Armed Robbery At Pembroke Home

July 6, 2011

Earlier today [July 6] two men, one carrying a gun, broke into a Clarke’s Lane, Pembroke residence and escaped on foot after stealing electronics, cash and jewelry.  The home owners were present at the time, however they were not injured.

A Police spokesperson said, “At approximately 1: 40 pm, Police responded to a report of a burglary at a Clarke’s Lane, Pembroke residence.”

“It appears two men entered the residence, one carrying what appeared to be a firearm. The suspects stole several items including electronics, cash and jewelry and made good their escape by running away in a southerly direction.”

“The home was occupied at the time of the incident; however the occupants were not injured. The two suspects were described as being approximately 6ft tall; one of medium build, one of large build, brown skinned and around 22 years old.”\

“One suspect had dreads or braids and was wearing a hat, scarf and hooded jacket. The other suspect had short hair, green eyes and was wearing a white T-shirt and long jeans.”

“Police are encouraging anyone who may have any information about this incident or anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011.”

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  1. #Ruthless says:

    These boys are getting worse, armed robbery in broad daylight! They should all be ashamed, they never think of who could be in that house. #smh.

    • Warrior 1 says:


  2. Terry says:

    Parkside up to bat. Big Jimmy swings…he misses….he made it to 42nd…..the field is empty………Score……… win….

  3. Terry, shut the fck up. You are a tired punk. Change your cscreen name and start over, maybe people on here will respect you. People are getting murdered and this is a frigging joke to you. Grow up boy……

    • Terry says:

      Well apparently it’s a joke to them. Reality is a beach and you want me to change the sand? It’s not a joke to me at all. But according to you if I change it will all go away?

      The jokes on you “Tee”. Four!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • next? says:

        No Terry. There’s a time and a place and this was not one of them.
        Burglars going equipped with guns is NO LAUGHING MATTER.

      • two sides says:

        Terry you must be lonely or you don’t have a heart your comments r just crazy you need to think before you come on line get real this is no joke maybe if it was you or your family you would not be saying these thing . GROW UP PLEASE and wake up to the rael world is this the only time you get people to hear you if it is then say someting that worth reading !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Liars says:

    hey, they could have killed the occupants of that home, this is no joke. Today two guys got off on murder..last week a guy that murdered a girl and her baby had his sentence reduced. Tourist are getting $3000 fines for 3 grams of weed.

    One plus one equals two and two plus two equals four and four plus four equals eight….you get my drift here?

  5. VTMRaynor says:

    I guess the home occupants did the best thing they could in a situation like this. Life is more important than riches. I’m sure somebody saw these two individuals running off carrying the ‘loot’. Most of us would have been carrying a shopping bag if were legit. And not expose such valuable items openly for everyone to see. Just glad no one was injured or killed. More sad days.

  6. United says:

    That is why I say Bermuda pass a law to allow the citizens to be able to conceal and carry. Otherwise Bermuda is at a crucial point in her life because outlawing guns only outlaws will have guns.

    Allow the people to have to take safety courses and license to carry. If you look at all the societies that allow conceal and carry, the crime rates are very low. The police department can only do so much. When they get the call that means a crime HAS been committed as opposed to the guy broke into my house and I took out the equalizer and he backed away.

    I know it’s not fool proof but right now every Bermudian is a sitting duck waiting for their turn to be mugged, robbed, shot or worse killed.

    • andre says:

      You have to be joking!

      • United says:

        Andre, what do you suggest? It is very easy to sit in a comfortable chair and type on a computer and point fingers saying; “where the hell is the police?”As I said before you call the police AFTER the crime has been committed. If your neighbor is screaming and you have a license and a fire arm you can come to the aid of your neighbor or vice versa.

        As it stands now when the cops come to your aid the perps are long gone. Explain to me how what I said is a joke. I am as serious as a heart attack. All of Bermuda has to get involved. I don’t mean be nosy but be alert and if you see or hear something do or say something.

        Typing on a computer saying “you have to be joking” is not a solution.

