UBP Agree To Merge With The BDA

May 3, 2011

[Updated] Ending months of speculation, this evening [May 3] members of the United Bermuda Party [UBP] met and officially voted to authorize party officers to proceed with the orderly winding up of the affairs of the UBP, and merge with the Bermuda Democratic Alliance [BDA] to form a new party.

At 8pm this evening, Senator Jeanne Atherden confirmed the vote, and said that people have called for a combined opposition, and it will be available going forward, and asked for people to get involved. She said the BDA and UBP core values are the same, and have never been different.

Those seen attending the meeting included Nicholas Swan, Jeff Sousa, Erwin Adderley, Richard ‘Dick’ Butterfield, Devrae Noel-Simmons, Alberta Waite, MP Bob Richards, MP Cole Simons, MP John Barritt, MP Patricia Gordon Pamplin, UBP Leader/MP Kim.Swan,  all three UBP Senators – Jeanne Atherden, Suzann Roberts Holshouser, and Michael Dunkley, as well as a number of Council Members.

In the hallway outside before the meeting – which was a bit of a melee as you will see below – those entering refused to comment on what would be taking place inside. When asked by ZBM’s Gary Moreno,  UBP Leader Kim.Swan, MP Bob Richards and UBP Senate Leader Jeanne Atherden declined to comment on specifics.

After the confirmation came from the UBP this evening, Leader of the BDA Craig Cannonier, said “The conditions of our country demand new, bold innovative ideas and the experience to carry them out. I commend the members of the UBP for taking this stand for the benefit and future of Bermuda. The BDA is prepared to make similar bold steps for the future of Bermuda. The conditions require it. This is a New Day and the urgency is now. Watch this space.”

The BDA was founded in 2009 by former UBP members Shawn Crockwell, Donte Hunt, Mark Pettingill, Wayne Scott, Michael Fahy, Sean Pitcher and Michael W. Branco. Dissatisfied with elements within the UBP, the BDA founders launched the party as an alternative to the UBP/PLP duopoly which has defined Bermudian politics since the 1968 General Election, the first held under the Westminster two-party system.

The once-invincible UBP, which won eight back-to-back General Elections between 1968 and 1993, was beset by internal feuding and diminishing public appeal in recent years.

In the beginning of 2008, the UBP held 14 seats in the House of Assembly, and by late 2009, they were down to 9 seats – having lost 5 seats in total, or approximately 36% of their elected officials. Three went to the BDA, one to the PLP, and one ex-UBP MP is sitting as an independent.

In addition to the 2009 schism which led to the BDA’s creation — removing MPs Donte Hunt, Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell from the UBP’s Parliamentary ranks — former Leader Wayne Furbert quit the party in 2008 to sit first as an Independent and then as a PLP MP. Hamilton South’s Darius Tucker also opted to resign the UBP Whip in 2009 and now sits in the House of Assembly as an Independent MP.

Additional information/videos to follow…

Update 8:54pm: Video of the statement from UBP Senator Jeanne Atherden, who said there were two votes tonight. The first vote was to delay the vote to merge, which was not successful. The second vote was to dissolve the UBP and merge with the BDA, which passed.

Update 8:57pm: BDA Chairman Michael Fahy said, “I too congratulate the UBP members on their bold decision. This week the BDA Executive Committee will pass a similar resolution so that our country can move forward. It is time to put Bermuda first. The conditions in Bermuda are calling for innovation and experience and we too believe that this requires an undivided opposition. We shall move swiftly to ensure this happens.”

Update 9:17pm: After the meeting UBP Leader Kim.Swan, who was unofficially said to be against the merger, declined to go into details and said he “will take the time to do some reflection.” He declined to answer whether he is disappointed in the outcome of the vote, however said he will be speak on the matter at a later date. Mr Swan said as a politician he deals with the issues, and cited the economy, gun crime, and transportation as some of the main challenges the country is facing.

Update 9:31pm: Jeff Sousa, who planned to stand as the UBP’s candidate for Constituency #28 Warwick West, giving the ‘thumbs up’ as he exited the meeting:

UBP HQ After Vote Bermuda May 3 2011-2

Update 9:48pm: When asked for a reaction, a PLP spokesperson said the party is focused on the many challenges facing our community, and will not be distracted by “their name changes and internal politics.” The full statement follows below:

We at the Progressive Labour Party are not surprised at the results of the vote tonight for the UBP to wind up and reunite with their BDA counterparts. We will not be distracted by their name changes and internal politics, but will instead stay focused on the many challenges facing our community.

Our Premier & Party Leader the Hon. Paula Cox has made it abundantly clear that she and the PLP government team are firmly committed to serving our community and navigating through these tough times.

The reunion of the Opposition parties, and the renaming of their ‘new’ entity, is not our predominant concern.

Update May 4: The long version of Senator Atherden’s statement is below, includes the Q&A with the media:

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  1. Mike says:

    Big. Freakin. Whoop.

    • RME says:

      Well if you don’t care, why did you bother click on and read the article?

  2. RME says:

    Bernews – if you can get it, I’d be interested to know how the votes went down: how many for and how many against.

  3. PEPPER says:

    I am so thrilled that they have merged….I hope John Barritt, and Michael Dunkley play a part in this new party…not to sure about some of the UBP defactors.

    • mayonaise says:

      Agreed – pamplin, richards and swan should join in PLP like brothers burgess and furbert

      • Terry says:

        And how would that help. I think you need some ‘relish’ with your mayonaise…..

