Education Fund For Children of Murder Victims

May 4, 2011

Saying “we have to start looking towards the future as a result of what’s happening now,” community action group ‘No Child Goes Without [NCGW] will be launching a campaign to raise funds for the further education of children who have lost their fathers to gun violence.

NCGW plans to start a bank account for each child left fatherless, starting with the child of the late Kenwandee Robinson and onwards. Mr Robinson was fatally shot in May 2009, and left behind a young son. Since then, many more children have been left fatherless due to gun crime.

NCGW President Grejai Smith said, “It doesn’t matter whether the children are from town, country, 42, Parkside, MOB and all the other affiliated crews. These children all deserve an education.”

“The money will be available the child for further education and to be used for that purpose only. There will be no money for bikes, cars, or bling etc. Should a child not wish to further their education the money will be put back into the charity for use by the other recipients.”

Pointing out the children will more than likely have already encountered some setbacks associated to their circumstances, Ms Smith said “let’s not make getting an education one of them.”

The full statement is below:

I must say, I am deeply saddened that I had to write this article; and what makes it worse is that in between starting and finishing this piece (6 days), we lost another young black male to one of these senseless shootings. I pray daily for the safety of those that are dear to me and mourn when I learn that another mother and father are left to grieve for their loss. As Bermuda struggles to deal with this problem, I have decided to once again, with the help of No Child Goes Without executive committee, to become part of the solution!

This generation appears to be lost and the generation behind it can’t seem to find their way either. We have to get through to the young children, the toddlers, the babies. As a community we have to teach them to love one another; let them know that it’s okay to have a friend in Somerset and live in St. George’s. We have to teach them now, so that the mindset can change and hopefully, we will have a new generation of children coming up who choose to be friends, despite where they come from. It’s only then, and with lots of hope and prayers, that positive change will come.

I had to write this article to keep the public in the loop as to what is happening with No Child Goes Without (NCGW). As some of you may have noticed we were not listed in this year’s list of registered charities. This is because we are in the process of restructuring the main focus of the charity. We will be reregistering with our new forward plan in the very near future.

I felt it was necessary to explain the restructure to the public, as it was the public who has kept this charity running. NCGW was officially launched in April 2008 and to date we have only held one fundraising event. This is solely due to the generous charitable donations from businesses and individuals alike. I would like to acknowledge everyone that contributed, whether it was financially or giving up time to help. YOU played a big part in making this work. THANK YOU AGAIN!

When No Child Goes Without started it was because I was passionate about an issue that was negatively affecting my island. I came up with an idea and jumped in head first! I wanted to do something without all of the red tape. I consulted with a high school friend, who is now Vice-President of one of our leading Accounting Firms, and asked him for advice on how to approach businesses for donations. I then went to the Philanthropy office and sought out advice on other charity related issues. I can very humbly state, that NCGW has yet to write a letter asking for donations from businesses/organisations within the community. All that is about to change!

I stated that it was passion that guided me to start this charity. It is now sheer determination to make a difference and be a part of the solution that has led me to take the charity in a new direction. We are all very well aware of the gun violence that has swept over the island over the last few years and it’s no secret that it’s tearing families apart.

There are too many children left fatherless because of these senseless shootings. While I sit with the rest of the island and watch things spiral out of control the one incident that truly broke my heart was when one child was left fatherless, one week before his entry into this world. His father never even had a chance to see his face. We have had numerous babies left without fathers but this one was heart wrenching for me. The name of this little boy is Kar’da Jahmiko Kumi LeShore-Brown and his birth inspired me to take this charity in a new direction.

I made up my mind that I would try to do something to help those children left behind. Hence, the changes within the charity; while there are still some wrinkles to iron out, the main focus will be to ensure that every child that has become fatherless, due to the gun violence be afforded the opportunity to receive a college education.

I know it may seem farfetched but it’s truly not! What I noticed when I started this charity, is that people show a lot of empathy when it comes to children, therefore the success of the charity. So if I received that much support, from the community, to ensure that children have school uniforms and food to eat, surely they will feel the same compassion, if not more, to ensure that children can receive an education.

It’s easy to say that Government should make sure these children are taken care of but the reality of it is that our island is suffering all over and sometimes you have to take things into your own hands if you want results.

We have countless ideas on how to raise money and once again we are going to jump head first into this project. I recently went to a meeting on gun violence held at the Seventh Day Adventist Church and while there I expressed my feelings on how the community could help these children. I was told that there is something in the works but you have to go through this first, then through that, then consult this person and on and on. Too much red tape!!! We are going to solicit funds from businesses and churches alike. As a community I know we can help.

I figure this island has enough churches that if a special collection was taken every once in awhile there will be substantial cash to donate. We would like to solicit the support of businesses to have denim days in aid of NCGW, as well as having tag days to aid in this cause.

Our plan is simple; NCGW is going to start a bank account for each child left fatherless due to gun violence. Starting with the child of the late Kenwandee Robinson and onwards. It doesn’t matter whether the children are from town, country, 42, Parkside, MOB and all the other affiliated crews. These children all deserve an education. All funds will be evenly distributed to the accounts as time goes on but for the children that may be nearing college entry we will boost their accounts first.

