Man Arrested After Altercation On Front Street

July 6, 2016

One man was taken to hospital and another man was arrested following an altercation on Front Street this evening, with the police saying a group had gathered to celebrate an “international football match” and the ”altercation took place with multiple individuals.”

A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of a disturbance that took place outside of Docksiders Bar and Restaurant on Front Street in the City of Hamilton a few minutes before 7:10pm.

“It appears that a large group of individuals were congregated at the establishment to celebrate a recently concluded televised international football match.

“At some point an altercation took place with multiple individuals, this resulted in a male being taken to the hospital with head injuries.

“A man was arrested and is now in police custody and police are presently on scene monitoring the situation that now is under control.”

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  1. Reed says:

    A large crowd was celebrating ..3 individuals decided to ruin it for everyone that were peaceful and having a great time..

    • Whistling Frog says:

      These bars should be hit where it hurts when their customers get out of hand and unruly. The rails need to go back up to protect the general public using that section of sidewalk..

      • bee says:

        typical — blame someone else. How about these jerks take some responsibility for their own actions! Nobody poured the drinks down their throats!

        • Wonderful says:

          I agree. Stop blaming the bars. These are grown men fighting. There are always a few that intentionally try to provoke others like we saw years ago when someone set fire to the flag of an oppossing country That would be death in some parts of tge world.
          There are some that shouldnt drink and become animals when they have had too much.
          And there are some that have hatred running thru them.

          Regardless, they are all 18+ and responsible for their own actions….not the bar, the venue or home of the person where an incident takes place.

      • duh says:

        when the rails were up there were still fights, and still people out on the side walk. also- i dont see why it has to be the “bars” fault that people just dont know how to enjoy a good festive night without having to get violent.

        • sage says:

          Ganja cafe’s don’t even need to hire bouncers.

      • Bermy123 says:

        Lol you must be an old fuddy duddy

  2. Glenda R. says:

    Celebrate peacefully folks!

    • Joonya says:

      You mean like they do at local football/cricket matches…?

  3. Why says:

    Regretfully some people should not drink. There’s always one in the crowd that ruins it for the rest! People should be celebrating. Not fighting. Smh.

  4. Did we really win? says:

    I was there the behavior was unbelievable. Multiple fights with around 100 people. I was amazed at the restraint shown by officers and I wonder if the same restraint would have been shown if the fight was on Court Street. There where’ multiple fights for a sustained period of time in front of around 20 police officers.

    I watching with my mouth open like these guys were for scrapping, hard now keep in mind this was on Front Street on Harbor Nigjht and only one person arrested even though these guys were fighting in front of officers.

    This was on Front Street so there must be CCTV I wonder if police will investigate further.

    Hmmm by the way I am a embarrassed Portuguese Bermudian female .

    • Datbiewhowasder says:

      You clearly are deluded and were not watching the altercation that was happening. There were a couple miscreants who tried to disrupt a good time. Otherwise it was a few upset people making their feelings known about the nonsense that happened, and not in an aggresive manner. Dont try to make it seem like it was worse than it was. Obviously anybody would be upset that some space cadets are ruining a good time. At no point were there 20 officers on scene and with “100 people” fighting. The officers did their job, took away the offender and kept the peace, well done to them. The majority of fans were there having a great time and enjoying themselves in a responsible manner. Well done to them too. Lets keep enjoying ourselves in the best way we know how and not let a few fools ruin a good time.

    • Jess says:

      The fighting had actually stopped before the police officers arrived.

      • innna says:

        the kid was still laying uncouncious on the ground when the police got there u bud

    • Gabriel says:

      Yep… and that’s why I don’t go there. Note this is not the first time a fight has broken out there and I’m sure it’s not going to be the last. I wonder how they manage to keep their license.

    • Lenny A says:

      “Front Street during harbor nights”

      Except The Docksider isn’t close enough for Visitors at Harbor Nights to notice.

    • wahoo says:

      You should be embarrassed for writing the above.

  5. Point boy says:


  6. Wyatt says:

    Since Docksiders has extended its sidewalk operations, it has been an absolute mess there every time a big football game is on. How on earth are they allowed to take over the public part of the sidewalk is beyond me. The other week they were playing beer pong on the sidewalk…not their property but the public sidewalk.

    • Gray Matter says:

      I too disappointed they were allowed to have 60 ft of parking space along the road which was very much needed for going to the grocery store. What mess there tonight.

      • Datbiewhowasder says:

        There is an entire parking lot across the street for shoppers to use…. trying to expand a bar that is more or less a landmark in bermuda should not be seen as a negative thing. Bermuda is trying to grow, not be stiffled.

      • Rich says:

        While I don’t condone the actions of the few, god forbid that that every 2-4 years, during a 3 hour stretch on a handful of days out of the 365 that are available in a year, a stretch of sidewalk is set aside for the enjoyment of football fans.