        • Relish says:

          No you all only want to get back power by any means possible. I voted for Kim Swan, he was trustworthy and we in St. George will only support Swan! The best low shot you guys can take it to try to diminsh the accomplishment of SWAN, we are not Stupid

        • Relish says:

          It would bring a heart to PLP that the UBP couldn’t mustard nor wanted. Change does not begin with 3 defactors and rewarding them because the senate leader got upset because some of his marbles were taken away.

        • true says:

          they screwed their leader big time. who do you always hear wants a onebda – check is grey van up at the house of assembly – they are the 40 thieves come back to haunt us in 2011 clothing

      • Hudson says:

        So wait, the PLP supporters would endorese these three if they worked for the PLP but not if they are part of the opposition? Are you suggesting that they would get support simply becuase they are black, or because the PLP actually agree with their position on key policies affecting the island but secretly can’t admit it as long as they are part of the opposition? It is these types of asinine statements made by “Mayonaise” that bring Bermuda politics to new lows… you indeed prove that people are voting strictly along the lines of colour and party lines and nothing more. HOW SAD!!! Why even bother reading and commenting articles about the opposition if you are not willing to even hear about what they might have to offer if you have already made your mind up that you would never support them?

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          Sure Hudson,
          Let’s blindly support the OBA without knowing what they have to offer. Waiting to see the Shadow. The same people that was shuffled late last year under the leadership of Kim Swan will have new positions under John Barrit. Same faces. Question: What will be new?

          • Hudson says:

            D.A.L. – you are the one knocking them before you know what they will offer. You are the blind supporter of the PLP – not me. I support change – if having a new opposition can do this, I will support them and vote accordingly. As i have said before and will again, i will vote for what makes sense at the time, not for what colour people’s skin is or past party affiliation. I support that there will be a stronger opposition as opposed to a fractured one. I support those who want to see this Island get back on the right track. The PLP isn’t doing this for me right now. If you are happy with how things are, then shut your mouth and continue to endorse the same ol’ same ol that you have. If you aren’t happy, then at least give the newly joined opposition a chance. You owe Bermuda’s future that in my opinion. But that’s it, it’s just my opinion. nuff said, i’m signing off.

          • Todd says:

            “…blindly support…”?? Aren’t you blindly hating?
            Either we already know what we are getting of this ‘new’ group, or we should wait to see what they have to offer. You are argueing both ways…. which is expected of a Troll.

            • Dragging A Lure says:

              To: Todd,
              Welcome to the club. “Aren’t you blindly hating?”
              That’s your best. Ha Ha Ha

              Trolls and trolling don’t advocate hating they fish and use the right bait when the opportunity presents itself, and we are quite successful. You’re familiar with trolling. Don’t act so naive. Ha Ha Ha



              • Terry says:

                Were gonna need a bigger boat…..dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…..

              • Todd says:

                A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response. The troll posts a message, often in response to an honest question, that is intended to upset, disrupt or simply insult the group. Trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful.
                Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too.
                For trolls, any response is ‘recognition’; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response.
                Trolls will of course dispute this.
                Remember that trolls are cowards; they’ll usually post just enough to get an argument going, then sit back and count the responses (Yes, that’s what they do!).

                • Dragging A Lure says:

                  Well done Todd,Ha ha ha, your research was completed quickly. Plenty of encouragement from you. I knew that you trolled, I’m pretty sure that you are aware that the above erroneous information that you copied and pasted is someone else’s opinion. Ha Ha Ha Your’re not that clever.

                  Come better than that! Let it fly.



                  • Ring Master says:

                    Quite surprised to see that there are some posters on here that look as if they have just been discharged from MAWI. Just shows that treatment can work. The blind supporters of the PLP or whatever are showing their hand rather openly, especialy D. A. L. Look forward to reading their own comments for a change as opposed to regurgitating the party line.

          • LET IT BE says:

            you are so right NOTHING -

      • LOL (original) says:

        Then it would be the PLUBP.


    • Scott says:

      ..so basically you’re saying you like the old ubp and not people that werent happy with it?

  4. White Jesus says:

    This is NO surprise at ALL!! Not for me anyway! the strategy of trying to pick up disenchanted PLP supporters with BDA and hoping they’ll stay in the net after the BDA and UBP merge is nothing short of chicanery and subterfuge. I knew from day one that they were one and the same, those who rebuked me for saying so can simmer in their soup! I’ve been vindicated!

    • LOL (original) says:

      So what caused the PLP supporters to be disenchanted in the first place to make such a strategy even viable? I think you and others in a quick reaction to changing dynamics assigned an initiative that you might do as you conceived it or perceived as it were to save face and keep the flock in check. I see core PLP supporters have wasted no time spreading the line “same players same party” which does make sense but the fact that the BDA had people who normally did not support politic to begin with we will have to see if that influence changes the dynamic at all. Personally in the system we have I’m not sure if this will happen but time will tell. It’s like if a lot of old UBP supporter joined the PLP would change happen from the inside or would they just be heckled into obscurity who knows.

      LOL either way I think it the same game being played over and over again politics is politics

      • White Jesus says:

        Who said the strategy was viable? It’s so obvious! I don’t even know why they are calling it a “Merger”. Don’t they mean “Reunion”?

        But you’re right politics is politics!

