Regiment Staff Donate $1,000 To Charity

December 9, 2010

Today [Dec 9] The Bermuda Regiment Full Time Staff presented a cheque for $1000.00 to The Coalition For The Protection Of Children as their Annual Christmas Community Project.

On hand to collect on behalf of The Coalition was representative Shayla Duncan. Pictured left to right are Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gonzalves, Colour Sergeant Kenyon Woods, Shayla Duncan and Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 Gavin Lee.


[Photo courtesy of The Bermuda Regiment Public Relations Office]

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  1. bermyguy says:

    Well Done

  2. BABAD- Bermudian Against BAD says:

    Good look..
    I didn’t see anyone from BAD helping clean Bermuda up after the last hurricane now I’m looking for what donation they make over the holiday season.
    One of the problems with our country is too many people feel self is bigger than community…
    Top of the season to ALL like the Regiment who put the needs of others before their own WANTS

    • jah says:

      First of, what anyone including the regiment does to give back to the community is commendable. However, when people with a lack of a knowledge such as yourself ridicule people who actually take stands that mean something without knowing what they have given back to the community it shows how ignorance is still prevailing in Bermuda.

      The Marshall brothers have given back plenty to their country. They have raised money for cancers victims as well as families in need. As far as I know another BAd member has mentored and even received awards for his community service in the United States as well as Bermuda.

      One more thing, I know of one particular member who gave over $5000 to community projects over a 3 year period. Again, I commend the regiment for what this contribution but educate yourself before you come on here with your ignorant and pointless commentary regarding people that oppose modern day slavery which isn’t the regiment but the process by which people serve which is conscription.

      • Peace and Love says:

        @ “Jah” couldn’t have said it any better myself!!!

  3. JT says:

    I commend the men in green who donated so that kids can also have during this festive holiday season.

    I oppose conscription and think that Bermuda would be far better served with a small full time element.

    I do however think that we demean the horrors of slavery by comparing what the men that get called go through to what happened in the old days.

    • jah says:

      JT – please understand that were different forms of slavery in different parts of the world. Please tell me how the definition below differs from conscripts in the Bermuda Regiment. I don’t want a debate as I don’t want to deflect attention from the good deed that took place here but please don’t undermine the obvious connection.

      World English Dictionary
      slavery (ˈsleɪvərɪ)

      — n
      1. the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
      2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work
      3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit
      4. work done in harsh conditions for low pay

  4. BABAD- Bermudian Against BAD says:

    Thank You Jah for the clarification.
    Now allow me to be a little clearer.
    There are good people and bad people in every organization. I’m not taking a shot at the Marshalls or any individual BAD member. My words are directed at the organization.
    I’m sure I could run down the list of Regiment individual who have done their part also beyond that of the Regiment as an Organization.
    Again.. Thank You for sharing that information about the Marshalls


  5. Future. says:

    In reference to Jah- your definition of slavery
    1. the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune.

    In the Bermuda Regiment there is no one person who is in total absolute power over another person this is why you have rank structure within the army it is no different from a normal work place all ranks have a job to do to achieve the goal at hand.

    2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work

    when your boss tells you to do something you do it correct? your not being forced your doing it because your getting payed to do it.

    3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit

    Influence can differ with ones state of mind and yes there is harsh language used at times no different from civilian life.

    4. work done in harsh conditions for low pay

    what harsh conditions? you get 3 meals a day sleep in a bed every night (unless on a overseas course).A private makes $132.74 a day thats $931.72 a week ($48,449.37 a year if employed full time) and unless you are employed full time there are no deductions from this pay. way above the minimum wage in Bermuda.

    Yes the Regiment has its pros and cons like any other organization but it does more good than bad. Bermudians preach about human right and slavery when it comes to the regiment for various reasons. Not to say that people who get called up haven’t done anything for there community some do or have. For the vast majority of the young men who get called up haven’t done anything for there country or community. so with the regiment in place its the last chance for the individual to give back to the community at the same time disciplining ones self. There have been far more success stories of people who have left the Regiment a better man/woman. yes some do leave with a sour taste largely due to ignorance and immaturity. Others may have a legitimate reason why they feel the way they feel again its not a perfect world you cant please everyone. With the country the way it is now do you really want to get rid of a organization that helps to guide the youth of today and tomorrow onto a better path? What else is there?

