Photos: “Pirates” Make People Walk The Plank

March 1, 2015

[Updated with video] The Pirates of Bermuda took a number of people “hostage” today [March 1], however the hostage taking was all in the name of a good cause, with the hostages either saved by the paying of charitable ransom, or people could also donate to see them walk the plank, with donations for both goals going to support the Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s Spirit of Bermuda youth sailing programme.


Organised by the Bermuda Sloop Foundation as its largest fundraiser of the year, the event features a charitable goal of $200,000; the 2014 iteration of the event raised more than $150,000, while the 2013 event raised more than $100,000.

According to the event website, the hostages this year included Alan Brooks, Alison Hill, Alan Burland, Amy Adderley, Andrew Mackay, Arthur Wightman, Ashley & Chris Estwanik, Tom Miller, Curtis Dickinson, Dr. Michael Weitekamp, Dr. Tim Jackson, Ed Faries, Fred Swan, Gail Miller, Georgia Marshall, Greg Wojciechowski, Linda Parker, Jada Davis & Zanaeyah Pratt, James Mitchell, Jay Riihiluoma, Jeff Manson, Jevon Roberts, Jodi Lewis, John Buckley, Kitty Knudsen, Kanhai Woolridge, Katrina Caines, Keevil Burgess, Keith Griffin, MP Kenneth Bascome, Kim Greene, Kip Herring, Bishop Nicholas Dill, George Cubbon, Lt. Col. Michael Foster-Brown, Lynanne Bolton, Mario Thompson, Neil Paynter, Neil Redburn, Norma Thomson, Oda Mallory, Richard Boyd, Diana Martin, Rian Lindo, Scott Watson-Brown, Minister Wayne Scott, Tripp West, Victoria Cunningham, Zoe Kempe, Daryl Walwyn, Lyndsay Forrest, Marco Dattilo, Leyli Walker, Kirsty Pollett Craig Davis, and Glenn Astwood.

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  1. Hmmm... says:

    I love these kinds of charity events-also the one where high profile people are ‘arrested’ and taken to the fake jail and can’t get out until someone ‘posts bail.’ It takes creativity to raise money for charity these days and these events just nail it.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    I’d like to say “AAAARRRRGH” but it must have been “BRRRRRRRRRR”.

    Well done all. Done for an excellent cause.

    • sandgrownan says:

      It was definitely bbrrrrrrrr….shrinkage!

  3. somuchless says:

    Boat load of fun.

  4. Franklin jr says:

    Great event and hopefully lots of money raised!

    Was it REALLY necessary for the PWC guys to wear branded shirts? Kudos for doing it, but that sorta took the cl out of class, no?

  5. Ladeej says:

    What a great event for a great cause. Support Bda Sloop Foundation Bermuda1

  6. Ladeej says:

    That should have been “Support Bda Sloop Foundation Bermuda!”