The money will be available the child for further education and to be used for that purpose only. There will be no money for bikes, cars, or bling etc. Should a child not wish to further their education the money will be put back into the charity for use by the other recipients. For those that don’t wish to leave the island, Bermuda College is always an option. As previously mentioned, there are things that have to be worked out before we officially start this project but that is my vision and we are going to follow through.

We have to start looking towards the future as a result of what’s happening now. 10 to 15 years from now we are going to have children who are victims of gun violence, face to face with each other in our school system. Remember, we only have two mega high schools. How do you think they are going to be able to sit in a classroom across from a classmate whose father shot his? Eerie isn’t it?

Before we get to that stage, we have to give the children some hope that there is a way out, a way for them to get out of the island and further their education. Give them a ray of hope, when things may look grim. They will more than likely have already encountered some setbacks associated to their circumstances, let’s not make getting an education one of them.

The real victims of these senseless acts are the children. We as a community must embrace them and provide them with the love and support they require to overcome these unfortunate circumstances. Our children are our most important assets for a bright future. We must ignite the light in their eyes. I encourage you to be a part of the catalyst that puts the light back in our hearts and with God’s help save our island.

Though I stated that I don’t like much red tape, I believe that when one deals with a charity the money has to be accounted for. We predict this project is going to generate more money than previously so we will be expanding the executive committee and putting people in place to ensure accountability. Please note that NCGW is a non-profit charity. We still have some people to contact so I can’t elaborate much further on that.

Once again, I would like to thank the already existing committee; Charmaine Cann, Albertha ‘Peaches’ Perinchief and Sudell Joseph for their continued help and support, I could have never done it without you!!

Our charity number is #833, look out for the re-registration….FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Grejai S. Smith


No Child Goes Without

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  1. joe says:

    In all due respect, there are enough charities on island providing support for children and students in all sorts of categories such that a new charity is not the answer to our problem. Yes, it is well meaning, but well placed? Put an end to the violence and while going about that perhaps we can address the issue of men having kids without any responsibility, and women wanting to ‘give’ their man of the day a child. Young parents with no parenting skills or notion of responsibility to the child and family are a root of gang violence. Address that, and we are getting somewhere.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Correct. The root cause is cultural acceptance of fragmented family units and “baby daddies”.

      • Truth be told says:

        Wait, so only children whose daddies have been shot get money? What about the children who have dead beat daddies that don’t pay a dime for them? What about the children who’s daddies are in jail? Do they not get money unless he gets shot? There are too many “fatherless” children in Bermuda whether by gun shot, prison, neglect… This could open a huge can of worms – requiring the father to be shot in order to get a guaranteed education?? I don’t even want to say it out loud. While I respect the many child advocacy charities out there and the passion that this woman has for these children, I believe this idea is a bit skewed in focus and will be very sketchy when the time comes to give the money. What if a “white” daddy gets shot – will you be handing over money to his little white kids???

        • Are you serious? says:

          Did the child/children actually know their father before their father was fatally shot? Did the father financially support their child/children before their untimely deaths? I agree with you @Truth be told! This will open a huge can of worms as there are so many fatherless children out there already with their mothers struggling daily to make ends meet and their fathers are alive and well. hmmm interesting

    • So what says:

      How about giving the children a proper Mom and Dad instead of an eduction fund.

      • sandgrownan says:


      • Anonymous says:

        How are you supposed to give them a proper dad when their dad has already been taken from them. You can not replace that!! Who are you to say that their parents are not well rounded parents. Especially the mother

        • Black pride says:

          exactly, only white people who are basically given everything they own will ASSUME its the all the parents fault. When in actual facts, the government wanted this crime spree to happen. Lets all shove the black people into one school and watch them kill each other..I BLAME THE UBP for instituting a failing system for the Public(average person) while they put their children into a million dollar private system.

          • bermyshotta says:

            @ black pride – ya an de PLP are doin a betta job of sorting all dis crime stuff out. get ova yaself. it AIN’T about black and white…an by doin dat it’s holdin YOU back as well. NOT ALL “WHITE PEOPLE” ARE DE SAME, LIVE IN A MANSION, LIVE ON SOUTH SHORE, GIVEN EVERYTHING. funny how some of de black ppl also put der children in de same “million dollar private system”. guess you ain’t one of dem hahaha. get OVA yaself and promote EQUALITY cuz we all in de same boat…black, white, green, purple, blue, etc.

      • Black Jesus says:

        @’So What’ – What a silly comment. How can you give someone a proper Mom and Dad???

    • Relevancy says:

      I applaud those that decided to move this initiative forward. I wonder if they are willing to partner with Charities like Big Brother/Big Sister etc to nuture these “fatherless” kids now. If you look at our local statistics the likelihood of a number of these kids seeking a college education (or even completing high school) is not promising. The Mincy report provides enough data just on young black males themselves and their readiness for employment. Instead of just donating money (which we are good at in Bermuda since it keeps folks from mentally and physically getting involved), we must find a way to nuture these children, get them excited about education and help them understand that it is very valuable and the way to improve their lives.

