Live Video Stream & Updates: Hurricane Joaquin

October 5, 2015

[Updating] Bermuda is preparing for the impact of Hurricane Joaquin, which the Bermuda Weather Service said is a threat to Bermuda, and is expected to past by at its closest point on Sunday evening.

Update 3pm: Live video stream has cut out [we lost power!] and a replay is below

The Bermuda Weather Service has downgraded theHurricane Warning to a Tropical Storm Watch and said the storm’s closest point of approach to Bermuda has passed. We are updating below and will continue to over the storm and its aftermath, and will do our best to get information from official sources.


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  1. geebie says:

    Continued prayers for Bermuda!!! Be safe!!!

    • Just One says:

      That’s why we got hit twice last year, not enough prayers going up…

      • Jaxx says:

        Getting hit twice was a blessing in disguise. God was still with us. Fay helped us to get rid of a lot of debris that if we hadn’t have gotten rid of for the first storm, Gonzalo would have done way more damage. It also made more people take the second storm seriously as far as preparations go. Many prayed. Everything for a reason.

        • Family Man says:

          The church has just announced that all services are cancelled for tomorrow. An admission that prayer will not stand up to science.

          • Power of Prayer says:

            Bermuda has many churches. Some have chosen to cancel for various reasons. Some need to finish preparations or help those in need. Some are in session as normal. Cornerstone is one I know of that will be open at 10am Ruth Seaton. Either way I’m sure whether churches are open or closed all persons with faith in God and maybe even those who are not too sure about God will be praying to God for our island’s protection.

            • yup says:

              That’s another problem with Bermuda. The only time a lot of Bermudians actually pray and call on God is when there’s a hurricane. Everyone becomes a believer and when its all over half don’t even say a prayer of gratitude. Smh

          • Yamon says:

            Love it lol

        • fortune says:

          eh? there is no god, this is nature. not fairy tales.

    • Roselillac' says:

      I hope we are very safe during the storm thanks for the prayers and I hope god looks over us during the storm !☔

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      All quiet now and no major damage!! Life goes on!!

  2. oioi says:

    What about flights tomorrow???????

    • Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

      HUH ?? Bernews is Good,but even they cannot read the future!!

      • 100 miles and closer by the hours says:

        Oioi is correct however the OBA Government always waits until the last minute to close down the airport. Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 70 miles from the center and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 205 miles. What more do they need to shut it down!

        • Terry says:

          Your an a–.
          Government don’t run airlines nor sheduals (sp).

          Dumb and dumber……………………

          • RBYC member says:

            The Bermuda Government don’t control the airlines but they sure control the airport and safety with respect to responsibility. They can shut down the airport and Island at anytime as a result of the impending Category 4 hurricane. You must be the idiot who signed the new airport contract redevelopment agreement between OBA and the Canadian Commercial Corporation?

          • Meh says:

            Total idiot. The airport will close when the winds are at a certain velocity and from a certain direction. Right now the winds are at 110 degrees at 17knts. BA will land soon and return to London.

          • Philip says:

            Sounds like a lazy airport worker looking time off

          • MAKE MY DAY says:

            All quiet now and no major damage!! Life goes on!!

      • Oioi says:

        You mean predict the future u muppet

        • Come Correct says:

          Don’t dare question the hypocritical grammar nazi.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You might want to contact your airline or um, ahhhh, look online.

  3. St. D says:

    When big things are happening, you are always there with the latest. :)

  4. WOW says:

    Special Advisory products have been issued by NHC.

    Recon plane just entered eye and measured surface winds at 155mph!!
    Pressure has rapidly dropped to 933mb. No change in track until 6pm advisory. Hurricane winds now expanded from 50 to 70 miles out from center. TS winds still 205 miles out.

    LOCATION…26.0N 71.6W

  5. Steve Case says:

    At noon (EDT) winds were up to 155mph and the pressure has dropped to 133MB. New report due any minute from NOAA. Stay safe Bermuda!

