Bermuda Athletes Win More Medals In NC

July 23, 2018

Bermudians continue to compete at the 2018 Russell E. Blunt East Coast Invitational at the Durham County Memorial Stadium in Durham, North Carolina, with the island’s young athletes racking up the medal wins.

The first Gold Medal come during the 9-10 Girls 1500 Meter Run with Jaeda Grant clocking a Personal Best time of 5:38.59. Kahzi Sealey won the 13-14 Boys 1500 Meter Gold Medal with a time of 4:41.46.

During the 15-16 Boys 1500 Meter Run, Ryan Outerbridge finished 3rd stopping the clock in a Bronze Medal time of 4:26.70.

Bermuda would capture Gold and Silver in the 17-18 Men’s 1500 Meter Run. Johndell Cumberbatch clocked a Gold Medal time of 4:15.27, while Sajan Harvey was second 4:18.88, while Malik Joell finished 6th clocking 4:33.80.

During the 9-10 Girls 100 Meter Dash Preliminaries, Arimah Turner clocked the third fastest time of 14.36, LaShee Jones finished 7th clocking 14.67, with Karis Brooks finishing 9th with a time of 14.93.

Daylen Scott clocked the fastest 9-10 Boys 100 Meter Dash Preliminaries time of 13.82, Kruz Iris finished 12th clocking 14.79, while Isael Smith finished with the third fastest time in the 11-12 Boys 100 Meter Dash Preliminaries with a time of 13.09.

Chayse Tanner advanced to the 13-14 Boys 100 Meter Dash Final after clocking the third fastest qualifying time of 11.54, Anaya West finished 16th clocking a time of 12.53. In the 15-16 Girls 100 Meter Dash Keturah Bulford-Trott finished 10th with a time of 12.75 and Noaah Powell finished 48th with a time of 14.98.

In the 17-18 Women 100 Meter Dash Brijette Basden finished 23rd with a time of 13.06, Destini Hill-Edwards finished 27th with a time of 13.10, Stephan Dill finished 11th in the 17-18 Men 100 Meter Dash clocking 11.08, while Mikal Dill finished 46th clocking 12.37.

During the 9-10 Girls 400 Meter Dash Ellise Dickinson finished 2nd with a time of 1:08.03, Jaeda Grant was 6th in a time of 1:11.90. Jaelyn Grant clocked a time of 1:00.84 that saw him finish 6th in the 11-12 Boys 400 Meter Dash.

During the 13-14 Girls 400 Meter Dash Sanaa Rae Morris finished 3rd clocking 59.15, Jezhari Talbot finished 6th with a time of 1:01.90. Sancho Smith finished 5th in the 13-14 Boys 400 Meter Dash clocking 56.61.

Taylor Hines was clocked at 59.93 finishing 3rd in the 15-16 Girls 400 Meter Dash, while Clevonte Lodge won the 15-16 Boy’s 400 Meter Dash clocking 50.21.

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