“Parkside Gun” Used in Numerous Shootings

March 24, 2011

During the Supreme Court murder trial of Antonio Myers yesterday [Mar.23], the Court heard allegations that the two guns used to kill Kumi Harford are “Parkside weapons,” and have been used in a number of shootings including at least four other murders.

30-year-old Kumi Harford was killed at around 5am on St. Monica’s Road on December 5th, 2009. Antonio Myers, 25,  was charged with the murder in May, 2010, charges which he denies.

During the trial, Police Sergeant Alex Rollin identified the defendant Antonio Myers as a high-ranking member of the Middletown gang, and Mr Harford as a high ranking member of the 42nd gang.

Sgt Rollin had previously spoken on three gangs during the trial. Middletown gang, whose turf or area, he said, consisted of Middletown Lane, Rambling Lane, and King Street. Sgt Rollin also gave evidence that Parkside gang’s turf was Court Street, Dundonald Street, Princess Street, and Elliott Street.

He described 42nd Street gang’s area consisted of St Monica’s Road and Mission Lane and the many side roads that came off this. Sgt Rollin said that there would be a clash if any gang went another un-allied gang’s territory and that the result could be anything from fighting to the use of firearms.

Evidence has already been introduced to show that Mr Harford was shot by two different weapons; one a 9mm pistol and the other was a 40 calibre weapon.

Testimony presented was that the guns were used in a host of other shootings including the murders of Perry Puckerin, Shane Minors, Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson and attempted murder of Jakai Harford – Kumi Harford’s brother.

The 9mm used in the Kumi Harford killing was said to be the gun used to fatally shoot Shane Minors, as well as used in the commission of another shooting.

The 40 calibre weapon was read into the record as being used in a number of shootings including the murders of Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson and Perry Puckerin, and the attempted murder of a number of people including Michael Adams, Daniel Cox, Jakai Harford and others.

All the shooting victims listed above are either from the St Monica’s Mission/Friswell’s area, were shot in the area, or both.

On January 3rd 2010, 34-year-old Perry Puckerin, a resident of St Monica’s Mission, was shot and killed in Hamilton Parish. On May 22 2009, 27-year-old Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson was killed in a drive by shooting by two men on a motorbike in St Monicas Road, Pembroke. Both their murders remain unsolved.

Shane Minors, who was not a gang member, was found dead in the entrance of his home in South Terrace, Friswell’s Hill, Pembroke on December 17, 2009. Two men – brothers – are presently in custody and due to stand trial in June for his murder, charges which they deny.

Jakai Harford, who was previously named in the trial as a high ranking member of the 42nd gang, has been shot twice. The first time was in the early hours of Christmas Day in 2007, when he was shot in the shoulder while in the Camp Hill, Southampton area. He was also shot multiple times at around 4am in the Mission Lane, St Monica’s Road, Pembroke area  on March 27, 2010. He survived both shootings.

In addition to the centrally located shootings, the Court also heard that one of the guns was used to murder 34-year-old Freddy Maybury, who was shot in June 2010 outside Woody’s Restaurant on Malabar Road in Sandys.

This is the second time this month that the Court has heard that a gun used in a shooting was also used in other shootings. During the trial of Marico Bassett for the shooting of Randy Lightbourne in 2010, experts testified that the gun was linked to multiple West End shootings — including two murders that occurred in Sandys. Evidence presented by Police during the Bassett trial suggested the handgun has been circulating among members of the West End based M.O.B. gang.

Mr Myers denies the murder of Kumi Harford, and the trial continues.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Maybe I’ve seen one too many episodes of Law and Order, but couldn’t they have threatend to charge this dude with all those murders unless he opened his mouth and “snitches”

    • True Dat says:

      For Real!!!

    • Lissa says:

      LOL. Not if he has an alibi..

    • s says:

      I was thinking the same thing thats what they need to do atleast, but i think that may be a little bit of to much smart thinking for Bermuda just yet.

  2. Just saying says:

    This is ridiculous, my heart and prayers goes out to the victims families.

  3. dat guy says:

    guys come on…… i know you think the popo don’t know what they are doing but i think that would have been the first card that they played.

  4. GPS says:



    • truth and light says:

      actually to my understanding Freddy was innocent. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The culprits had their eyes set on one of the memebers, (i think he is a leader) of M.O.B. Its so sad that this happend to Freddy for he was truely a good hardworking law abiding citizen.

  5. dat guy says:

    @GPS.. in that situation i would think it was a female. cause there are not to many peolpe from town that would be sitting up Woodies. you knoww!!

    • just sayin... says:

      Them chicks don’t do “that kind of thing” tho. Never in a million years, so so innocent

    • GPS says:

      @dat guy….And I’m Sure whom ever she was, got paid for doing so…

      Scary and sad….only thing left now is GOD for these evil souls

    • Nicole says:

      That’s true at @dat guy some of these girls are just as bad as these young guys. I wonder how long it’s gonna take before girls start being targeted and shot down out of retaliation.