  2. loving it says:

    Good day

    I say this is a wonderful initiative. At some point i pray that this violence is curbed and we do not have any children left fatherless to these senseless murders, but until we get to that point, this is a wonderful step, and I am sure the mothers, and families that are left to support these children will appreciate the assistance and have on less thing to stress about.

    • sandgrownan says:

      They’re already “fatherless”, that’s the problem.

      • LOL (original) says:


        This is a good initiative and may brake the cycle as the education provided may lead to these kids getting better jobs allowing them to construct a family unit as the need for two, three and four jobs should decrease. Yes the divorce rate and baby dad’s would still need to be tackled in the short term but this should enable the family unit to reform thus bring morals back to the equation and may actually go as far as curbing teenage pregnancy. I have a good feeling for this I hope it is not abused as things like this have a potential to be abused.

        Thumbs up

        • sandgrownan says:

          Fair points, but the root cause is still….the root cause. Divorce rate is not the issue, since few of these parents are married in the first instance. Marriage is not the key either, although it might help, the key is a stable family unit, with two parents and a strong male role model.

          • Black pride says:

            Bermuda’s root to having single parenting homes is because of $$$$$..The parents have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to get by monthly, thus leaving the children home to raise themselves..You white people on this ROCK have no understanding while you sleep at night in your mansion on south Shore

            • Nicole says:

              What does working 2 or 3 jobs have to do with single parent homes? Let’s be real the men just don’t own up to responsibility and leave the mother and child to fend for themselves.

              • LOL (original) says:

                Funny I could name a few where the opposite is true. When will Bermudian ladies start having higher standards for who they open their legs for. All the blame can’t be on the men but if you ladies out there go for ain’t shi# men then what do you expect.


                • sick n tired!!!!! says:

                  Ooooooo . . . I just had to respond to your utter ignorance . . . hence ur name LOL!!!!! Be careful of your generalizations of “Bermudian women” having higher standards for whom they open their legs to!!!!!!!!!! Stand corrected as I am a Bermudian woman who opened her legs to a graduate of Warwick Academy with 11 GCE’s, and currently holds a top governement job . . . and he’s still a DEADBEAT!!!!!

                  The CHOICE to have a child is a two part decision either way you look at it and its a lifelong committment on the part of both people. Hence, if our men take their place in the lives of the children they create, we may see a reduction in the incidences of ignorance and violence we see.


                  My child is not a gang banger or involved in any of the foolishness currently going on because I made the choice to do what I had to do to ensure he didn’t end up that way, and NO it wasn’t easy!!!!!!

                  Clearly you are either a “female” that thinks she has it all in the bag . . . I pray your relationship never fails and your childs father walks away with the permission of the courts like he has no responsibility; your marriage never fails and your husband walks away like he never had a family and children; and lastly I pray that when you have children that their father is ALL THAT and does his job!!!!

                  And if by chance you’re a male, I pray your daughter will set higher standards when she opens her legs!!!!!!

                  Don’t talk utter ignorance please when clearly you have never walked in the shoes of a single mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    My comment provides balance yours and Ace girl’s is just stereotypical I’m a male with two daughters and I am involved with their live as much as I can be. You don’t like what I say skip it but its true in 65% of case’s this happens and as your name implies I’m sick and tire of the mind sets people have on my island. We don’t like white, black, men, women, or foreigners apparently. Read the comments for your self. Either the moral standards for our island have dropped to lows that are dangerous of the health of our society or I’m just old fashioned. By the way who said or had to be highly educated and hold a good Government job to be a good daddy when really that has only a very small part of the character you slept with. Yes I agree that having kids is a decision that two people should make together. My question to you is did you plan to have kids together or did you chose to not protect yourself and got pregnant. Also the male does have any easier time leaving the women with the kids maybe more people should think about that as part of the decision don’t you think? Since you have done all the assuming about me I do some about you and see if you like it. Your either young or had your kid young and got way over your head before you really grew up, you make snap decisions for yourself and try your best to put your kid(s) first but you feel neglected but tell yourself that its all the guys fault init. My point above is that it’s not always the guy’s fault. To illustrate further I know a guy who went though hell with his babies momma and then turned around and did it again a 2nd time. The first time I had sympathy of him the 2nd time showed me he likes abuse.

                    LOL try to stop having a knee jerk reaction and read the whole statement it’s not always about you as things very from case to case.

                • Nicole says:

                  If you weren’t so quick to argue with me all the time white man you’d see I said that in a comment further down. You know it’s more MEN than women who are deadbeats and this is a proven fact. It’s much EASIER for a man to up and leave. No not ALL men are like that. Stop looking to argue with me all the time. I knew you were white. SMH. I’m sure you’re a great catch yourself right? I never said all the blame was on the man! I’m referring to the actual DEADBEAT men!

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    Your statements on the whole are generally written even if you did not intend them so as general statements implying all without clarification therefore you got the response you did. It’s happened to you before in the comments about working with foreigners in an earlier thread where I’m sure you felt jumped on by multiple posters. These generalizations tend to produce negative comments in response. I know being PC is a pain but it is what it is. I started out with just looking at the political stories due to the racial rhetoric as I am in an interracial relationship and my kids are mixed and for course I want them to reach as high up for success as they can. To clarify I do have one child that I have raised from a young age an I love her for my own so I do recognize that some times things just done work out.