    • My two cents says:

      Oh well, just as the PLP turned out to be no different than the UBP, the BDA turned out to be no different that the UBP. Oh well, politricks as usual.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Yea they all share the same core values………….. money enve if it’s our money


  5. Way To Go says:

    This is the stupedist thing ever. I was actually becoming more and more interested in the BDA – I thought they were actually formed to be different and separate from the UBP; instead this – they will still be the same lame ignorant party and anciet regime. I am very disappointed in this news. This country is in serious need of a NEW party that can definately be relevant and an effective opposition party. PRAYING FOR THIS COUNTRY !!!!!

    • Cat says:

      In my opinion, it looks like the UBP gave up their party to become something new – otherwise, why merge? The BDA obviously had something that they didn’t. The old UBP regime is gone as far as I can see – they joined the defectors, that speaks for itself, Lol!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      First of all Bermuda is far from being a country. It is a very small island. Nothing more than a small town. 65-70,000 people. It has been over a year & we still don’t know.

      Bermuda does not need an effective opposition. Right now Bermuda is in desperate need of an effective Government. Day by day the PLP is not showing any signs of being able to sort out the hopeless mess that they have created.

      Inspite of their shortcomings the UBP/BDA/OBA is the only hope the Island has.

      The big question is whether the vote will be based on race or ability? So far the talent pool of the PLP has proved to be extremely shallow but maybe the new group will be able to attract a few with potential.

      • College Graduate says:

        I think an effective opposition is what is we need

        An effective oppositon will get voted in but a good majority of people just do not want the UBP in for whatever unspecified reason (I am one of those people)

        There is nothing that either of our political parties can do to stop what is going on in Bermuda in regards to crime, the economy and a host of other issues.

        Bermuda must realise that the current system with the current people that are in it is not compatable.

        I.E. higher sentences, more laws & restrictions (banning dark vissors) do not deal with the anticedent but deal with the concequence of the behavior.

        The anticedent is the cause, like hunger, the behavior is stealing and the concequence is when the government would punish the person by putting them in a worse situation than there were in before…


        In conclusion

        There are answers out there but the PLP nor the UBP are on the right track.

        What does it take to start a political party?

        • Way To Go says:

          Precisely College Grad I agree wholehartedly – I too am a person of higher-education.

        • Bermyman says:

          College Grad, you need to get into politics because you speak sense. A big problem with Bermuda is that more young people with brains and fresh perspectives are not able or have no pathway to get involved. Look at it plainly, are the current group of Cabinet ministers any more educated or qualified than most of Bermuda’s smart young people? The answer is no, quite the opposite. The only reason why they are where they are is that they did their time in an institution (PLP) and got rewarded by a nice pay check and a ministry to run. We need smarter, more dynamic and able people. Most politicians think they are God’s gift, it is up to the people to decide whether or not that is true. Unfortunately in Ewart’s case they thought he was !

        • My two cents says:

          Congratulations, you have discovered that politicians can’t do anything when we truly need them to. They can change names of airports, schools, change parade routes, change national holidays, have statues put up, etc. But when the country truly needs its government to do the right things in times of need, they are nowhere to be found. That’s just the way it is.

      • Way To Go says:

        Perhaps you need to go back to high school to do some geography size does nothing to define a country – An effective opposition that challenges the current political party would at least stand a chance of becoming elected. I can tell from your post that you definately aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer not even close. Bermuda, being the small country that it is needs change- change in the way that it is governed whether it be through new leadership within the current governing party or if it is as a result of a new political party coming into power. It is sad that people like you actually have faith in the SAME OLE OUT OF TOUCH OPPOSITION PARTY – o yeah that’s right why are we talking about politics anyways for Bermuda given your opinion that Bermuda is not a country. The entire method of voting needs to be changed. And I’m not sure what rocks your smoking or whatever other drugs you are using but the PLP government does in fact have some very talented and intelligent individuals however BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES OF THIS *COUNTRY* my island home have a disconnect with the people; and the older generation needs to open up to the younger generations for solutions to many of the current issues. SHAME on you ignorant self to pose that comment that there are no intelects in the PLP – when you yourself have proven to ignorant – by claiming that Bermuda is not a country.

        • LOL (original) says:

          I agree there are some smart young people in both parties but the problem is that the party systems do not allow them to shine as the older generation will not set aside. Those that do not follow the older generations thought patterns such as grudges of the past will not get far up enough to change the party to move them forward. Experience is good but at some point the old must be big enough to let go of the power they are used to holding. One thing Dr. Brown opened my eyes up to along with “Age Concern” is that Bermuda has mostly an aged population that is mainly conservative in nature and will back what they are used to and are scarred of change and loss of power. Right now they see the youth as the enemy unless they can be guided. IMO


      • Dragging A Lure says:

        To: Triangle Drifter,
        Your comments regarding the talent pool of the PLP is a reflection of Donald Trump’s request for Barak Obama to produce his educational records from Comumbia and Harvard. I hope you get the drift. How you wish for the good ole days when you had control over us and only a certain class of folks had the ability to run this island.


        • LOL (original) says:

          Exhibit B to my above post as Triangle’s could be exhibit A as his came first in this thread. This is the type of mentality that holds us all back from gaining new ground and will continue as this generation is scarred to diverge from the status quo. There is a reason that the Canadians vote for the other party every so many years.


