreciate her and her professionalism, due to the fact that the Royal Garbage is so biased in their reporting compared to when PLP was in power, so some people who don’t share your view or ideology would love to get a broad view on issues that are been skewed by the media which is a tactic that has roots from the Oligarchy System. So she has a right to be angry ,and hostile, your the one that seems to be paranoid. So keep on grinding your axe Sherrie J there are more for you than against you and what’s funny is all of a sudden you hear reconciliation and unity PLEASE.

    • Impressive says:

      full of anger, hostility and paranoia?? really. Believe it or not Sherri J, always tries to be as objective as possible. Yes I can agree that it is obvious to see political views, but she doesnt complain just for the sake of complaining.. More balanced?? so who are these more balanced views?? certainly not the daily paper, so please enlighten me

    • B. Trump says:

      @just saying says:

      I can tolerate Sherry J….she is such a Brilliant host with great level of knowledge and information. She challenges folks and ensures they are sticking to the FACTS. Sherrie often ask significant questions on issues, which other talk show hosts seldom seem to do. Folks can not just say something with out backing it up on the Sherri J Show.

      Sherri strong approach does not go over with folks whom do not want to honest or real about the issues. The OBAubp fans seem to be often full of anger, hostility,paranoia and have an axe to grind with the PLP. As long as they can continue to pull down the PLP, all is okay in their books. Sherri makes them back up their positions with FACTS. This they do not like.

      OBAubpers often switch to other radio station because they fail to challenge the information person present on air. They allow on most days some false information to be told to the public. Seldom are questions asked to ensure the info is correct. A few of the other shows also have a political leaning, and so favours the OBAubp. Yeah we understand why you would do not want to be challenged by Sherri J………. truth is too hard for you…….

      • Mike Hind says:

        You wouldn’t know facts if they hopped up and introduced themselves.

  41. Triangle Drifter says:

    Who made the decision to close the schools in the first place, the Minister or the MOE people? Either way it was too hasty. If the Minister overrode the MOE people, good for him. Too much closing of schools went on at the first puff of wind before.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The only problem is that reversing the decision at the last minute was poor leadership by Minister Dunkley. The fact the some Oba fans still try and deflect on behalf of the Minister does not negate the lessons that should be learned from this. Inexperience, that’s all it is. Well, add an inflated ego into the mix, shake well, and chaos reigns. Smh

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Michael Dunkley, inexperience???? How short & selective is your memory? How long & in what positions has he held while a UBP MP? He is a successful businessman. How many PLP MPs can even claim to be that?

      • Mike Hind says:

        “Inexperience, that’s all it is. Well, add an inflated ego into the mix, shake well, and chaos reigns.”

        You just described the last 14 years!

  42. OMG, We have so many real problems, like no money, no tourists , chasing expats away ( Yes I am Bermudian ). How about Crime and Murder overstocked jails, and you people want to argue over the weather!!!! lets get on with it Please!

    • Mazumbo says:

      If you cant get the simple things right how in the world your gonna deal with those problems. LMAO

      • Mike Hind says:

        “how in the world your gonna deal with those problems”?
        Better than your lot did, one would guess.

        • B. Trump says:

          OBAubper MIKE IS STILL TROLLING AS USUAL>….sad man indeed….

          • Mike Hind says:

            Nice try.

            Didn’t work.

            A joke like you accusing anyone else of trolling is not only laughable, it’s ludicrous.

            What’s sad is your feeble attempts at denunciation because you don’t like the truth.

  43. JUSTIN FRANK says:

    @god 1st,….Do you know who is ‘payattention’?

  44. Robert says:

    Brangman is incompetent, thats the bottom line !!!

  45. 1minute says:

    Since Fabian the Government, PLP now OBA have played on the side of caution, maybe to cautious. What the EMO should of done was told people to check the TV/Radio/Internet at 6am and at 6am advised their decision.

  46. Victor says:

    Distinguished MP, former Senator, author, educator, publisher, blah, blah, blah, surely a book and lecture series about this appalling outrage is in order so that future generations will never forget…

  47. Just figured out why people would get so upset over school being open, they had to go to work not a paid day off!!!!!

  48. Xman says:

    I find it strange how the PLP could make such comments -
    I always wondered how come they gave us such a half A– job on the Cause Way because it truly looks
    like it was repaired with Band aids .– come on now!

  49. Kindley says:

    1minute, you got it right. Better to be safe than sorry. The PLP needs to realize that they were voted out. If you want a better Bermuda, work with those now in charge. You sound like sore losers on every decision made by the OBA. Thinking only of your party and not the good of Bermuda. Everyone will not agree on everything, but PLP agrees with nothing.

  50. jane says:

    you all are amazing, when will you realise that regardless of what party is the government of they day, they are all amateurs and know little more then the common man when it comes to running a country. Your expectations for either party is far to high, they all are pathetic and make stupid decisions everyday.

  51. Fikrte Ming says:

    I don’t even understand how politics came into this one. The whole thing was mishandled. If a decision is made the day before it should be adhered to. Why should I have to listen to the radio in the morning if a decision had been made already stating that schools will be closed? If that is the case then just wait until the morning and make the judgement call instead, everyone would be listening out for the word then. Most parents and teachers went to bed with that knowledge, only to wake up and hear something else. Poor communication, poorly handled by the department responsible. Just admit you made a mistake apologize and get over it, and rethink that for next time.

  52. Realist says:

    Walton is trying to discredit the OBA in any way.
    His beloved PLP made the poor poorer,as the leaders took care of themselves.

  53. Prayerful says:

    99 posts and maybe 3 make sense. What I want to know is, “Where is Minister Brangman”?

  54. I wrote this in another article but it applies to this one as well.
    “One can’t have a margin of error when people lives are in the balance.” The writing is upon the wall for all to see and read…

  55. die hard St. George's Fan says:

    Walton you don’t get tired off complaining about
    every little thing you’re like a big child.Grow up.You and your Uncle are a like messed up our paradise.No wonder the youth are like they are no
    adult role models and you will never be one.Have you complained about your cousin being very mature and decent for thanking the principals, teachers,parents etc. yet cause I know that is coming. Grow up Walton.