                    LOL (note this name started when Bernews first kicked off and I used to end my comments with a joke as I think some people need to laugh alittle as it is good for the body and mind but I’m finding less and less to joke about these days.)

            • Relevancy says:

              This is not true…the data shows that folks working 2 and 3 jobs have been steadily declinging….

            • sandgrownan says:

              Black Pride – that is fundamentally incorrect.

            • LOL (original) says:

              You know what dude I’m white and you are agreeing with what I’m saying $$$$ being the root of what I’m saying and then you throw out the racist statement. Wait a go you have the whole country’s health at heart don’t you. (sarcasm intended). When will you except that not all white are rich and evil. Get a life.


            • Watching! says:

              Your a racist idiot and back it up with your uneducated statements! Not all white people are handed everything they need. My parents worked their asses off, two jobs in fact BUT most importantly they were and still are there for me, no nannies here! We don’t have a mansion and can’t afford one. We are struggling as a family to even pay for rent, put food on the table and to provide the very basic necessities to get by. We have basic jobs, no one is in the insurance business in my family but you won’t see anyone from my family taking to robbing and shooting people. We have been taught self respect and to help each other regardless of race.

              By the way, we live on North Shore you dumb fool

    • Still Larnin... says:

      Maybe if it was a loan…

    • Still Larnin... says:

      Or it could be funded from POC…?

  3. F BERMUDA!!! says:


    • Black pride says:

      you dont know anything, or at least it sounds like that !!!!

    • In General says:

      Sorry if you are refering to getting a decent salary in the US Military – you are wrong – FULL TIME US recruits make $14K – $17K annually!!!!! (This is the 2011 pay scale).

      BTW – US poverty line is set at $22K!

      I am not sure what our part time recruts get here – but i am sure it might be similar to that amount.

    • bernews says:

      @ F Bermuda, just as a note, you can help a wider variety of kids if you want to, Ms Smith’s initiative doesn’t preclude that. You can donate your time or money to a variety of organisations that exist to help children; Sunshine League, Big Brothers, Family Center, Scouts etc. Like most charities, they aren’t exactly rolling in surplus cash, and very much welcome assistance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Grejai, I think what you are doing is great. Yes their are other organizations that focus on giving money to kids but not in the way that you are talking about. These kids deserve all the help they can get.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Organic Bermudian says:

    It really disturbs me that some people are bent on allowing negativity to rule their little minds. So what if there are “enough” charities on this island? Ms Smith expressed her reasons for starting this particular charity whilst all some of you can do is negate the reason for it. Instead of being so JUDGEMENTAL why don’t you do something different and ASSIST rather then DAMAGE some good coming out of a very serious crime wave. Who are you to judge theses fathers/mothers?? What makes you spew such disdain?? This is one of the biggest problems BERMUDA is facing!! PEOPLE who would rather JUDGE then DO! PEOPLE who live to SHUT others DOWN! PESSIMIST!!! Get a LIFE so that TOGETHER WE AS A COUNTRY CAN WORK TOGETHER INSTAED OF TEARING EACH OTHER DOWN!!
    Maybe the ONLY thing that will change yours MINDS is to have such evil befall upon your door step!! STOP JUDGING OTHERS INSTEAD MAKE A “POSITIVE” CONTRIBUTION TO A CAUSE for a CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yup! says:

      Like!!!!! Like!!! Like!!!! The only thing Grejai is trying to do is contribute more positive into the negative. Which is much needed. STFU becuase we’ll probably need to fund your kids becuase your mindset is so……not even go there. There is no hope. To much division critics hating just a mess! We can contribute in many ways this is hers, so stop and go comment on something different becuase crying this poositive down is a negative.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Given that we are approaching no. 5 on the world list of “murders per capita” I suspect that I have a right to criticise these mothers/fathers.

      While this charity is noble, it doesn’t attack the cause, it attacks a symptom.

      • Organic Bermudian says:


      • Black pride says:

        how can you compare our 8 or 10 murders to 1200 in NYC alone? per capita is merely a statistic based on square mile because Bermuda is so small. So STATISTICALLY it is alot of murders. But we have had 1% the amount of murders compared to the US.. so go back to the US !!!

        • Applying for green card says:

          I think “per capita” signifies per unit of population. Do me a favour Einstein, divide our number of murders by our population and then divide 1200 by 8.2 million for NYC and then decide if we have a problem or not. I can not believe how stupid some of you sympathizers are! You “Black Pride” are in denial.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bermudians irritate the life out of me. Here it is this young lady is doing something positive and you all want to find some negative in it. What about the children who have lost a parent and certain organizations or persons have gotten together to organise events to raise funds for them. This is no different. It is not like she is saying that these funds will be given to the kids to do whatever with. She said quite clearly that if the child does not choose to go to further their education than it will be applied to someone else within the organization.

    Again Grejai, stick with what you are doing. Do not let these naysayers get the best of you. You are doing a great job and are applying things in the correct places.