  6. Its Me says:

    The more things change, the more they will stay the same.
    If the NEW Official opposition, is the OLD UBP guard and the old/ new BDA guard, did they really gain anything the past 2 yrs.
    Well we know that senator Dunkley, got his A** kicked and lost his seat.
    Wayne Furbert left and joined the PLP
    Darius Tucker went solo
    So that’s 3 seats that the NEW/OLD UBP/BDA will have a very hard time finding suitable candidates to launch a serious challenge.
    Poor Craig Cannonier, i guess they UBP/ BDA never really wanted you as leader, probably just wanted the discount on ya gas.
    And Kim Swan, what can i say. Your old faithful have been trying to ouste you since you took office. Remember mouth of the South, Mr Bob Richards and john Barritt.
    I guess you’ll have plenty of time to practice your swing on the golf course.
    Oh well………..
    to be continued

    • SOUR milk says:


      • Hudson says:

        Just a question – Did you ever vote for Kim Swan?

        Did you ever hear anything to say that the UBP were ungrateful?

        Did you ever challenge the support polls of the UBP and also of Mr Swan himself and publicly state how there must be some mistake?

        Give me a break – if people like YOU had actually offered support when he needed it most, we (and he) wouldn’t be in this position. I voted for him and can look him in the eye and say so. I can shake his hand and say “thanks” — but can you Sour Milk or Its Me? People like you are the reason he is now out of a job at the UBP, not me. Stop and think about that for a second before you start your next rant.

        • LOL (original) says:

          The same people above who are talking sweet nothings in Kim’s ear above about the UBP are the same ones who were dissing Kim as the opposition leader pointing to his speaches as unintelagent funny isn’t it. Kim whom ever was the leader of the opposition durring this time would have had the same up hill battle you had you did well under the pressure thank you for being used by your country that is the deffinition of service to your country. You know you did when your biggest critics become you fans after the fact you know what I’m sayin.


          • Hudson says:

            Exactly. Well said.

          • YES MATE! says:

            How funny. You can’t even spell “intelligent”.

            • LOL (original) says:

              Spelling mistakes happen on the fly so what did the misspelled word change the meaning of what I said. I think not. Keep being stuck up though it suits you.


  7. Micheal Smith says:

    PLP will be in power forever now

  8. Cat says:

    Great news. Hope to see them become a really viable and effective opposition party…long overdue!

    • Way To Go says:

      Will be waiting with great anticipation —- for that day to come; although I am doubtful that this will not happen not until a younger generation comes into leadership (within a opposition party wether it be through BDA/UBP (highly doubtful)/ or OBA or another opposition party)). They need to be more accurate and strategic in appealing to the public by having their finger on the pulse to the issues of the country. They need to be clear and precise as to how they will handle the issues. I believe this will be a very difficult task for them because of this merger. However I am optimistic that the country will eventually develop an effective opposition that can appeal to the public; let’s face it the country is desparately yearning for one.

  9. Empty doorstep says:

    Still waiting to see a representative of any party on my doorstep since before the referendum. Doubt I’ll see anyone from this new party either. The couldn’t do any worse, right? Hopefully this summer will be the rock bottom and we can start a bounce back up with some of these new younger faces taking on the workload.

  10. hey says:

    here is my new boss, same as my old boss

  11. Ughhhhhhh says:

    Who cares get off my TV I was watching NCIS. I would like a new party yes but made up of new people that have new ideas all this is, is same old people same old ideas. Get off my TV….Put NCIS back on……

    • Really!! says:


    • Way To Go says:

      I agree they this country is begging to have a new opposition that they view to be better than the current govt. We are soo tired of the same old same old. Same old outdated strategies and ideas.

  12. Skink says:

    Apart from an all-out assault on the compound…..this is the only thing that will seek “Bermudas Most Wanted”…… i.e. The Government. Game on!!!!!

  13. Terry says:

    No comment.

    • WTF says:

      come on Terry you know you have soemthing to say, indulge us

  14. Its Me says:

    Cmon Terry, please indulge your devoted followers with some of your words of WISDOM

  15. Cleancut says:

    Congratulations UBP! We want a “NEW BERMUDA” you need to “CHANGE THEM” in order to “RESET THE DIAL.

  16. Its Me says:

    ** Triangle Drifter **
    How much weed you smoke tonight.
    So because Bermuda ONLy has 65-70 K people and is in island, its NOT a COUNTRY.
    I have never heard of such rubbish in all my life.
    I hope you join the new party, because its quite obvious great minds think alike.
    The UBP/BDA/OBA are the same no matter how many times you change the name or their colors.
    Criticise all you want, but until YOU or your WEAK ASS NEW PARTY can come to the table with even an inkling of a plan thats not the SAME OLD rhetoric from the cobwebs, spare Bermuda your senseless dribble.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      And who would expect anything better from ‘Its Me’?

      • LOL (original) says:


    • moderate 1 says:

      Feeling grandiose much ? ?

      The poison BS of ‘country’ and ‘nation’ started with Pam Gordon and JWS ..
      FFS ..we’re a 20.8 square mile coral reef that will be underwater in another 200 years. From the top of Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse you can see the whole rock on a clear day.
      We are an Island and a comunity and a VERY small and insignificant one.

      All this ‘country’ and ‘nation’ bs is enough to turn my stomach.

      Funny how when ppl ,especially politicians,want to down play our troubles they switch from ‘country’ to ‘island’ in the same sentence.
      I tune out when I hear this nonsense … 20.8 sq miles a ‘country’ bwahahaa

      It sounds like the height of stupidity to people who come from ‘real countries’.

      • The Cross Eyed Bear says:

        I take your point except for the underwater thing in 2oo years. It will be considerably longer than that. However, for all intents and purposes, we are underwater now.

      • YES MATE! says:

        I feel sorry for you aceboy. You feel insignificant? I guess the PLP has done a good job on you bro.