  7. wouldn't work here says:

    i kind of know what you mean. part of me wishes i could own a gun and part of me would love to pop one off at one of these punks for carrying on like that and trying to break into my home and harm me. but first off the USA has some states where you can carry a concealed weapon, i believe. and it’s hard to argue their crime rates are ‘very low’.

    anyway the MAIN point is that it wouldn’t work in bermuda- it’s WAY too small. even if i justifiably shot a gang member as they were trying to rob or harm me, i would have to walk around a 21 square mile for the rest of my life, looking over my shoulder every minute of every day. you can be damn sure they would not rest until i was resting 6 feet under. it is too small a society to have that sort of situation, trust me. they would know who you are, watch you, and be sure to kill you for daring to stand up for yourself. the mentality of these guys is sick and legalized guns would only encourage more tit-for-tat killings, except now it would not be just between the gangs, but between criminals and their victims who dared to defend themselves.

    • United says:

      So what you are saying is; they catch the guy, take him to court, you are called to testify, they find him guilty, he gets out and you’re still on a 21 mile island.

      Look, even if they come for you they have to think twice because they think you’re still armed.

      The only reason these guys get off doing this is because they are COWARDS. If they knew people were armed they’d think twice and not do anything. Right now they know the only ones that are armed are their pals.

      Look at Switzerland, every person that goes into the armed forces after they’ve done their stint they go back home and are told to take their gun that was given them at the army. Switzerland has some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Where EVERY place where there is some very strict gun laws or gun bans the ONLY people with guns are the police and the thieves. Makes absolutely NO SENSE.

  8. ven says:

    i urge everyone to vote for Michael Dunkely in the next election,we need a real no nonsense leader in these times.

    • andre says:

      No political leader can fix this. It has to be all of us. Joe Public!

      • two sides says:

        Andre thank you for being so smart that’s the only way it’s going to change let’s get it right Bermuda and stop keeping our heads in the sand it takes a village let’s get our childern on the right track

  9. Mack says:

    It “appears to be a firearm”…doesn’t mean it is. Criminals are using the times we are in round up people’s fears, just like the 2 boys going up on court for having a fake uzi and beating up people…and to do a daylight robbery with the people home is not a random act, especially when they say the suspect appears to be 22 years old…sounds like the home owner knows who did it, as that sounds a little too much detail.

  10. Someone says:

    Right, Im getting a gun to defend myself if they decide to come into my home they are getting killed.

  11. SWEETBLACK says:

    terry you really need to go back to school and get educated again beacuse you talk really stupid. get a clue. you are making a complete fool of yourself. in case you haven’t noticed these crimes are getting more and more serious. it’s really not funny to make jokes like that. this is not gangland something you watch on tv. people are getting killled,robbed etc. i hope you never piss someone off to the point they pull a gun or something on you,than what you gonna say? these are very serious times

  12. 80's Role Model says:

    Terry its funny how your the police and you talkin like the gunplay is a game . Only people scoring are the Police Force “Right” Whats the BPS’s Score on the war Officer Terry?

    • Terry says:

      Pretty good considering Momma’s got a new bag.

  13. The Real says:

    The solution is simple, make these gangster wannabes into outcasts. Bermudian society needs to stop the glorification of these pieces of trash. Make it outlawed for any radio station & club & bar djs to play any songs with suggestions of gang activity. Also these gang members should not be allowed into these establishments no matter how much money they spend in there. If these places are found with gangster wannabes in there or playing gangster hype music they should be shut down or fined. Put up no loitering signs in areas where these punks hang out and when the police roll by and see them there point out the sign and tell them move on and if they are found there again arrest them after the first warning. Make laws that state that if a group of these wastes of space are seen traveling together by police they are put up against the wall and searched on the spot even cavity searches right there and then. They need to be humiliated and made to feel that they don’t have a territory because they don’t we just let them because we feel intimidated which we shouldn’t. Anyone who is known to associate with active gang members no matter if they are parents, siblings, cousins or friends should be treated as suspects and subjected to investigation. It’s society’s fault these type of people exist because society allows them in, serves them drinks, accepts money from them and envies them.

    This is The Real

  14. Dub City Youth says:

    Grew up in Crawl Hill. Went Francis Patton, Berkeley. Live in the states now. Fly down often let me say this reading what is going on, and talk to FAM down there. Bermy is small, guys know whats going on, so question is why the hell are they getting away with this BS..???

