Search Warrant: Police Recover Jewellery

May 3, 2011

The Police have recovered various items of jewelry including watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings after executing a search warrant at a Pembroke home, and have asked that anyone who may have had jewelry lost or stolen to contact them.

Photo provided by the Police showing a sample of the recovered jewellery, click to enlarge:

Recovered Jewelry May 3, 2011

A Police spokesman said, “Recently a quantity of jewelry was recovered after police officers executed a search warrant at a Pembroke residence. The various items confiscated included watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.”

“Anyone who may have had their jewelry lost or stolen recently is encouraged to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011 to arrange a viewing.”

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  1. aald says:

    How are they supposed to ensure that the person claiming the jewelry didn’t just fabricate a description from this picture and come to claim pieces that aren’t theres….???

    • Concerned says:

      That’s what I’m saying…unless this is an old pic from previous cases or something.

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh so they finally know how to execute search warrants?

    Very true @aald how are they going to prove it? Not everyone keeps receipts and the picture is out, it’s not like you can describe it.

    • Dog Lover says:

      Nicole you know what they say about if you dont have something nice to say then dont say anything? I think this is one of those times. No matter how much good the police do people like you still are not happy. Somebody in Bermuda will be so happy to have their property back and all you have to say is something smart about the police AGAIN!!! Why cant you just come on here and say welldone BPS for catching this person who has obviously going around taking peoples s&%t!! Further more even if these are the actual items you think they will say,”ok what do they look like” and that’s it? Obviously the true owners will be able to give more info about the item than just what it looks like.

      • OU812 says:

        Co-sign ^^^

        Thank you Dog Lover.

      • victim of home robbery says:

        Thank you dog lover, finally someone who speaks with some kind of common sense
        I would be even happier if some of the stuff is mine :-)

      • Nicole says:

        Who said I was being negative? I was just wondering. What more info would they give? You must be a cop. Please STFU if you don’t know me or how I personally feel about the BPS.

        • OU812 says:

          @ Nicole – you said ‘Oh so they finally know how to execute search warrants?’

          Sarcastic? Negative?

          • Nicole says:

            Because they rarely do it! I didn’t intend to for it to come across negative. I was more surprised that they actually did it.

    • Brock Samson says:

      lol @ Nicole getting owned. Trying to turn a positive thing into a negative for no valid reason and being clueless about retrieving stolen property that’s in police possession. Tsk tsk.

      Anyway, good news.

      • LOL (original) says:



      • Nicole says:

        Hey Brock Salmom how did I turn a positive into a negative? You really are a dreamer. Two other people asked as well. And how did I get owned? You must be an alias of someone I’ve “owned in the past” still bitter. Like the dreamer LOL below. How would you prove those were yours? Unless you already made a claim of it being stolen? I’m talking about the ones in the picture which they claim is a sample. I’m well aware of how you claim something that’s been stolen. I’m sure your criminal mind would know though. You really think some idiots wouldn’t claim something that wasn’t theirs?

  3. confused says:

    Are they the actual items?!?

  4. GlobalCitizen says:

    those look like watches to me…

    • Brock Samson says:

      Well, that’s just a sample of all the items they retrieved.

  5. Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

    …Just wish they could find my neighbors set of bejeweled false teeth ! !

  6. Terry says:

    Detz mi vatch….annn detz my grannies ring…..

    Doubt the ploy will work. Wink wink…..

  7. W.T.F.??? says:

    $10 KNOCK OFFS!

    (Sold on most street corners in NYC)


  8. Frustrated says:

    About 6 years ago there was a huge seizure of stolen construction equipment.
    Members of the public were asked to call the police if they had had anything like that stolen recently . I had and called and left ALL my contact information along with descritions of what I had stolen.

    I’m still waiting for a call back from the BPS ..

    I’m currently waiting for the theft of an expensive watch to be cracked .. I better not hold my breath.

  9. victim of home robbery says:

    My home was broken into and all my jewelry stolen wonder if any of of is mine

  10. Whistling frog says:

    A person would have to be really dumb and stupid to walk into the police station and make a false claim on something that’s not theirs… And all who wrote in their comments above clamming how easy it might be, put your hands up!

  11. BDA says:

    What I do not understand is……When my house was broken into a few years ago, we gave the police all of our serial number, descriptions, photos etc…Why dont they have a database so when new items come in, especially serial numbers, they can run them through and return them to owners. They want you to call and bug them about your belongings every other week. Its been almost 2 years and we still have not recieved anything. I gave up along time ago.

  12. Summarized says:

    Just maybe the police selected to view these pieces because they are engraved or otherwise unique and only the real owner would be able to say what that is. I do not think (hope not anyway) that the police are so silly to show items without thinking about false claims. Well done BPS. I never despise small beginnings. Hopefully this will lead to solving some of the murders.

  13. Winnie says:

    Lets hope they all end up in the hands of their rightful owners, yadda,yadda.

  14. Nicole says:

    OU812 and Dog Lover you can both go fly a kite. I wasn’t being negative, they don’t execute search warrants often. Yes we should be happy some people got their MATERIAL items back meanwhile we just had another murder and skyrocketing crime! SORRY I CARE MORE ABOUT OUR YOUTH AND VIOLENT CRIMES/MURDERS AND NOT A WATCH! How about you think before you comment! What more info could they give if they have none? Exactly. Apparently you missed the other TWO people who asked as well but instead you got your panties in a bunch because of a simple comment about a search warrant! I swear some of you live on a different planet.

  15. just a FYI says:

    I went to view the jewelry and unless you wear fake jewelry that is turned green dont waste your time…

  16. Frustrated says:

    Well I called this morning and left all my info ..still no call back … ho hum ..
    My watch wasn’t a fake or costume so I guess I won’t waste my time wating for a call back ..

    And Nicole , consider how your posts read to others before you flame others down with more ignorance !

    The amount of illiterates with no sense of comprehension or writing skills but tons of attitude who comment on here is shocking.