    • Hudson says:

      I’m happy… and you know what? I want more of what we had in the 70′s and 80′s. Prosperity, a decent education system, the highest standard of living in the world, tourism, IB, full employment.. hey, the list could go on. Sure, the Island wasn’t without its issues, but from where i see it, we were essentially a murder free, prosperous Island that was the envy of many people and countries around the world. It’s Me and the others that aren’t supportive of having a viable opposition — you are entitled in this free society to have and express your opinion. go to the polls and vote the way your heart and BRAIN tells you. I am very happy to have a different box to tick at the next election. So if you want to shout PLP all the way in your blind support ignoring whether you agree or disagree with their policies, then go for it. I however like the idea of having another party to consider BEFORE i cast my vote. I don’t vote on colour. I don’t vote for a specicic party. I vote on what I see and feel TODAY and where i want to go in the future.

  17. concerned Citizen says:

    Jeff Sousa giving a thumbs up – hope he does the same when Warwick throws him a thumbs down

  18. Nicole says:

    PLP, UBP, BDA, OBA. Same thing, different names.

  19. Really!! says:

    Really!! Don’t insult our intelligence. You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time so now we see the light that no politicians ever do what’s right. This was all a part of a master plan and I bet the UBP were pulling the strings on the puppets that are formally known as the BDA.

    What happened to “A Better Way” BDA party? A better way for whom the UBP, for yourselves and not for the country. You were more concerned about self interest over what may have been best in the interest for this country. It would have been good to see what may have come from having a third part for the next general election. The UBP nor the BDA was not going to win the next election anyways so why didn’t you (BDA) at least gave one general election a go. But now you have shown us that was never your intentions anyway. Just like the PLP did to the Dame Jennifer Smith after an election you have done the same to the people that was supporting you. You stabbed us in the back. How can those UBP defectors explain their decision to switch back to be under the same people you had to leave to form a new party.

    Our political system and political parties are all divisive and filled with people that have constantly continue to deceive us. Our political system and parties have robed us good on one front and the BDA merge has kicked us in the behind on the other side.

    • LOL (original) says:

      The fact that it was done before a general elcetion is better than afterwards. Afterwards the deception would have been cloaked until it was to late to change your mind. At less they gave you the chance to see it before you locked them in. From you statement I do not think you would have voted for either opposition party anyway if you even vote. I do agree with “Our political system and political parties are all divisive and filled with people that have constantly continue to deceive us. ”


  20. Just Curious says:

    These 2 parties are the same people, they are like a family, the disgreed and now they want to agree again and come together AS A FAMILY,The young turks (WHO run away) in the family would like to ask the rich uncle(s) to yield the Family leadership.
    Well that is change BUT is this the change we can believe in!
    I believe you learn alot from your family,you be the judge
    do not forget the Rich uncle(s) still have the check book!!!!!!

  21. It’s the UBP’s fault!!!!! TERRY

  22. Whistling frog says:

    Hail, hail, the gang’s all here
    What the heck do we care
    What the heck do we care
    Hail, hail, the gang’s all here
    What the heck do we care now
    Come, friends, who plough the seas
    Truce to navigation
    Take another station
    Let’s vary piracy
    With a little burglary

    It seems that the two party’s have become unstuck and soon will be in sequence once again. Again, everything starts with a beginning, a middle and an end somewhere in that order…

  23. LET IT BE says:

    People are not stupid. Dunkley, barritt and gibbons?

  24. True Bermudian says:

    S S D D

  25. Concerned says:

    based on some of these comments, there’s no hope for this island! people want change but they won’t give change a chance. instead, just sit here and see the negative in everything!!

    go ahead, be biased and vote the same government back in…let’s see how far we get (further down the hole)!

  26. Toni says:

    @moderate 1…what is a real country? And I am not being sarcastic Sir/Ma’am…..Please explain. Thanks

  27. Hudson says:

    The beautiful part here is that the UBP has DISBANDED. There is no more UBP. The PLP successfully but the nail in their coffin and burried the party. Congratulations.

    Now there is a new party born of two parties which the blind PLP supporters can not say is the “old UBP”. Its not. Its the new OBA. Its a collection of people that CARE. Its a collection of people that want CHANGE. It’s a collection of people that can see a way forward out of the mess we have got ourselves in over the last 5-8 years.

    For those synics that refuse to see an opportunity when it knocks, go ahead and blindly support the devil you know. Others like me will instead offer support so that this Island may start to see some change.

    • Concerned says:

      thumbs up!!

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Come on Hudson,
      Be real and take your head out of the sand, the members that voted in favor not to disband the UBP will also become members of the OBA. Because the OBA a new name, will be the same animal that existed before the BDA was formed will find it extremly difficult to attract new members outside of the 96% that historically supported the UBP in all previous elections. Same Ole Same Ole. Dunkley, Gibbons Barritt, Swan, Richards, Moniz, Pettingale, Crockwell etc. What change?


      • Hudson says:

        Hey, like i said – you are free to blindly support those that have us where we are today. Personally, I WANT Dunkley, gibbons, Barrit, Fahy and others. You make your choices, i’ll make mine.

        Question – what has Michael, Grant or Barrit ever done to you personnally to make you not want to offer support? Surely you aren’t offering your negative comments simply because they were born into a white world? Judge them, not their families nor their family’s history.

        Like i said in another post, I like the Bermuda i lived in during the 70s and 80s so i wouldn’t mind some people who know what to do, to help us get back on track to improved tourism, IB, and employment.