    • jah says:

      Future you are either intellectually dishonest or plain old ignorant. Slaves received meal as well as room and board. Slaves were also the most productive citizens in society as they invented nearly everything we benefit from today. Also, slavery saved black people from themselves as they were not out killing one another although you have the occasional house “n”. So should be return to slavery for those benefits?

      Next, you mention the pay and so on. Your missing the point do to lack of intellect or again plain old ignorance. People at any other job can leave to go and find another one if they are unhappy with their job situation. No intelligent. Person has or can justify conscription and until the Bermuda Regiment gets rid of it it will continue to be a joke of an organization that has no standards.

      Just think, you actually have to pass exams and psychological test to join the prisons, customs, and/or police. The regiment takes anyone. Slavery is forcing people to do things against their will. If you can’t admit that’s wrong I guess you are a slave master or beneficiary.

      The Bermuda Regiment has been more harmful to many than people it has helped because of conscription. But of course you won’t hear of these stories as they get swept under the carpet. However, when it comes time for praise they are all in your face. Speak to the many the have been molested and lost jobs because of the Bermuda Regiment or those who have missed time raising their children because of the selfish policy.

      There is a big difference between community service and forced labor. Until you educate yourself enough to know the difference I guess Bermuda will remain hopeless if people like you are in charge.

      • future says:

        It is obviouse to me now that you know nothing about the Regiment the structure nor selection process. Hundreds of people are turned down after the random selection has been caried out because of variouse reasons psycological included. This topic of “slavery” being related to “Conscription” is way out of line and has no relevance. Why do you think that B.A.D wont win there case? They have no case. At the end of the day Conscription isnt going away anytime soon so get over it. Bermuda needs the Regiment plain and simple. They have done serveys and the facts speak for themselves more Bermudians are for conscription than againsed. Do your research sir. I know for a fact that in the Bermuda Fire Service the new recruits that were just selected out of thirteen, 6 of them have searved in the Bermuda Regiment so it obviously done some good now didnt it.

        • jah says:

          Okay future so its official your illiterate. If you think surveys represent whether something is good or bad you really need not do research but educate yourself. The thing is I know about the regiment and conscription but you have been brainwashed with that weak little mind of yours.

          I’d advise you to go be someones housewife with the brain service you seem to offer based on your opinions. You obviously are psychologically troubled not to see the similarities with slavery.

          Read on brother read on….don’t believe everything you are told or see

          • Future. says:

            I served in the Bermuda Regiment for more that 5 years i speak facts. No need to speculate on my part. I have seen the results and have benefited from the service in more ways than one. By no means was i subjected to anything related to slavery. on another note no need to get personal with the way your attacking the issue. You asked for a explanation on how the Regiment relates to slavery. I gave you my opinion and a look at it from a non negative mindset. there are pros and cons but to relate it to slavery is like using the “Race card” right before a political election. I hope you are a member of BAD because i believe you will stand strong on the issue of getting rid on conscription and everyone has the right to voice there opinion. Yet relating it to Slavery will get you nowhere Jah. No judge or jury will rule on your behalf if you base your argument on that.

      • wondering says:

        Gentlemen or Ladies, whomever you may be behind your pen names,

        Let us not both talk about speculation……1. the Regiment can’t be perfect just as much as any other representative organizations in this country will be and 2. surely those “molested” one day will end the charade the clouds the “evidence” that and come forth and expose the sinister b@stard$ at the army that someone ELSE always claims to be true but never the victim who I am sure has already endured the ultimate pain if allegations are true.

        All too often we ONLY highlight the negative and ONLY the negative……………………………we are all crabs in the bucket and we hold the bucket (the BIG Crab) at the same time.