  7. wild thang says:

    Yes, I support this but government need to sit up and pay attention we are in the middle of a recession and you are cutting free college fees? You couldn’t get this money from some where else ?

  8. Uncle Ruckus says:

    So these kids are being given a free education because SOME of the men murdered, their fathers decided to be in a gang? I say some because not all of our murder victims were actively involved in any gang.

  9. crazyness says:

    I have a child whose father is still alive and we both have jobs. We are both struggling to support our child especially after being cut from the child day care due to our irresponsible government… Where’s the help for us? No offense but some of the men who have been murdered were unemployed anyway.

    • Organic Bermudian says:


    • Alicia B says:

      Seriously you show have thought about that before you brought kids into this world. Children cost money to raise and support. Sounds like a pity party for yourself/plight. Don’t have’em if you can’t afford them.

      I support this initiative – good work NCGWO – To Grejai and your executive committee keep pushing forward – this is a start in saving these innocent victims from repeating the cycle. But I agree, in partnership with other mentoring charities we can make a difference in saving the next generation.

      Baby mommas and baby daddies is another issue that needs to be address but this if not the forum for it. Stop with the naysaying and start with the solution brainstorming. Negativity is what has gotten us to this point. Some people never learn, shame on them!!!

    • Yawn says:

      You sound selfish whining about help for you when this is about helping out kids. This girl started this thing to try and help people if you don’t like that GET OUT THERE AND START YOUR OWN ISH UP.

    • Yawn says:

      “being cut from the child day care due to our irresponsible government”

      You arent “cut” from day care You just have to pay for it yourself like otehrs do. Wasnt irresponsible for Government to cut your welfare check, its irresponsible to have kids you cant afford.

    • Thoughts says:

      Crazyness, I feel you. I don’t see you as selfish. It’s a obvious reaction. It is a situation that all of us have to look within our hearts and pray about. I too struggle with this charity as many of these fathers lived unproductive lives; and there are many needy children who’se father’s try their best, yet, struggle to make ends meet. As I search my own heart, I believe I feel a sense of anger. Anger that these fathers have put our island in such turmoil. Anger that they sold drugs and guns. Lastly, anger, that now we have to support their children. I believe God will tell us to be merciful. But thankfully, He alone has the patience to allow us to get to that conclusion, if and when we do.

  10. Please says:

    I just hope that when these kids start college there is enough money in this fund to enable them to finish. There is nothing worst then starting and having to stop due to financial constraints. What you are doing here is a bit much.

    • Grizz says:

      @ Please my vision wasn’t that far fetched. I know that we won’t be able to fund their WHOLE college education but sometimes all you need is a start. Wouldn’t you have wanted someone to at least give you a chance?

  11. Grizz says:

    Good Morning All, I must say I was most surprised at all of the negative comments but I say STILL I RISE, and THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I choose not to wait for Government to do something if I have the power and sheer determination to make a change. Someone asked about partnering with another organisation like Big Brothers and Sisters, well my response is simple; that is a mentoring programme and that was not my primary focus. My intention is to make sure that they have an opportunity to receive a COLLEGE EDUCATION. And if you read the article further it states that my intention is to get all of these children in an environment where they can learn, play and laugh together so as they grow older the CURRENT circumstances won’t matter, hopefully. And to answer F BERMUDA, I chose these children because I felt a need to! I can’t please the world and by the comments here I can’t even please everyone in my own country but I wasn’t put on this earth to please man, I had a vision and I am sticking to it. Have a wonderful day!

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Cool story bro.

    • Organic Bermudian says:


  12. RME says:

    It’s a nice idea, but I would like to see it extended to include the children of WOMEN who have also been killed by violent means, such as domestic violence. Their children are just as vulnerablle.

  13. Cush says:

    Grizz the idea was put in your heart and you went with it be blessed use the negative comments to spurr you on

  14. lady G says:

    i dont think that its a bad thing giving to the kids that dont have fathers, but who says they where there for them in the first place…? the mother probably wasnt receiving anything from jump! how about helping we mothers that have the fathers here but dont get the help. you people help who you want to help, BDA is becoming one confused messed up Island. I am a single mother of 2 kids, mind me I have a full time job but its hard as most will know, i have tried to get the help and i continue on getting the answer NO! U make enough money… now let me put it out there i make $480.00- $510.00 per week, i have to pay for groceries every week $200.00 plus after school program every week $25.00 per child, i have light bill every month, i dont have trnasportations so i have to catch the bus every day to and from work which makes that $6.00 a day which makes that $30.00 a week. i have bills that i have to pay weekly just so that i would not get incarcerated… lord forbid if one of my kids get sick and i have to buy medication and miss a day or two from work…and i not even going to begin to start on the summer camps, cost and everything else, lord only knows how i am going to make out! but thank god i am a praying young lady… i pray things will get better for we single parents that need the help and cant get it for whatever reason. (and i cant get the help but you gonna help them,) half of them probably dont even need the help. its so sad, Bermuda has changed alot

    • Nicole says:

      Where are the father(s) of your kids? I have a relative who made the dead beat father of her kid go to court. Its not much but he’s forced to pay her. I get what you are saying because most of these guys get off and don’t have to pay anything however these women need to stop sleeping with no good men. I knew the father of her child was a P.O.S before she even had the kid but apparently she didn’t see it. I would have never shacked up with such a loser knowing very well a child could be a result.