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          Hey Hudson,
          Don’t change the subject. Same Ole Same Ole. It is the same political animal prior to The BDA forming. You tell us what the changes are. OBA have not even put out a new direction that they want to go. Same people, same voters. Why would you support something that does not exist. It has to be part of the 96% historical voter for the UBP. Get your head out of the sand.

          Question: Since the UBP had been formed, Why has there been a 96% voter support by one particuliar segmenmt of population? Is it the make-up of the PLP ancestry?


          • Triangle Drifter says:

            Ummm….just which political party got itself elected a few years ago without so much as producing a platform? They campaigned purely on race. Remember the “Back to the plantation” comment.

            “Trust us”, the sheeple were told, “We know what we are doing”. Never mind that Bermuda was already spiraling downhill.

            Where has Bermuda gone since? What time has the clock been set to? It looks like the PLP clock is broken beyond repair.

            It is time that voters grew up & vote on ability rather than the colour of skin.

            • Dragging A Lure says:

              To:Triangle Drifter,
              “It is time that voters grew up & vote on ability rather than the colour of skin” I support your quote 100%. Now try to convince the UBP historical voter to change. (96% of a certain segment of our population support the UBP) Triangle I wish you the best in your effort to convince others to see our point of view.


              • Concerned says:


                Convince the UBP historical voters to change to what?? PLP?? Are you crazy? Why would anyone change their mind now and vote in PLP?? They are trash!! Presumably 96% of our population does not support the UBP, hence the government elected.
                Triangle, I may be 1 in 65,000 but I see your point of view without any convincing!

                • You serious? says:

                  Thank you for responding to one of the dopiest comments Iv heard in a long time(Drag)

          • Hudson says:

            The OBA is 2 days old. They will put out a platform in time no doubt, the same as the BDA and the UBP did when they were parties. The PLP won an election without any platform prooving that blind support is all they needed.

            In answer to your second question i will ask another as i can’t speak for anybody other than myself (i’m white and i did once vote PLP) – Why is it that the PLP has never tried to solicit the support of the particular segment of the population of which you refer? Not one person from that party has EVER knocked on my door – not even the year that i chose to vote for them (GRAVE ERROR ON MY PART)!! Live and learn.

            • Dragging A Lure says:

              Hey Hudson,
              Why am I having a discussion with someone from the ole school and in political denial, it’s like the UBP/BDA/OBA. Old faces new name, same ole do nothing political party. Also I find it hard to believe that you voted PLP, did you ever join the party?



              • Hudson says:

                you have having a discussion with somebody with a different opinion than you – that’s it. Nothing more or nothing less. We will agree to disagree. Vote for who you wish in good conscience, and i will do the same.

            • sigh says:

              Im sorry…when did the PLP not put out a platform? The PLP was the first Party to ever put out a platform, and has issued a platform for every general election.

              • LOL (original) says:

                In 2007 they waited till the UBP put one out and then just one upped every thing in it except the long term resident’s thing and lambasted the three strikes thing other than that they did not have a different platform and it came out after the UBP’s one.


              • Rick Rock says:

                Sigh, do you mean the 3-page leaflet that the qlq…sorry..plp put out 3 days prior to the last election?

                I remember … it was the one that talked about free buses and ferries for all, free Bermuda College for all, free childcare for all, tourism will be turned around, crime will be brought under control, public access to information, education is a big priority, and all that?

                Didn’t exactly go according to plan, did it.

            • crazytalk says:

              Interesting H. Same here. Never once has a PLP candidate ever knocked at our door. Yet every other candidate (including Independants) have at least come around to see us.
              I guess that’s part of the reason I always had the impression the PLP couldn’t give a rats behind about us. They don’t even care whether or not we vote for them.

          • crazytalk says:

            When you say ‘same ole same ole’, the funny thing is, I think of the PLP. Same ole people for the past 12 years. For the past 6 months Cox has been desperately trying to divorce herself from the disasters of the previous Premiers. The problem for her is that we can all see through it. (Or most of us). She was at the centre of the problems when they were created.

            The current PLP is just ‘same ole same ole’.

            We need a change. Fast.

            • Dragging A Lure says:

              We need a change fast, from PLP to a renamed UBP. Same Ole same Ole.Look at the faces.
              Give me a break.

    • LOL (original) says:

      They are already sayin it the UBP in sheeps cloths are you not reading what I’m reading?


  28. Johnny says:

    To Moderate – I feel that you have something against my COUNTRY. Can you please explain what a ‘REAL’ Country is. Also can you explain why you are here (born or not). It is people like you that have no pride in our COUNTRY that are bringing it down. Regardless of which party you support, little comments like yours do not help anything.

    • Modest 2 says:

      Look up the words TINY and ISLAND in a dictionary …The definition of Bermuda fits pretty well if you ask me .

      Where these delusions of grandeur ever came from and how Bermudians fell for it some of us will never know .

      Comments like Moderate’s and this one DO NO HARM ! It’s people who live with their heads in the clouds thinking that this coral atoll is some great world beating country or nation that seem to have a point to prove.

      When I hear country and nation I ‘tune out ‘ ..no matter who’s speaking

    • You serious? says:

      I believe what Moderate was trying to say was that Bermuda has such a small population that the amount of intelligent individuals with a talent in politics is too small to spread through 3 parties. He is not dissing Bermuda as not being worthy of a country. You can make the same comparison with sports- why can Bermuda not put together a world-class football team? Because the probability of having 11 players out of 65,000 that are better than 11 players out of England/Argentina/Spain is highly improbable.