  6. Terry says:

    Bags of Pop Corn?

  7. Coffee says:

    We may get hit , but because there isn’t many avocado trees with pears , I’ll be going for a nap .

  8. Be safe everyone. Take care of yourselves and each other. Thank you, Bernews for updates. No information source on the West Coast.

  9. raskarr says:

    Yeah… This thing is striking us…

  10. raskarr says:

    Summary for Joaquin:
    This is not to be overlooked. Hurricane Joaquin will produce 40-50 mph winds with gusts extending to hurricane-force in some areas. Good luck and stay safe

  11. boston baked bean says:

    Thanks Bernews — you guys are AWESOME !

  12. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    Watching and praying from afar. It’s such a blessing
    to have keeping those of us away from home
    informed. Be safe families.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Ah I ll be home and get pay he he he

  14. Irrelevant says:

    LOL @ Hanbury and BTA feeling the need to comment.

  15. raskarr says:

    Like if you still have power

  16. blowmyfish says:

    Why have the PLP not made any comments yet about jokwin? It’s not like they caused this hurricane!

  17. skytrain says:

    Power out. Industrial Park Road / Middle Road

  18. mj says:

    anyone travelling to or from west end please avoid the st. annes church area, sparks flyig and traffic is detouring to middle road, south shore has heavy wind and dangerous wires… be safe.. middle road safer just came through there although winds are definitely picking up quickly.

  19. Pfr says:

    PFRWELLNESS (at dr Wongs office) will be closed MONDAY
    We will reopen Tuesday at 8:30

  20. Bozey says:

    Thanks Bernews!! Great updates!! Is there any info on any of the retail stores??

  21. Liz Titterton says:

    Can we all give a HUGE SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU to BELCO CREW AND STAFF MANNING THE PHONES, we lost power at around and at 5.35 it is back on, for now at least. For that I am very grateful!!! I would also like to thank the lovely young man I spoke to at BELCO when I reported it – am sure he must have had numerous calls to cope with, but he took the time to check my area and confirm a line had come down and was being worked on. Now that is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  22. Liz Titterton says:

    Thank YOU BELCO for your AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE, not only to the crews out there working (amazing!) but the lovely young man and lady answering phones and giving us timely updates!
    This is what CUSTOMER SERVICE really means! Whilst my power may well go again, I feel confident it will be restored in a timely fashion.

    • Payattention says:

      I echo your sentiments! So many times we complain about being without power, wondering why Belco hasn’t rectified the problem. Mean while belco workers are out before, during, and after the storms, away from
      their own families and possibly risking injury to provide optimum service. Many many many thanks belco to you and your employees!!!! I have been without power twice during this storm and both times power was restored quickly.

  23. Kim says:

    Thank goodness everyone there is safe. I can see much work needs to be fixed. Many of us view the Bermuda web cam at the dockyard. We can see it’s windy & the water is choppy. Any chance you can fix the web cam it’s sideways. I know it’s the less important thing to do now, but when you get to it that would be great. Thanks

  24. Bermudagirl says:

    Thank you, Bernews, for your thorough coverage of this storm! Be safe, everyone, and be sure to check an elderly or ill neighbour who might not have been able to shop for food or who may otherwise need you.

  25. Auntie Zuzu Bouche says:

    HUGE shout out to all workers who are helping to clear roads, restore electricity, telephone services and make us Bermudaful again! Auntie Zuzu Bouche thanks you.

  26. Govt Schools says:

    When will the announcement go out as far as Govt. schools opening or remaining CLOSED for Tuesday (Parents need to make arrangements if it should be closed), so I am really hoping it will be announced soon!

  27. Presently my wife and I are off Island yet we’ve been keeping a close eye on this latest hurricane…We are pleasantly surprised in seeing that it passed by causing limited damages…
    Thanks are extended to everyone that did and continue doing what must be done to restore the Island to its pristine shape.