Results: Harness Pony Racing Week 2

October 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Harness Pony Racing Season moved into their second week of racing at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

Race One in the 1:03&4 & Faster Time Bar Class, Double Time with Dylan DeSilva in the bike clocked a winning time of 1:05&2, Google Me and Candyce Martins was second clocking 1:05&3 and Kayla Caldwell in the bike of Itsallaboutme finished third clocking 1:6&1.

Race two on the night saw Damien Tucker take Captain Chaos around the track to a winning time of 1:11&1 in the 1:08&1 – 1:11&3 Time Bar Class, Tahzii Flood was second in the bike of Rock On clocking 1:11&4 and rookie drive Nisante Lambe in the bike of Kool the Fire finished third in 1:14&2.

Philip Correia had a good start in race three the 1:03&4 & Faster Time Bar Class in the bike of Reel Patrol, they clocked a winning time of 1:05 flat, Gold-N-Glory with Christian Truran in the bike was second with a time of 1:05&3 and Candyce Martins in the bike of Inwood’s Realist was third in a time of 1:10&1.

Making his first appearance on the track in Bermuda after his championship performances in Canada, Kiwon Waldron in the bike of A Touch of Red raced to victory only by a nose clocking a time of 1:09&2 in the 1:05&2 – 1:06&2 Time Bar Class, Shady Maple with Maurice Raynor in the bike was second with the same time and finishing third was Kelsey Durham in the bike of Rockeyed Optimist.

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