  29. Johnny says:

    To moderate –
    Why do so many people come here to work? Why can’t they stay in their REAL COUNTRY and find a decent job.

  30. Kraken says:

    Has Bernews gone part time? There is a drastic difference in the rate of articles in the last month or so?? In fact several very note worth events have gone by with the other media commenting and Bernews not??

    • bernews says:

      Part time? Bernews updates 7 days a week from morning to nightfall including all holidays? Thats clearly full time.

      Working 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week, with no days off whatsoever is well past full time actually, its over 100 hours a week.

      Please recall we don’t have the 10/20 odd reporters other media outlets do as we are new and still growing. I am the only full time staffer and I have some [great] part time help. One person can only do so much, no matter how hard I try.


      • Away says:

        Don’t worry Bernews, I think you’re awesome!

    • Hudson says:

      owch. I disagree and think that Bernews is ahead of the curve. Thanks for being a great source Bernews. Pity, but you’ll never make everybody happy.

      • bernews says:

        Thanks Hudson.

        We get stacks of complaints, but this was a new one. 100 hours work a week being considered part time. Tough crowd to please lol…

        • CB says:

          You have my support Bernews. You’re doing a fine job!!

        • Bermyman says:

          Bernews, I think your site is fantastic and ahead of the game. A suggestion would be to boost your advertising revenue. I don’t see much on your site, you could get more. You must be the most visited news website in Bermuda.

  31. Unit 48/Dispatcher says:

    This A good thing and well needed, finally hope for today and a better Bermuda going forward. Please all I ask that they get it together and stay on track of what is taking place in our island. It’s time for all parties to come together and sort out this madness.

  32. Evie says:

    The BDA might have been a viable alternative if they had just been patient since both the PLP and UBP were imploding from the inside out. It took the PLP 30 years to gain power and here the BDA lot were throwing in the towel after what? 1 year? They just needed to bide their time and focus on making inroads in the next election.

    • LOL (original) says:

      We as a country do not have 30 years to wait for things to get better. The PLP would have had a complete house with no opposition if they stayed apart face it we need opposition in the house so that badly thought out policies don’t just get pasted without scrutiny. Even though that is how it is now sort of. There must be objective thinking looking at as many angles as possible to make sure the country benefits as a hole don’t you think?


  33. The Cross Eyed Bear says:

    Every country needs a strong opposition – and thats something we haven’t had for a while. This is a good step forward – the only way forward IMHO.

  34. Yng Black Mind says:

    This is nothing more than a last-ditch attempt to win electoral favour with those who are upset with the PLP – the current government.

    I do not trust the current government (thanks to Aunt Paula’s recent comments as well as their track record overall); HOWEVER, this “combined” opposition is not favourable in my eyes. I was willing to look at the UBP and their candidates, as well as their platform for the next general election. I was even willing to consider the option from the BDA (they would not have placed a candidate in my area – a PLP stronghold).

    But the fact that both the UBP and the BDA have combined just to win the next election, it is a slap in the face of all logical thinking Bermudians. Just a few months ago, you both could not agree on ideals and policy, but you now want me to believe that you “kissed and made up?”

    Bad form of poli-tricks and we are not fooled. Opposition Leader, Kim Swan – I want to thank you for your long standing years of service to the community and country – you are a valuable voice and I hope you will continue to be about change for Bermuda. You are an honourable man – you would never say that the UBP party set you up from the beginning of your leadership to fail – how they strangled you and the party financially by having the UBP faithful withhold their monies – how they talked behind your back while smiling in your face – even how those “black” members of the UBP would lend their support only to realize they are “tokens” for the “white” minority of the higher level of UBP support base (yes, I’m talking about you Bob Richards and Cole Simmons).

    Back to my point though, I cannot see myself voting for this new “combined” opposition – they are a group of BACKSTABBERS UBP who decided to kill themselves and their party for the sake of winning) and TURNCOATS (BDA – who jumped ship when they didn’t get their way only to come back when they realized they don’t have the money or support to do anything – Mike Fahy, Pettingill, Crockwell – that means you). This puts me in a weird position as I can’t vote for the current government – they are a bunch of untrustworthy (Premier – if you can’t trust me, that means you are unworthy of trust), inept (Transport Minister – last year, there wasn’t a problem with the cruises/ferries/taxis/buses – strange,huh?), self-serving (pick a Minister – but Blakeney comes to mind?)

    This is a call to all people who love this country/island/community – whatever you want to call it – - It is time to make sure our voices are heard. If you feel that the government is not doing right by you, speak on it – and not on the talk shows. Go to the Cabinet Office, Go to that Minister’s office – if they don’t want to talk to you, then you get others to do the same. Once they understand you will not go away quietly, they will either listen or not. If not, you then exercise your God-giving right to vote for an alternative. At this point, UNTIL A BETTER SOLUTION IS PROVIDED, my ballot may include my own name as a candidate – - I can’t do any worst.

    Yng Black Mind (those who know understand)

  35. Terry says:

    You know, I have been called many things but I am a duck.

    It never suprises me how people react.

    There is no more “UBP”.
    A coalition has been formed.
    Fact:- This is not a 5′O Clock set at PHC/WWC/RAA nor Hog Penny.

    Holy Hell….Give these people of standing a chance. The Government is what it is. There are still elected members there.

    The OBA is not going to radicaly change Bermuda. Their not gonna say things like the PLP said and all that free stuff and get us more in debpt. Their gonna put their thinking caps (wigs) on and try and get us out of this mess. Nothing is free. And they not going to solve all our ills overnight nor in a month or two or three.

