Premier, EMO Tour Hurricane Hunter Aircraft

September 18, 2014

Yesterday [Sept 17] the Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley had to opportunity to tour the visiting National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] Hurricane Hunter aircraft which was in Bermuda this week doing reconnaissance missions on Hurricane Edouard.

Hurricane Hunters plane in Bermuda Sept 18 14 (2)

The Premier was joined by Deputy Governor Ginny Ferson, US Consul General Robert Settje and other senior members of the Emergency Measures Organisation [EMO] for the tour. Also joining the Premier was 13-year-old student Kani Stovell, who had a unique opportunity to tour the specially equipped plane.

Hurricane Hunters plane in Bermuda Sept 18 14 (1)

The visit by the Hurricane Hunter was arranged through the Bermuda Weather Service, who this week has been actively engaged in assisting with the aircraft’s assessment of the nearby storm. The aircraft was piloted by Rear Admiral Anita Lopez. The aircraft commander is Lt. Commander Justin Kibbey. Also aboard the flight was Dr. Joseph Cione, a hurricane researcher with NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory.

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  1. JB says:

    King of the photos stikes again. While you was with the US Consul General Robert Settje did you ask him to stop placing Bermudians on the American stop computer for having a little weed or was this just another BS photo op?

    • why says:

      Why is it people keep complaining every time our Premier does a meet and greet/news event or photo event.
      This is a part of his job. He also as a leader has to represent all of us, and he is doing a great job mingling with everyone. If he never did anything then people would complain that we don’t have a premier that connects with the people.
      So give it a rest.
      We want a Premier not to represent us not just at home but on an international stage as well and I am fine with the Premier doing that, I think he would do fine anywhere in the world in a photo op or an interview on cnn.
      A plus grade for our Premier so far on leading Bermuda he is doing a good job having walked into a terrible situation.

  2. Terry says:

    The first photo of Premier Dunkley would make a great caption contest.

    ‘Listen Mike. You told us keep it low key with regards to the PLP (People Loving Planes). We did.
    Now wipe that smirk off your face or your going back to GITMO; our last stop’

    I need a rum.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    Too bad we couldn’t see the whole plane.. :-(

  4. We Are Not Amused! says:

    brown shoes and blue suits!..LMAO!

  5. Coffee says:

    @ Why …. I agree , it all started in 1998 with Dame Jennifer Smith , when it will stop is anyone’s guess . We need to ask the UBP / OBA supporters why they started such a silly observation .
    Also, what is now normal is the attacking of the premiers sidekick or Mini Me , all started by and perpetrated by the propaganda machine of the UBP/OBA .
    Are they ashamed ..? No ! Do they now want to control the dialogue ? Yes!

  6. Hello says:

    I suspect The sidekick and junior minister is a trained bodyguard. Save money on having an entourage.
    Plus, if he was the junior minister in another ministry I would understand people’s comments, but it’s the same ministry.