  15. SWEETBLACK says:

    The Real i feel You. Everytime these fools do something bad it is broadcasting all over the media. Some of these young man behaving like this need some embarasment. Back in the day when there was a dispute they faught with fists and ocassional weapon and than it was over. They have a new toy to play with. This is how i feel.

  16. SWEETBLACK says:

    Terry you need to get a life seriously. If your not going to say anyting nice then don’t come on line and make a fool of yourself. You need to think before you speak. god forbid something happen to you than what? Your gonna want sympathy from the public. I can tell you,you will not get it from me. The things you say are just stupid. Do you realize that times are very serios right now? Think about it we have Armed Robberies,Murder,Attempted Murder etc going on in this little Island of Bermuda? It’s to the point that guys are shooting into crowds of people now? Do you realize the amount of young BLACK MALES in our prisons right now?

    • Terry says:

      @SWEETBLACK, I sure as hell did’nt put them in prison, nor had anything to do with their crimes. They have only themselves to blame.

      And I am quite aware of what is happening in Bermuda. It’s Gang related, nothing to do with the public in general but they are effected and many have changed their habits and their places to travel too and from.

      You can’t stop these fools from riding down a street when the Police are not around at that ‘moment’ and firing into a crowd. They knew that the group of people were from an area or associates. The lady was lucky as I am sure she was not directly targeted and if she was the culprit is a Marksman.

      Don’t blame me. I like you, are just putting forth opinions. You haven’t seen anything yet. When it happens to a child people will react differantly. Mark my words.

  17. Ven says:

    @ Joe yes i agree the bermudian mindset of individuals need to change ,but on another note bda needs a leader no different from America voting every year so they can have a responsible person in that position. People dont come forward because some i repeat some are being held hostage by their own families on drugs and so on.Having a real no nonsense leader who wants to see real solutions being executed would be a huge advantage to bda.People are smoking drugs like it is legal in bda.People are shooting each other and crime is out of control it would help to have a leader bda currently does not have a no nonsense leader. And has not had one for a very long time.

  18. Ven says:

    I meant @ Andre for my last statement

  19. Dead gangsters says:

    What if the public should get weapons, and go around to all the gang hangouts, and their houses, and then do the same #hit to them. Except the gangs would just retaliate. So what they would need to do – in a hypothetical situation – is eliminate them permanently.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Parkside, 42nd, Curve, etc etc, suddenly were in the news….
    “Mass casualties reported at (insert gang areas). Police were amazed to find the entire gangs were wiped out.”

    Ahhhhh peace.

    This is just an imaginary scenario. but isn’t it loverly?

    david slayed Goliath, remember!

    but seriously, anyone comes into my house and tries that, they will regret the day they were born, and beg it ends quickly. And I will relish all their tears and screams.

  20. Dead gangsters says:

    Little pu$$ies use weapons.

    Real men use their hands.

    Good to see that all these gangsters love to show off how pu$$ they are.

  21. Takbir Sharrieff says:

    As sad as it may sound some people have been warned that Bermuda is in a war against crime… violence… drugs… corruption and evil for some time now.We were warned that we have to take our streets and neighborhoods back.I remember before the first gun murder in 2005.I can remember the Street Rallies on Court Street… St. Georges and in Somerset.Several Americans were brought into Bermuda and echoed the same sentiments.Remember the boots on the telephone lines…? the drug kite flying…? …Bermuda sometimes forgets easily or conveniently forgets and digs its head in the sand.You are all in this War against crime Violence and ..drugs…..whether you like it or not ….whether you want to be or not…Question is….?Where is your stand…? with the Right Minded People Against it or on the side of the criminals down with it.You will have to choose sides anyway or your side will be chosen for you.There will be no Mister in Between.!Joking is for idiots….week kneed people will be eliminated….along with the criminals……trust me…… do’nt have to……..just wait and see.!

  22. Tricia says:

    AD on Facebook: We’re Giving Away $10,000. Sell us your broken or unwanted gold jewelry for a chance to get a piece of our $10,000 giveaway. Check out our site for more details!

    How do we know that the gold that’s stolen from homes isn’t being sold to these (see ad) people. I see posters up all over town “We buy unwanted gold”. Do they check or just take whatever is presented to them? I really want to know.