Photo Slideshow: Surfers At Windsor Beach

December 10, 2014

The cooling temperatures didn’t keep surfers from heading to Windsor Beach yesterday [Dec 9], with people making their way to the beach in order to enjoy the extra waves the windy weather has created. As of this morning [Dec 10], the Bermuda Weather Service has a Small Craft Warning in effect, and a Thunderstorm Advisory valid through the day.

The slideshow below contains over 30 photos of yesterday’s surfing action

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    A little known sport in Bermuda but one that has been around since the 60s. There has always been a dedicated few from one generation to the next carrying it on.

    • Mr.Ed says:

      I still remember Alex Outterbridge back in the early to mid 1970′s. – he also surfed in Hawaii.

  2. Terry says:

    Too bad it’s in Tuckers Town.
    Might be nice for the public to enjoy.

    • Raw Connoisseur says:

      They swell doesn’t come all the time & when it does due to storms in ocean its not very big because of the reef line around the island. Its ah few spots where the swell is active.

    • PBanks says:

      I’m glad you mentioned that, because I had never even heard of Windsor Beach until today. *shrug*

  3. Terry says:

    Used to go there in 50′s and sixties. Build a fire from driftwood, have a few beers et al. Clean up our mess and never bothered a few residents back then.
    Very few went there but it was scenic and peaceful.

  4. dee says:

    windsor beach please who knows where that is

  5. mixitup says:

    Yesss!! Windsor Beach! where my great great great Granmother USE to live…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Uh, no…back that far oceanfront land like that would be considered worthless. Unfarmable & subject to the full force of storms, never mind as far away from a decent road as can be nobody would want to live out there.

      Even towards the other end of the Island development on the S Shore is recent.

      Back to surfing, Windsor Beach aka Surf Bay, is one of very few places where there sometimes is a usable break.

      • @ Triangle Drifter: It’s true, what there was once is nothing as is today along “Billionaires Row”, (all properties beyond the security gate) There had been, (if any) very little arable lands and there surly hadn’t been Bermudians flocking to the area to surf so in reality, it was worth pennies…As mentioned, it was quite a distance from others so it was with much of the other properties in the Tuckers Town converted into golf courses and hotels all providing jobs a cash in the pockets of many families that otherwise would have been say, “property rich but dollar poor” :-(

  6. C A Rat says:

    Windsor Beach is only accessible by Mid Ocean Club members. The guards will prevent access if you try. I’m not sure if this is legal?

    • Regina says:

      Its a private road. Residents only. Where is the confusion? Buy a house out there if you want to surf there. Otherwise, surf at the many other beaches we have. Dun.

  7. Sportsman says:

    Is Windsor Beach open to the public? The last time I went down there a security guard at the gate by the small beach did not let me go further.

    • PBanks says:

      That’s pretty sad if so. The public should have access, especially if it’s as scenic as Terry suggests.

  8. Blueman says:

    I take it none of you can surf!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Not anymore. Still have a board. It has been collecting dust for many years.

  9. blue bird boxes says:

    Beautiful. The surf mindset has so much appeal. When the waves are there you drop everything and go to them. I respect that. As someone who tries to look at things from the perspective of others I do wonder if a group of, say 6 young black men would have felt entitled/confident in access onto Windsor Beach (Tucker’s Town). Race really does effect so much and it isn’t my pointing it out that makes it so. Rather than be mad at this comment why not be mad at the white community in times past who left so much of a mess to face now.

  10. Umm ummm says:

    new tourism oppty…surfing is great for people of all ages and abilities..people even surf in the center of Muncih Germany..year round-in the waves of a river.
    don’t have sour grapes if the beach is behind a gated road….these surfers don’t own property there