    Facts are facts just look at the last 10 years. Where the hell has all the money gone. We know millions upon millions went to friends of certain Government officials. Fact.

    OBA is preparing for an election which can come soon or at the stage when time runs out an one must be held.

    Go for it OBA. You have some very bright sparks there within you and reality is you have much support as can be see by the percentatges of voters and to whom they cast.

    Of course the lures will tell you your being drug back to the Plantation but the irony is the present owners burned it. Time to sweep the ashes aside and become fertile once again. It can be done.

    Best to all.

  36. YES MATE! says:

    Don’t you lot remember why the BDA was formed? Because of all the old boys in the background of the UBP calling the shots. Now that the UBP is gone, so are all the old boys who were still pretty much running it. The former members of the UBP are joining the BDA, a party minus the old guard and their history. I for one am glad that we now have a viable opposition. I really don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote for whomever because you have listened to them and believe in them, not just because “my family has always voted XXX so I will too” that’s the silliest way to waste your vote. All of us know the PLP has tailed us hard and long non-stop but unfortunately most of us still vote for them to come and tail us some more. Why don’t you vote them out? If the OBA start bending us over, vote them out as well! It ain’t that difficult.
    Put the kool-aid down and think long and hard about how things used to be, how they are now, and what you want it to be in the future. Like Hudson, I remember peace and prosperity right up until the second PLP term. I don’t have to reiterate how mug things are now, that is documented every day in print, online and face to face. I tell you what I want for the future – peace and prosperity.

  37. YES MATE! says:

    From the mouth of MP Dale Butler,PLP:
    “As I am often reminded…not from the hierarchy but by the members….you joined a team and when the captain says shoot you follow the captain’s advice or go back on the bench or you will never be on the field of play.
    “It is as simple as that and something we don’t want to face….which is the grim reality of leaving one’s job to serve.”
    “If you get kicked out, or you are NOT selected to run again, you may not get your job back in this climate and at your current age. So you tow the line. Or don’t speak….if you hope to run again.”

    MPs are elected to represent and serve their constituents, NOT their party. Proof positive that the current PLP DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CONSTITUENTS! We need to remind the government, especially the premier, that they WORK FOR US, not the other way around. Paula Cox is not the boss of this country, everyone who cast a vote in the last election is Paula’s boss. The PLP forgot that a long time ago and we have not reminded them of that fact.

  38. sigh says:

    Interesting that Jeanne Atherden said “these parties have the same core values”.

    Hmm…makes it even more interesting. The BDA was never anything more than an offshoot of the UBP. The plan was to reunite all along.

    The electorate should be offended.

    • PEPPER says:

      Jeanne Atherdon , is a BS artist…and she needs to get out of politics… why the hell did Kim Swan replace her over Dunkley ????????? I think we have all had enough of Kim Swan..

  39. Face the Nation says:

    Same old crusty crabs in a barrell…

  40. Just an idea says:

    The vicious statements on this artical shows Bermuda has a long way to go !

  41. take it as it is says:

    same wolves playing sheeps

  42. maddog says:

    DR Ewart Brown said when he is finish there will be no more UBP ha ha ha ha ha o no i guess iam racist now.

  43. shirley Richardson says:

    I thought the BDA would at least work to win support from the community,based on principals and sound policies, but to fold in such a short time makes me wonder,Just what was their movitation in the first place? Jean A. says they have the same core values,so changing the name just confirms that (IF YOU PUT LIPSTICK ON A PIG,IT’S STILL A PIG.)

    • lmao says:

      Who are the true racist – Barritts, Dunkleys and Gibbons? Barritt can’t make a decision, couldn’t even win against Gibbons and the sad part is the BDA broke away asking Kim for the resignation of Louise, Pat, Grant, John & they are the same ones that vote with BDA defukers to kill the UBP – real honest brokers are they, not? They had it all planned out but didn’t expect Kim to beat Bob

  44. LOL (original) says:

    OK ok this just in. I’ve just heard that Government is having a had time paying HIP anyone can verify this?


  45. Tired of nonsense says:

    It amuses me that a bunch of blind supporters of party that has infamously being quoted as “we had to deceive you” on more than one occasion have the audacity to claim that the opposition is all about deceit and lies.

    You lot are hilarious and hypocritical to the point of scariness…and ignorance

  46. ubp SUPPORT says:

    I am not at MAWi nor a PLP supporter, but have cast my last vote in the last election. No one should vote for opportunist who just want an mp salary and power for the children of the UBPers who want the power but not the legacy the PLP have claimef for the UBP. I will never faulter – I’m UBP now and forever!

  47. never PLP says:

    i agree and not mawi – its the ubp chidren who want to rule and gain the power of their parents.

  48. thats right says:

    no MAWi – just swan, jackson, barritt chidren want power and not have us recall they are ubp children

  49. ha ha says:

    that is so true, I know for a fact. they all want power and not work for it, lazy lazy la

  50. true says:


  51. onionpatch85 says:

    anything but plp – they have wasted our money on themselves,further their own agendas,put us in the shame(uigers)put us in the RED!reduce this pristine and econ.sound island as a ‘third-world slum’promoted a drug and crime culture..They should be ashame and leave without any fanfare!

  52. justgive goodgoverance says:

    We are struggling to survive as well-run island..the time for goodgoverance is NOW..The plp as fail us to run this place with efficiencey and savvy.