BEPRO Summer Kick Off Party at Newstead

June 14, 2011

Bermuda’s Emerging Professionals (BEPRO) are holding a summer Kick Off party to relaunch the newly re-branded organization and introduce the newly elected Board members, as well as offering an opportunity for individuals to renew their membership or to sign up as a new member.

BEPRO Kick Off Party

A division of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, BEPRO is aimed specifically at emerging professionals, or those within the first 15 years of their careers.

The mission of BEPRO is to connect a diverse and progressive network of emerging professionals who wish to develop professionally, socially and civically. The group aims to provide professionals within Bermuda, whether locals or expats, from various industries with opportunities to network with one another, develop their professional skills, and contribute to the community.

BEPRO’s first summer event will be its Kick Off party at The Newstead Hotel in Paget on June 16th from 5:30-8:30pm. A complimentary private water shuttle service will be available from Hamilton Ferry Dock to the Newstead Dock at 5:20, 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20, and 7:50pm. DJ D’General will be on the turntables spinning some of the most popular tunes and happy hour drink prices will be in effect.

There will also be raffle prizes to be won for BEPRO members and those who sign up to be members at the event; including a travel voucher from Coldwell Banker, Gas vouchers from HWP, Easypark Devices, an mp4 player from Logic Communications, a Blackberry Torch from Digicel, a range of libations from Premier Distributors, and more…..

“Our Summer Kick Off event could not have been possible without the very generous sponsorship support we have received from Attride-Stirling and Woloniecki, as well as HSBC’s continued support,” said Kim Caines, Chairman of BEPRO. “This will be a chance to enjoy the weather and company of other like-minded individuals as we network and socialise.We are very excited about the new events, networking opportunities, and educational forums that we have planned for the year, including a Lunch and Learn series discussing personal finance and managing your money. The three part series will begin on Tuesday June 28th and is free for BEPRO members and $10 for non-members. This is just the beginning of what is in store for our members this year.”

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  1. Red says:

    Like minded individuals..Whoa!! What next, membership to Mid Ocean?

    Very thin line between racism and elitism. Very thin….

    • MinorMatters says:

      Red – what planet are you on? When people congregate willingly, by default it’s because they are “like-minded individuals”. It’s entirely your perspective as to the value judgement that you place on people who wish to be together whether it’s to be affiliated with gangs or a professional organization or a Golf club in Bermuda. Could it be Privilege – Sacrifice – Role Model? Reminds me of the HSBC airport ad compaign – “A different point of view is simply the view from a place where you’re not.”– HSBC

      • randy says:

        I suspect the planet reality. I think Red has struck a nerve!!!

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          No..more like planet ignorant…

          Every organization is formed with people who share the similar beliefs and goals.

          Explain how a young professional organization that is comprised of a wide array of Bermuda’s demographic is potentially racist. I have attended a few of their events and it is not dominated by any one particular ethnic group. Just because you don’t go doesn’t make it racist. I am sick and tired of some individuals always pulling the race card out for each and every f*cking news article. Get a life and little perspective.

          Do you consider the PLP to be racist because it is comprised of like minded individuals? Do you have a problem with certain PLP members being members of Tuckers Point, Mid Ocean or any other golf club?

          Or maybe we can make it easy for you and just have the Government ban any white people from joining and/or forming any sort of organization. But I am pretty sure ignorant individuals such as yourselves will find another way to throw around false accusations against others that don’t look like you in order to justify your overt and blatant racism and prejudices.

  2. Nijah Smith says:

    “Like minded” meaning we are focused on advancing our professional careers and are concerned about making the Bermuda we are currently living in BETTER (even in a small way).

    There is always someone who has to bring negativity. This is a VERY diverse group of talented young people coming together for something positive, which rarely gets highlighted in the news.

    As the Social Event Director of the board this year I am offended by that comment, and cannot understand how bringing young professionals together is in anyway racist or elitist. We welcome anyone to come along and enjoy our event.

    “The mission of BEPRO is to connect a diverse and progressive network of emerging professionals who wish to develop professionally, socially and civically. The group aims to provide professionals within Bermuda, whether locals or expats, from various industries with opportunities to network with one another, develop their professional skills, and contribute to the community.”

    • Ashley says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Miss Smith. It really is such a shame that there are people that cling to negativity and aren’t open minded enough to see things for what they really are. I will most definitely be in attendance at this positive, progressive event.

    • IS there a contact number so that I can get more info.. This sounds like something I would like my son to attend.

      • kimberley says:

        @Talk 2 me str8

        You can contact the chamber at 295-4201 or email

        With respect to tomorrow’s event, all information is on the above flyer. The event is taking place at Newstead from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Our team will be there to discuss upcoming events and to sign up or renew membership for individuals.