  15. WOW says:

    I support this, however I don’t see why ALL the children of murder gun victims aren’t being given this opportunity – why is it only going as far back as Kenwandee?

    • Grizz says:

      @ WOW: This was an error. We are going back to Shaki Crockwell as he was the first victim, making his 11 yr old son the first. My apologies for that mistake.

      • WOW says:

        Okay cool! That’s who I was thinking of actually, he also has another little boy who actually never really got to meet him; I don’t even think he was 1 yet when Shaki was killed. Let me know where and when I can help out, I could not imagine my son or I having to go on living without his dad….

  16. lady G says:

    @Nicole…. the father of my kids pretty much has the same problem as i, he is a working man that has a full time job makes $400.00 – $500.00 a week, has a very sick mother at home that has medical issues,has to pay rent, lights and has to catch the bus every day, plus pay for a nurse that takes care of his sick mom while he is at work, he has also asked for the help, he is NOT a dead beat daddy, he spends time with the kids on a regular but unfortunately he cant really help financially which i do understand… he does give a lil when he can but thats not often because of the living conditions he is under…. so its no need for me to take him court when i know the situation… instead of me saying single mothers i should have said single parents because there are some fathers out there like. myself….

  17. peace says:


  18. Winnie says:

    ….and we wonder why Bda is in it’s present state, I wonder if some of the posters really read what they write (shaking head) where is the love gone ??

  19. lol says:

    @ crazyness although I see what everyone is upset about. I understand where you are coming from in the sense that it is a hard time for all of our ppl right now.

  20. Candy says:

    I’m really surprised at all the negative and “what about me” responses. This lady is doing her part to help people in need. Yes there are others in need as well but this is where she chose to put her focus. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. @ F Bermuda in my opinion making it free for students to catch buses and to go up the college is what helped to put Bermuda in a financial strain along with careless spending by the government. It sounded good but the bigger picture is that created a deficit in income to the island.@ crazyness and lady g are you saying that your children are more worthy of help then the children that lost their fathers? If so that’s a very selfish attitude. Selfish attitude is the reason why we have so many problems on this island in the first place. Most people don’t care how their actions affect other whether in thought, word or deed. Quite frankly until everyone makes a collective effort to care about and help others our island will remain the same and in some cases get worst. What happened to the loving and caring attitudes we used to have towards each other? Do you think you are helping things by criticizing people who are trying to make a difference? In my opinion you are adding to the problem. It’s like a dominoe effect. Your negative selfish attitudes roll onto others and in the we all fall. Instead why don’t you change your negative attitude into a positive one so we can come together to help one another to rise above life’s challenges and trials.

  21. lady G says:

    and just to make this clear to everyone that reads my previous comments… i am not saying that what is being done to help these kids is not a good idea… it is very much so a good idea but why help some and not all…. i pray for the kids that are left without dads and i also pray for the mothers that are left to raise them on their own, may God bless you and yours!! peace and Love BDA, love you all

  22. LADY I says:

    first offff…nobody helped u lay down wit him….so work it out, there r ppl wit bigger issues n if ya always been stuggling u should hv neva had tha youtz…..u sound silly so just be happy its even ppl out there tryna help at all….unfuqinbeleivable!! im embarrassed 4 u lady g’

  23. My point is... says:

    So what’s the point of godparents? These children probably have at least a dozen godfathers, sure they all haven’t left us. Bermudians have also lost sight of the god-parent meaning. Godparents, step up to the plate and/or mothers, invest the money you receive from the Government.

    • WOW says:

      And this too!! I’ve seen it way too much, even with my own god children. They have like 20 god parents and really and truly only know 5. Alot of my friends have tried to make me a god parent, but um I have 2 god sons and 2 god daughters already PLUS a son of my own. You can name me honorable Aunt, but that’s about it, why? Well my dear, God forbid you die an untimely death, I would be responsible to care for your child because I accepted the role of god parent and I already have 5 kids on my plate… but yeah, alot of god parents have no clue…

  24. go bck says:

    Go back to chena death her youngest child wasn’t even a teenager n never gotten the chance for a good life he had anger in him its not just about gun victims people who don’t have there parents not just man but grizzly ur doing good keep it up n its not about white n black we all need to work together n have 1 govenment I say but have a good day all

  25. lady G says:

    TO LADY I… Clearly YOU didnt read my comments properly.. so the only silly one is YOU!!! And dont go there bout never having my kids, and i never sad i didnt like the issue that they are helping… back track and read my Sh*T again!!!!! And yes i layed down cause i wanted to and it was GOOOOD too!!!! SO you work it out!!! Str8 up

  26. lady G says:

    and u should be the one for commenting and not knowing what the hack ya talking bout

