Further Education Scholarship Awards Reception

August 10, 2014

Minister of Education and Economic Development, Dr. Grant Gibbons and Junior Minister of Education, Leah Scott presented awards at the Department of Education’s 2014 Scholarship and Awards reception held on Thursday evening at XL.

Awards were presented for Further Education, Teacher Training, Mature Students, Sabbatical and Bermuda Government Scholars Awards.

In his opening remarks, Minister Gibbons stated, “The Bermuda Government is committed to facilitating student success whether you’re part of the rising generation, or a mature student, or a teacher receiving a training award.

Minister Gibbons and Leah Scott with Further Education award recipients


Dr. Gibbons continued, “We understand that our investment today will pay significant dividends in the future as each of you pursue academic success, return home and give back to the Bermuda community in your area of study, whether it be education, health, business, engineering, finance, insurance or politics, to name a few.

“This year the Ministry received close to 170 applications from students seeking financial support to either commence or continue their post secondary studies. The decisions for the Education Board’s scholarship committee were difficult as funding resources have been really stretched in the last couple of years.

“So, we are very pleased that the Ministry can provide you, our Awardees this evening, with financial support to propel you even further with your academic pursuits.

“We will be presenting a total of 38 awards recognizing each of you who have worked hard to achieve continued academic success. I give special mention to our six new Bermuda Government Scholars– who we recognize for their outstanding academic achievement.

“We have also awarded an additional year to three current Bermuda Government Scholars who are continuing their academic studies with the aim of graduating next year from the University of California in Berkeley, Penn State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Well Done!

“In closing, I would like to acknowledge the Board of Education’s Scholarship Committee, Mrs. Annarita Woolridge-Marion, Ms Dale Young and Mr. Stanfield Smith. We truly appreciate the time you committed in making the award selections and steering the event this evening. A special thank you to Ms Darlene Hartley, the Committee’s Scholarship Administrator, who provided great support to the Committee and the Ministry. Also many thanks to XL for generously providing us with the venue tonight, as well as space on a regular basis for the Board of Education to hold their meetings.

“Finally, congratulations to all of our Awardees! Your hard work and diligence provide a wonderful example to those students coming behind you.Your achievements reflect the hallmark of a successful educational career. We are proud of you and urge you to remain committed to your academic endeavours. And most of all – continue to dream!”

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  1. Wow says:

    Best wishes to the students. Enjoy the experience while it last. Represent us well.

  2. Michael Bronze says:

    When I first counted the number of scholarship/grant recipients I thought there were twelve, but no, one is a Government MP; she looks young.

    Why not breakdown the funding by category and amount received by each of the 38 students? Such as how many Further Education, Mature Students, Teacher Training, Sabatical and Government scholarships; six students of the latter category. Then tell us how much each received and the total spent on university education by the Government of Bermuda.

    The one thing that I have noted about Dr Grant Gibbons, he will not speak about financial details, the cost, when addressing his ministries. And when put on the spot, criticizing the Opposition on their lack of financial restraint when they were in office does not answer questions about the current spending of public funds in your ministries Dr Gibbons, it only deflects from you answering ANY questions. Why?

  3. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    Congratulations young people!!! Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. So go on, change the world and Bermuda for the better!!