  6. wondering says:

    for all of the points raised, the attacks show the motive……hatred which is detrimental to all – for and against the REGIMENT.

    it turned from a debate to insults…..illiterate was mentioned and both are grammatically incorrect! slow down brothers/sisters and just allow for good cheer to prevail.


    children are starving and we still overshadow it by the conscription battle.

    even in war enemies have stopped killing each other for Christmas and thanksgiving………go figure

    infantile & narrowminded…..all words used by ppl to describe Bermudians…..hmmmmmmmmm

    • inside man says:

      There is a thing called multitasking. We can end the abuse of our people and help the children at the same time.

  7. inside man says:

    The Bermuda Regiment is slavery. End of story. Anyone who defends it has tunnel vision, we no longer live in a world that requires it. As a man from Bermuda, I am embarassed that the Regiment still exists.

    I got called up, did some time and then stopped going. I used my university education to outsmart them and now they can’t touch me.

    • Um Juss Sayin says:

      U silly, silly person- don’t you know there is really no such thing as true anonymity!!! Dumbness is no excuse!! SMH!

      • jah says:

        Your an idiot….Inside Man this guy is so far gone that he doesn’t understand that there were various kinds of slavery…not all black people were killed during slavery and there is slavery that still exist today in countries across the world. Just because it may not be black slaves in the west does not mean it isn’t happening.

        Like Inside Man said, if you are denying the obvious connection with slavery then you have tunnel vision. You can’t think clearly or honestly its as simple as that.

  8. Um Juss Sayin says:

    I do believe the point being made was: let us not compare what goes on at the Bermuda Regiment with that of actual, actual slavery- Slavery that deprived Blacks of their personal liberties and life. Slavery that caused several to be killed on slave ships after being bought like livestock. Slavery that inherently, and by design, destroyed legacies.

    That’s the problem with our society today- to many radical approaches to the wrong issues. Let’s speak of Bermudians not being able to find suitable employment and march on Parliament about that. Let’s discuss and have an open forum on how the Regiment might, might just be the solution to these wayward jacka$$es going around shooting each other. A little discipline and structure never hurt anyone, never. Spare the rod, spoil the child- and we are seeing the results of sparing today.

    Molestation etc. is a serious allegation, one that I realise the victim will have a hard time reporting and reliving. The shame forced on victims is inexcusable.
    If these claims are legitimate, I hope the perpetrators are exposed and dealt with swiftly and harshly. My issue was: the timing- the alleged victims remained silent until the BAD case was heading to the Privy Council. Timing created suspicion/doubt.

  9. Bermyman says:

    A very good debate I might add. I have served 3 years and 2 months in the regiment as a conscript. My observations as follows during my time:

    The Bermuda regiment is a culture of bullying and fear. This is how control is maintained.
    In boot camp you are not allowed to use the bathroom after lights out, if you do you are punished. This is a direct violation of human rights under the Geneva Convention.
    During my time there the only thing I really learnt was new uses of profanity.
    Yes while the Bermuda regiment is useful in a hurricane situation, but let me ask you this, how often do we have Hurricane’s? Once – Twice a year if that and how many meant to we need to train for 3years to deal with an in-frequent situation. It is effectively cheap labor, we could be using W and E and providing people jobs.

    We teach young men violence and how to handle weapons?? We are not in a state of war and never will be, so why?
    I have a duke of Edinburgh Gold award, I was in military school in the U.K. and I know how to use a map and survive in most conditions. Never once was I taught any sort of proficiency in the regiment. Anything contrary is a lie. The regiment is an institution of forced labor and control. The rest of the developed world has moved away from conscription years ago, while we in Bermuda are still in the dark ages.
    Saying the majority of the community support conscription is a weak argument. Conscription only really affects a small section of the community and wastes valuable time of many young men who are in their prime. It should be up to the young men to vote and decide on conscription. If the regiment is so enjoyable and embraced as they say it is, then surely they would have the majority of conscripts vote in its favor? I doubt it.

    Lastly, if there was a civil unrest (very unlikely) how many men do you think would turn up to fight their cousins and brothers for a cause they do not believe in???

    Turn the regiment into a professional force and leave people’s freedoms alone.