Round the Island Results: DeCosta & Wells Win

August 14, 2011

[Updated with videos] D13 – with Bobby DeCosta & Chris Wells – was first across the line in today’s [Aug.14] Round the Island boat race, besting over 20 boats for the coveted first place. We will update with additional photos, videos and full results of the race later today. Photo by John Manderson.


Update 5:55pm: Speaking with the winners after the race, they said: “North Shore was pretty calm, I was going to sort of hang back and let everyone go, once I realized we had the speed right from the word go, I just took control of the race…just handled it from there, stayed right in front, stayed there.”

“South Shore was a bit rough, I realized we were making good time on South Shore – we were on 78/80 miles an hour. Once I realized we that could push it and make some time on South Shore I decided to go ahead and try and break the record, which we did.” Watch below:

Update 6:44pm: BPBA Commodore Brian Smith speaks after the race:

Update 3:00am: Full results below:

A Class

  • 1:00:47 Chris Worboys/Steve Sherwin
  • 2nd Gregory Focke/Gregory Simons
  • 3rd Sean Dickinson/Angela Dickinson

B Class

  • 59:35- Mark Selley/Jordan Every

C Class

  • 46:12-Stuart Durham/Henry Trott
  • 2nd Kenny Maybury/Wayne Williams
  • 3rd John Edness/Arron Anderson

D Class

  • 42:29 Bobby DeCosta/Chris Wells
  • 2nd Graham Sutherland/McNeil Wilson
  • 3rd Steven Evesley/Brandon Frank

D Stock Class

  • 49:46 David Selley/Andrew Osborne
  • 2nd Perry Delsiva/Francisco DeCosta

FB Class

  • 49:19 – Tonka Simpson/Seth Chetty
  • 2nd Stephen Desilva/Brandon Desilva
  • 3rd Jamal Williams/Rodney Denbroke

S Class

  • 34:26 – Ricky Sousa/Stephen Bridges
  • 2nd Kareem Johnson/Jermaine Butterfield

Thunder Cat Class

  • 1:07:39 – Mark Lightbourn/Kenny Mathie
  • 2nd Johnathan Gaugain/ N/A
  • 3rd Dominic White/Kenny Desilva

P Class

  • 34:26- Phillip Correia/Cameron Harris

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  1. Buddy S18 Fan says:

    Didn’t see that coming, congrats.

    Unlucky Biggs.

  2. PEPPER says:

    Thanks bernews..

  3. steve decosta says:

    an old man still beating these young guys !!! lol go fig, well done bro !!

  4. Great SHow says:

    Come Congrats boys…..I heard it was a good victory!

  5. the step son says:

    bobby is a beast!! this man is 50+ and still out runs all these young guys! congrats bob on your win

  6. 1minute says:

    What happened at the yellow & red buoys at White’s Island? D13 went on the inside of both. I have pictures…
    I guess that at least half went on the inside of one or the other, and some, D13 & D25 who was following them missed both markers. Shouldn’t they be disqualified?
    A few boats nearly missed the red, like A98 & A1 , corrected in time & C50 who realized they missed the red, and circled back to go around it all losing valuable time…

    • OMG says:

      And howabout that bonehead in one of the cat boat that went inside of Daniels Head?????!!!! WTF can you imagine all of the boats watching and this beast of a boat comes that side ot the island. Should he be dis-qualified???

    • J.C. says:

      Upload pictures to and post links here please Lets see!

      • 1minute says:
        1. D13 passing Whites Island
        2. Turning – Red Buoy in the distance
        3. Clearly inside the Yellow Buoy
        4. D25 following
        5. As they turn on the East side of Whites Island
        6. Red Buoy with their lines clearly marked
        7. Ditto to 6

        • icrazyguy says:

          you should try going around a buoy thats in the rong place unless lower ferry dock is a hitting point thanks bobby

    • Spotting the obvious says:

      lmao…you must have been the “race unoffical” …. Spotting the scandals. Sell your story to the royal gazette…..and call it “A Controversey Win”. I guess an old dog doesnt have new tricks, just the obvious….but Great Job Bobby & Chris.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Huh..I was at RHADC and I saw a couple of boats go inside the yellow buoy at White’s. Couldn’t tell you which ones though.

  7. Franklin says:

    Hope all the participants enjoyed the annual pointless turtle killing fest

    • typical bermudian says:

      Man Stop naggin….. Ya sounding like a typical old bermudian ! Like why u puttin a shot at one of bermudas Sports !! At least guys aint killinh one another…

    • Logic76 says:

      Find me a turtle carcass and I’ll personally give you $100. How many turtles were killed during non-mariners? More boats are on the water for that event…

    • sandgrownan says:

      Should attach plastic explosives to turtles, would add an element of interest.

  8. J.C. says:

    lol Franklin. Stop being so boring and a spoil sport.

  9. taj says:

    That was not a good race all of the good boats where breakeng and a boat

  10. Lol says:

    No turtles were killed in today’s race wow what good news!!! & no drug boats won the race just an old man in his 50s great job!!!!!!!!!

    • sorry for u says:

      Drug boats. And u know where all the money comes from hun.u just couldn’t keep it clean. Clown.

  11. LaPersh says:

    OW my GOD who are you LOL you must be high to make a comment
    Like that (no drug boats won today) No ya sitting on all the dame
    Drugs you pp make me sick get a life ok

  12. Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

    Refresh my memory please someone, if Ricky Sousa and Stephen Bridges clocked in at 34:26 and Stuart Durham and Henry Trott clocked in at 42.12 and Bobby DeCosta and Chris Wells clocked in at 46:29, how is it that Bobby DeCosta and Chris Wells are the champions??

    • bernews says:

      Checking with our sports guy, he explained that the larger boats, S class etc, go out after the smaller ones. The overall winner is who crosses the line first with the staggered start…

    • Round di Island says:

      From Past Expierence, When the waters are Rough, Usually the Bigger Boats Like S’ Class will cross the Line OVERALL FIRST because they can handle di chop. Vice Versa if it’s Calm. Years ago if you don’t remeber !! tha GREAT KIRK ROBERTS!! will have that SKATER !! “BULLET” Crossing the LINE FIRST on Many Occassioins !!

      • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

        Thanks guys! Still though, if the S-class boats leave after the others, which I am guessing is a considerable amount of time, isn’t that unfair to say who crosses first wins? Becuase if thats the case, then why would they even have the S-class boats in a timed event with the rest of them? Just doesn’t seem fair to those guys in the larger faster boats thats all.

        • Logic76 says:

          Because that would mean the person with the most money wins. With a staggered start and the first over the line winning it pins the race result on driver skill. There are still class winners.

  13. Street talk says:

    Yea, I do think the starting between the FB, D and C class need to be altered. I think the D class and FB class seem to have an advantage because there both fast classes that have 15 or 20min head start.

    Its always a good race regardless of who wins and it’s bragging rights till next year for drivers and fans alike.

  14. icrazyguy says:

    time for bobby de costa was 42.37 old record was 44.06

  15. jus sayin says:

    could someone please post the start times of each class and how they are staggered and also the boat number of each contestant so we can know who we’re looking at in the pics

  16. icrazyguy says:

    hay i am bobby de costa and it feels good at 52 years old and still have it thanks to the spectators for giving me there saport o the time was 42.29 see you nextyear.

    • ozziep says:

      congrats bobby man u were flying 2.5 merc was singing sweet show dem how its done lol teach de youth peace