  6. KIckback says:

    FAKe Ass CopS n fake Ass GAngsters I don’t RATE non of THEM I see more attention put fourth in 3rd World countrys against MurDer then BDA!!!U can say there bout 4 Guns causeing d island all this GRiEF!!PuT Pressure on THEM GANgsterS like u do WoRKiNg People!!22-23sq miles,MoST Police in d World,No link 2 fresh naturAl food,a whole heap of LAWS ……..SMH….my HEART goes out 2 the FAMiLies!!

  7. Can you handle this says:

    So what I am getting by reading the article am I to believe that factions that don’t even get along with each other are sharing the same weapon/weapons? I find it hard to believe that MOB are loaning/renting/sharing a gun with Parkside or 42 and vice versa..and as reported in another instance the same gun/guns that they are talking about has been used in an incident in Somerset and St George (someone currently serving time for this one). Mind you I am not a forensic expert nor am I going to try and pretend…but I am finding this hard to believe..Why would one rent/loan/share or whatever, a gun to someone who is considered to be on the opposing side?

    • Lissa says:

      @ can u handle – The article said that this is the second incident where a gun was used for multiple shootings. It did not say that the same gun used to shoot alledged 42nd members is the same gun used by alledged MOB members.

      • Can you handle this says:

        @ Lissa..not in this particular article….but in a previous article it says one or the other was linked to incident in St. George and an incident in Somerest…backtrack…..

      • Can you handle this says:

        @ Lissa..maybe not in this particular article..but a previous article alluded to the fact that either one or both of these weapons mentioned in this case are connected to incidents in St. George and Somerset….backtrack…..

    • true says:

      unless it may be a girl messing around with guys in different gangs. what guy is gonna study a gun to see whose it is, they’ll just use it, specially if their hih! so the b… in an infiltrator, scary!!!!

    • true says:

      what lunitics would be friends with park side to lend or help them, that would only back fire…unstable as stone… sand now lol

  8. dat guy says:

    @Can you handle this.. no, no, no.

    this was done by one gang different shooters. most of these names are 42 the others (somerset and st g) were personal.

    • Can you handle this says:

      @ dat guy what I am trying to say I can’t really say..I understand what you are saying but I can’t go into detail..(not sure if bernews would allow it) oooo I so want to explain it ..but I’m thinking with the connection I’m talking about I don’t see the sharing with Parkside just so can’t go into detail….but I’m feeling you…..

      • dat guy says:

        I got you!!

      • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

        Gotta reaad the story properly mate. Guns are not being shared, its one crew doing the killings mentioned above. PS has beef with St Geo, Town, and those MOB guys. Thing now is, since this evidnece was released to the public, I wonder how long before those MOB guys are gonna really come looking for those PS guys?!! Since it was said that the same gun killed Freddie up Woddys! Once you tie in the eveidence with street smarts, its not that hard to figure out what is gonna happen next! Im just saying!

  9. Again says:

    Ok ya so 2 guns but the main problem is the bullets whose got all these 9mm n .40 caliber bullets n how r they getting here… guns cant do forks with out the bullets unless u really no wha ya doin

  10. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Thank God for that. Now I can sleep easy knowing that there is less guns on the street than was previouslly thought! RIIIIIGHT!!!

  11. not impressed says:


  12. dat guy says:

    @Again and True is killin’ me….. so you think that it was not two guns?? it was more???

    what would be the advantage of saying it was all the same guns.

  13. WTH says:

    Why are you fools worrying about how many guns are on the island while these young men are still losing their lives. We as a country dwell on foolishness, while families are in mourning, children are fatherless, wives and girlfriends have to pick up the pieces.

    I dont care if they are sharing 1 gun or 50, BPS needs to turn up the heat and get these weapons of destruction off of our island.

    Im just sayin

    • Logic76 says:

      Last time I checked the heat is on. Arrests are being made. It’s a misconception that the Police can’t catch these guys, it’s pinning charges that’s the problem!

  14. Spikes says:

    What a disgrace. Blacks slaughtering blacks.

  15. Can you handle this says:

    Can you handle this says:
    March 24, 2011 at 7:05 pm
    I find the number of guns on the island to be worrisome simply because the Police don’t know where they are or even where to begin to look for them! Remember it was the Police and the Powers that be that lulled the island into a false sense of security in the first place by saying there were no guns and no gangs on the island..Now we have 2 guns (not recovered) that are allegedly being used by Parkside, 1 gun (not recovered) allegedly being used by MOB, 1 recovered in a recent conviction and 1 with a pending conviction..so that’s 5 that we are aware of with 3 of them still out on the streets not to mention those that we DON’T know about!!! The number of bullets that have been used is very concerning as well..because they are being used as if they are not going to run out any time soon..where are they? they have to be stored correctly due to our damp climate..how are they arriving? who is bringing them in?..so it’s not foolishness to worry about the number of guns on the island!! wait until they start setting off the grenades….hmmmmmmm!