  27. lady G says:

    correction… missed out a word you should be the embarrassed one*** LADY I

  28. LADY I says:


  29. Charmaine, VP of NCGW says:

    Wowwww!!! Firstly, I would like to make a correction to the article. We will go as far back as the child/children of Shaki Minors. Thank you for all the positive support and negative support, either way you have read the article and hopefully encourage others to help. I am however surprised at the negative overtones and responses of a lot of these comments. WE, as Bermudians are such whiners and always looking for some degree of sympathy for the situation we find ourselves in. Yes, we have all had bad relationships, and may not have chosen the most responsible person to father our child, and yes, the gang violence stems from the home and the parents, BUT, We have to take accountability for our own actions and accept that everything has consequences. Thereafter, we can move forward to solve the problem or at least create a situation for ourselves that we can handle. Everyone deserves an education! We are not saying that we plan to pay for the entire college education, that would be near impossible as education for one person can cost up to $200K. We are actively willing to assist in the funding, whether the monies are used for books, housing, school fees or living expenses, it lessens the burden. I’ve read comments regarding the parents of the children, if you do a social enquiry on every one of the fathers that have been murdered in this “gun war” you will discover that each amd every one of them was “REAL” fathers to their children. Irregardless of their social affiliations, their children came first. These men were caught in a war by default. The friend they kept were the friends they grew up with, the enemies they have/had were their friends at one point until overgrown egos took control. Their deaths may/may not have had a direct relation to anything that they did in the past. Try to understand the war before you prejudice and categorize the victims!..@ F Bermuda…Have you have heard the saying – When people think you are ignorant; why open your mouth and remove all doubt?..This is exactly why we need to go forward with an iniative like this. We value and appreciate honesty and opinions, however, when I read comments with number of typos in that comment (which you may or may not have even realized were made) discredits your opinion immediately and reinforces the need for us to do this. How about we all stop complaining and make a positive plan of our community! You want a better job, upgrade your knowledge and skills; the opportunities are there for all of us. If you dont see one, create one. You want more money? find a job that pays more money; if that’s not possible, cut out expenses and luxuries until you can afford them comfortably…trust me, I am speaking from experience, not opinion! There are solutions to every problem. Open your minds and stop shutting down every positive idea that anyone puts forward to make a difference. I challenge every one of the naysayers to come up with a go-forward plan to help the community. If you choose not to, please exit stage door left and let those of us who want to make a difference, make one!!!! Step up or Shut up!

    • Charmaine, VP of NCGW says:

      My apologies, I meant *Shaki Crockwell*

  30. Charmaine, VP of NCGW says:

    BBBS needs male mentors, if you or anyone you know would like to be a Big Brother or Big Sister, please encourage them to join. We need to raise our children people and stop pointing fingers and playing the blame game. We are all feeling the financial strains. We are in a recession. We can point fingers at our Governement until our fingers fall off but in the meantime, what happens to the potential leaders of our country? If we dont put positive, constructive reasonings in, how can we ever expect positive and progressive results to come out?

  31. Concerned says:

    Someone need sto start a mentoring group!!! Okay..great! You want to give these kids money for college but are you going to make sure that they are educated before college?? Who is going to teach their daughters NOT to get with gang bangers??? Most of their fathers were in gangs and not college educated themselves..also most of them weren’t married to these kids mothers! I think that what she wants to do is great but we have got to get to the root of the problem!! AND I SURE DO WISH THAT PEOPLE WOULD STOP BLAMING ONE HIGH SCHOOL FOR GANGS!!So beacuse kids go to one “VERY nice” high school, that made them into GANG BANGERS and Thugs!!! some kids in Africa have no school to go to!! Stop blaming white people and the UBP for our problems cause the PLP haven’t done ANY better!!
    Get to the root of the problem if not none of them would even live long enough to finish high school!
    Whine…whine…whine The White man and the UBP did this to us!! Finish High School..further your education and become productive citizens!!

  32. Nkosazana Wilson says:

    I am the mother of Colford Ferguson’s daughter Ny’Ashia Ferguson-Wilson, after reading this article and the comments I am trying to understand how people can be so negative whenever someone tries to bring some positive into the situation (shootings). We (the mothers) are not and have not asked anyone to feel pity or feel sorry for us, nor have we cried out for financial help and I am sure that every one of them can agree with me that what Grejai Smith is doing is a great thing. I commend you on this and thank God that there are still some Bermudians who are passionate and consider children as very important because they are our future. Each one of these children have suffered a life changing tragedy and no one but us mothers know the full impact that it has had on their lives. From my experience it was very hard to explain to my 4 yr old daughter that her daddy is gone and she wouldn’t see him again. These children are innocent and did not deserve this and it’s time for the negativity to stop. I don’t understand how anyone can come on here and make a negative comment…yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but my daughter’s daddy was not caught up in this gun crap. On the comment about the majority of them not working, Colford WAS AT WORK when he was MURDERED….he had NOTHING to do with it, all he wanted to do was provide for his family. So before you think about commenting on a positive thing that a fellow Bermudian is trying to do…THINK about it.

    • WOW says:

      Oh thank you Kosa, cause some of these people amaze me! Like someone once said on here before, “who feels it, knows it”. I swear it ALWAYS takes for a situation to reach someone’s door step before they start to even want to do something about it, and that’s sad. Colfy was a very good friend of mine; you, your daughter and his entire family will ALWAYS be in my prayers.