        We look forward to meeting your son and sharing with him what BEPRO has in store for this year. We have teams for the following areas: professional development, marketing, social, membership and community service so if your son has a particular interest in one of the areas we will direct him to the relevant Directors.

        Thanks for your interest!

  3. Genghis Khan says:

    BEPRO appears to be a clique that has decided to form an ‘official’ group charging others to join, but remains a clique none the less. Being a past member has bought very little benefit to my business.

    Going out drinking with other emerging professionals can be fun but aside from slim networking potential, does not help my bottom line. There are few that have benefited, especially those on the BEPRO board. Most of them being social butterflies and can be seen drinking and partying most weekends. Zoe is hot though.

    • Joe says:

      @ Genghis Khan – then dont come. Youre obviously not understanding the mission of this group.. and not networking properly…. and clearly not going to any of the lunch n learns which are on very diverse topics by the way… and are quite informative.
      So youre saying the BEPRO board cant sucessfully bring together young professionals for networking opportunities because you think they are social and party on the weekends? Wow you must not be able to multi-task nor be able to balance your social and work life. Unfortunate for you.

    • Jahan Cedenio says:

      Genghis, as stated in the article it’s a new board and as such I’m sure they will bring a new direction to the organization. Therefore I’d encourage you to attend the event tomorrow to see what the new board has in store. The concerns you raised are valuable feedback to me and as the membership officer I’d personally like to meet you tomorrow so we can discuss how better to serve our membership. I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to Zoe for you.

  4. Jasmine Desilva says:

    Mr.Genghis Khan, have the guts to post your real name when spreading such negativity. Since the rest of us have too much work to actually reply in vivid detail I’m just going to agree with you on one thing.

    Zoe is hott and she has a law degree. Smart and Gorgeous!

  5. Fiona says:

    People have to remember that any membership is what you make it. Networking is about making the connections that are being made available to you, standing out from the crowd and not expecting these things to land on your lap just because you think you are special..Mr. Khan. As BEPRO members you are also Chamber members and have access to an even greater network of professionals, business owners etc. If Mr. Khan, would like to step forward using his real name and speak to me, like a real person with real concerns, I would be more than happy to discuss how his membership and maybe even his life perhaps may work better for him. His pseudonym speaks volumes.

    Zoe Roberts has likely accomplished more in her life most people will. She is a wonderful role model who knows how to balance life beautifully and if she looks good doing it then more power to her. Zoe was just one of many, equally accomplished professionals who stepped up to the plate, and helped form this group two years ago. They have done a fabulous job and have a great following.

    I can’t wait to be there to support the new team tomorrow night!

    Divisonal Coordinator
    Chamber of Commerce

  6. Zoe Roberts says:


    I am sorry that you feel like BEPRO did not satisfy your needs/interests. I am sure the new Board will endeavor to better accommodate you within the limits of BEPROS mission and aims.

    In my tenure, BEPRO has raised money for a number of charities and acted as a conduit for emerging professionals to get involved in charitable work and give back. We have hosted many lunch n learns on leadership, public speaking, investing and other business related topics. We utilized Benedict Associates to host 2 leadership seminars which greatly benefited all those that attended and BEPRO had a huge representation at the Women’s Leaderships Conference, where members were invited to sit on the panel or attend. The social events are only one part of BEPRO – an integral part nonetheless. Our aim on the social front, basically, is to create the environment. It is your job to utilize and better yourself and your company – we are BEPRO, not McKinsey.

    BEPRO sits under the umbrella of The Chamber of Commerce and have created a set of bylaws which we strictly adhere to. In our 2 years of operation, we have had 2 AGMS to discuss finance, effectiveness of the Board and next steps. We had the pleasure of Sir John and Caroline Myers attend as key note speakers, 2 prominent visionaries whose message was how to get ahead in Bermuda, how to grow and how to better yourself. Did you attend?

    Our Board, past and current, is made up of a very versatile dynamic and creative crew. We come from different industries, environments and ideologies. Our membership shows the same and is made up of 150 emerging professionals…..surely this cannot be defined as a clique.

    This island is wrought with critics, how about being a ‘doer’ . Why don’t you help add insight and value to BEPRO, then maybe you will reap the benefits and get back what you so desire. Genghis Khan came to power by uniting many nomadic tribes of Norhteast Asia, which led to the creation of the Mogul Empire. Since you use his name as an alias, why don’t you give insight to BEPRO as to how they can better unite professionals from diverse industries and give examples on how we can better serve professionals and their needs.

    There is no need to comment on the rest of your opinion.

    I too will be at BEPROS summer kick off, I am extremely excited about it. Why don’t you come along and further discuss your views with the new board, they would be happy to hear you out and accommodate you as best they can.