        • innna says:

          honestly god forbid people have fun…. humbug

    • duh says:

      rails or no rails…….the celebration on the side walk has been going on for years. so it HASENT been since Docksiders has extended its sidewalk operations.

      • Pablo says:

        It’s gotten worse since the sidewalk operations have expanded. Duh.

  7. Hotgog says:


  8. Hair says:

    People know how to spoil a game, maybe they should show Family Feud on the TV, instead of the football…… ouchless

  9. Coffee says:

    Hooligans !

  10. Kangoocar says:

    More idjits ruining Bermuda one day at a time!! Congratulations!!! The height of our tourist season and we have these buffoons carrying on like they are animals? Dispicable!!!!

    • Slaps says:

      Were you complaining when those idiots were protesting at parliament back in April? Not condoning the behavior, don’t be hypocritical about “ohh the tourism industry”. That game yesterday did not get the same “Do not travel to Bermuda this week” warnings in the States.


  11. betty says:

    Hot headed drunks not surprised

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    An argument then a punch up over a football game. Makes perfect sense.

  13. Ann says:

    Sorry Reed. Not 3 more like 23. I witnessed this incident. My daughter and I had just left supermart. We were terrified as bottles were flying and saw someone being hit with a crash helmet. The fight spilled on to the road and also on to the other side of road where we were parked. We had to à

  14. Point boy says:

    Must of been a Bale or a Welsh fan.

    Everyone else knows Docksiders is a base for Big PORTUGAL games.

    • Logic76 says:

      The Welsh in Bermuda have too much class for that, as shown by their rugby following.

    • format says:

      It wasn’t. It was just Portuguese fighting amongst themselves.

  15. Ann says:

    Witnessed this incident as I left Supermart. More than 3 people involved. At least 10 fighting.bottles flying. My daughter and I were terrified as we ran across the road where our car was parked as the fight spilled on to the road. Why so many people allowed to congregate outside

  16. Speakers for itself. says:

    Well as always everybody has their two cents to put in not knowing the facts. This feud has been going on for several weeks and has nothing todo with the football game, I’m sure in due time justice will prevail. Docksider actually had a great crowed with nothing but a posative attitude I’m sure they will make sure the individuals involved are banned from their establishment. I was there and it was a revenge attack with the victim being blindsided by another. Good job it was all cought on camera so there will be no need for witnesses. Live by the sward die by it.

    • What!!! says:

      Congratulations to Portugal! Since it had nothing to do the with game, the attacker and (victim) should have taken the argument elsewhere instead of putting fans and innocent bystanders life’s in danger!!!

    • Lenny A says:

      The Docksider doesn’t ban people

  17. Watching says:

    Congrats on the win…to bad it ended this way.

  18. bluebird says:

    Where is the “BLACK MIRIA” the big black van that you heard all the fighters in and then take them to court on “MONDAY”
    I bet they will have all sobered up by then. 5 nights in the clink they wont do it again, I bet you.

  19. Smitty says:

    Reed you need to get security. I was with my daughter and she witnessed this fight. Glasses and bottles should not be allowed out of your door. I am sure that is not legal. Innocent people could jave been hurt. I hope you have security on Sunday.Praying for Bermuda.

  20. Smitty says:

    Reed you need to get security. I was with my daughter and she witnessed this fight. Glasses and bottles should not be allowed out of your door. I am sure that is not legal. Innocent people could jave been hurt. I hope you have security on Sunday.Praying for Bermuda. All this violence needs to stop.

  21. takbir Sharrieff says:

    All over the world people have been fighting,over football games,cricket games,baseball games.Every game you can imagine has its fans…..short word for Fanatics.Emotions are involved and spirits are charged,liquor ,drugs or not.The Police are only human.,not miracle workers.As an ex policeman ,I applaud the Police Officers for their patience and perseverance.Proud of Our Bermuda Police Force.They are special People.Peace.

    • Point boy says:

      I’m guessing you weren’t an investigating officer. Hmmmm

  22. just wondering says:

    how is this legal?
    Section 10 of the Summary Offences Act
    Drinking in public street or on verandah
    10 Any person who—
    (a) in any public street, highway or thoroughfare …….drinks any intoxicating liquor, commits an offence against this Act.

    • sage says:

      Pffft, that law has been thrown out the window, in fact every function, including childrens’ and family events, serve liquor which is consumed in public and society seems to promote the idea that you can’t have a successful event or have any fun unless you can drink. Government just passed relaxed drinking in public laws further for the AC. Only “bums” are not allowed. The Annual Beer Mile a race where people are encouraged to drink beer and run a race. CADA? Is this “responsible alcohol behavior” if there is such a thing? SMH.

  23. Truth is killin' me... says:

    You think that was big…wait till Sunday and the final!!!

  24. Joe says:

    if they are on work permits should be deported

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