Eight International Sailing Events Set For 2018

November 2, 2017

Two entirely new sailing events headline the 2018 Bermuda Sailing Calendar, released today by the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“Oyster Regatta Bermuda and Atlantic Anniversary Regatta – scheduled for May and July respectively – were inspired to add Bermuda legs as a result of the 35th America’s Cup,” the BTA said.

“Meantime, the Bermuda International Invitational Race Week makes a return next year after a two-year absence. This will be the 88th time the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club hosts a spring invitational for keelboats.

“The Newport Bermuda Race will return for the 51st time, often considered the pinnacle of the sailing season when it arrives in Bermuda on even numbered years.

“Building on the legacy of Bermuda’s sailing heritage and her acclaimed hosting of the 35th America’s Cup, the 2018 Bermuda Sailing Calendar is turning out to be very exciting, a thrill for any sailing enthusiast,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Product and Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn.

The BTA added, “Thus far, eight international events are on the calendar, capturing the imagination of the world of sailing — including the Moth World Championships — and ongoing talks continue, potentially adding more events for 2018 and 2019.”

The 2018 Sailing Tourism Calendar follows below [PDF here]:

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Comments (9)

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  1. De Truth says:

    Are U sure we will have these sailing events??? The Regressive Labour Party are trying all and anything to overturn all that the OBA did, like what Trump is doing with all that Obama did. Sailing is not the interests of the PLP aka RLP!!!

    • Rada Gast says:

      The OBA had nothing to do with Newport Bermuda race, or International Race week – both of these happened repeatedly throughout the PLP’s previous time in office.

  2. sandgrownan says:

    Where is Jamahl..be interesting to hear his views on this? The only things that bring significant visitors to Bermuda on a year-on-year basis are sailing and rugby.

    • jammel says:

      We have just set up a Mickey Mouse committee and they are tasked to work on giving the new government good excuses why not to attract tourists. They (Mickey and Goofey) will have the report to his awesomeness by about 2025. Now remember we love you voters! Without you we would not be here or there or anywhere.

  3. Rocky5 says:

    Don’t worry, they’ll be a lot less Sailing events in Bermuda each year under “gonna chase den crazy bald heads outta town PLP”!!

  4. Jussayin says:

    But they say America’s was a waste of money…smh long term investment to afford the things that we couldn’t before. What makes me laugh is that the government goes over budget by 57 million dollars on building a school and some how my ppl of Bermuda think that that’s Ok? At least the 77 million was pumped into our economy and for the future what was the additional 57 million for? At least the OBA is able to balance their books and provide realistic deadline/budgets for their projects. We need to educate ppl on saving money and spending wisely before we see even more homeless ppl which I see in the near future.

  5. The real Terry says:

    Alvin, thought you said this would never happen LOL

  6. Ignaorance says:

    Oh no, not wealthy tourists coming to spend at these “Mickey Mouse” Events! Oh no!

  7. Overboardhope says:

    The Newport to Bermuda race and International Race events happened long before the PLP.