Eel Spotted At Stokes Point Nature Reserve

October 21, 2013

[Updated] An eel was recently spotted in Bartram’s Pond at Stokes Point Nature Reserve in St. George’s, with Bermuda Audubon Society President Andrew Dobson capturing the photo below as the eel slithered through the water.


Writing for the Winter 2011 Bermuda Audubon Society newsletter, Alison Copeland reported that in March 2011 Dr. Philippe Rouja and Mr. Robert Fisher explored Bartram’s Pond following a reported sighting of eels, and were able to capture some great images of a large eel.

Ms Copeland said that she and Dr Rouja returned to Bartram’s Pond and when they arrived at the pond a medium sized eel could be clearly seen swimming along the surface.

The eel above is certainly doing better than the last eel spotted in Bermuda, with a 5 foot long Moray eel washing up dead in Bailey’s Bay in August.

Update: The Department of Conservation Services is keen to hear from anyone who sees an eel, and sightings can be reported to the Department by emailing

A spokesperson said if anyone has photos that would be much appreciated, and they also would like to know the date and location of the sighting.

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  1. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    What’s so abnormal about an eel in Bermuda? We used to catch them all the time when we were kids.

  2. uncle sam says:

    is the water there brackish? that very much resembles a fresh water eel if im mistaken. if thats the case, could it have been dumped by a hobbyist? doesnt look like any eel i have seen in bermuda before with the fins like that.

  3. RUN says:

    its an OAR FISH…….

  4. RUN says:

    its an OAR FISH probably …….

    • Will says:

      its an eel…oarfish live at enormous depths and are much bigger than that. its an eel which can be found in lakes and rivers and also the oceans of the northern hemisphere. they live in rivers as adults but return to sea to breed. probably got blown off course.

  5. fishamon says:

    Snake fish

  6. sage says:

    Definitely looks like a freshwater eel I remember seeing them in the canal by BAA years ago.

  7. YADON says:

    It’s an American eel , they are still in that canal , one was found in BELCOs parking lot a few months ago , must of swam up a drain.