    • bernews says:

      Thanks for the post Ms Wilson, your perspective is much appreciated.

    • Concerned says:

      Your little girls father was one of the innocent guys! A hard working man taking care of his responsibilities. Most of the negative comments are regarding the men that were gang bangers!! Seems like most people are for this charity but what we are saying is that we have got to get to these kids early so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of their fathers. Great you have money for college but what type of mentoring happens up until that point. So sorry that you and your daughter have to go through this and we will continue to pray for you. he was one of the innocent victims but many of them were not so innocent!

      I would like to see all of these kids mothers come together with there kids and show these gang bangers that their kids can get along so why can’t they! Make it one big play date! Has anyone ever thought about that???

      Good luck and God Bless!

      • Nkosazana Wilson says:

        Thank you….I think that is an excellent idea.

  33. Charmaine, VP of NCGW says:

    We can all agree that we are a community in turmoil. Although we cannot ignore the what ifs, can we focus on the what is? No Child Goes Without provides assistance with school clothes, school lunches, school supplies and have also assisted in summer camp fees for primary aged children. The families that we have assisted are very appreciative thus far because every little bit helps. This article was put forward to let the public know what our current restructuring plans are. We are in no way trying to or agreeing to taking any responsibilities away from the parents.

  34. What Happen To The Old Bermuda? says:

    The Bermudians I remember were compassionate and had a conscious. The Bermudians I would like to forget are insensitive and vindictive. Judging by the negative and heartless comments written by individuals [under the guise of adults], I am ashamed, shocked and appalled. Your comments were unwarranted and unjustified and your beliefs inhumane and insensitive and clearly imply why our young people have no moral compass or regard for human life. As the expression goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Thoughtless and heartless comments do not have a place in our society.
    No wonder why Bermuda is in a State of Emergency. And no wonder why the island is experiencing these calamities. No wonder why our children are killing each other? They have been misguided by negligent parents, Missing in Action (MIA) fathers, and a society who feels no duty or responsibility to its children, its citizens, its community and its country. And consequently, have cultivated a generation of children who are misguided, have no moral turpitude and crave instant gratification. Generations of adults who have become self-centered parents, self-absorbed people and selfish politicians who are only concerned with ME, ME, and ME and who lack the moral compass to guide our children, because they are begrudged, have “pent up” anger, and can only see as far as me.
    Bermuda you have neglected and negated your responsibility and we are in a worse state then we can even imagine or have even realized. No more is the saying, “Bermuda is Another World” suitable. But rather Bermuda is “Out of This World” sounds more sufficient. A people so out of touch with their emotions that they would rather make derogatory comments to undermine a cause that would enable innocent children the opportunity to further their education. Why are your hearts so hardened? Your minds so contaminated. Your actions so badly influenced. Is this the remnants of a society that inherited western and other cultural influences that have tainted our conscious and manipulated our thinking?
    When I grew-up, the village was the main stakeholder in raising our children. In today’s society we are so worried about ourselves, that we don’t think about those around us. If we concerned ourselves more with being involved in our neighbor’s lives instead of competing with them, our children would be better off. Collectively and in unison, from the sanitation worker, sales associate, teacher, lawyer, all the way up to the Premier, every single person that comes in contact with our child should have some degree of influence on them.
    For those of you who are under the impression that most children who come from single family homes is a part of the problem. Then you have misspoken and are sadly mistaken. My husband and I divorced and because he chose to be emotionally detached but the courts enforced him to be financially attached, I have as a single parent raised my children and they are currently in college regardless of the insurmountable hurdles and obstacles they faced. So am I an irresponsible, single parent, who lacked parental skills and looked for a hand out. No, I am someone who sought direction, followed it, persevered and today I am a proud single parent.
    Ms. Smith, I applaud you in your efforts. Any commitment or cause that would provide further education to empower individuals to enhance their scholarly talents and their economic stability should be commended and not criticized by small-minded people. For those of you who would make such disparaging remarks, I say shame on you. If more Bermudians would lose their haughty spirits, their jealous inhibitions and their “ostrich in the sand” mentality, then and ONLY then will God Heal the Land.
    People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

  35. joe says:

    I made the first comment and I stand by it.
    And God has nothing to do with this.

    • dnshakir says:

      @joe, since you have our root cause figured out, perhaps you can start sharing some of your ideas on how to approach and resolve…why is it that everyone can give all the reasons we are living in hell but find it difficult to be a physical part of the solution?

      Grizz, my hat is off to you!! Although your idea might not be a perfect solution to all things wrong…it is a perfect thought along with a perfect action!!! God Bless You!!!

  36. Grejai, President NCGW says:

    @ concerned please read your last paragraph and then read my statement; That’s exactly what we intend to do! Everyone is saying get to the root of the problem, the root is nurturing these children from young to love one another. At the end of the day we can’t force the mothers to let the children interact together at events that are held but we can only do our best.

  37. Thoughts says:

    If you pay for the drug dealer’s child to receive an education, then what about the child of the drug addict? Let’s be fair. I know this charity has good intentions, but many of these men were into illegal activities; and they saw more money in their short lived lives, than many of us will see in a lifetime.