Photos/Video: 2011 Round The Island Race

August 14, 2011

[Updated] The Bermuda Powerboat Association hosted the annual Round the Island boat race this afternoon [Aug.14], and the day saw Bobby DeCosta and Chris Wells cross the line first in D13. We will update with official results as able.

The top five finishers include Bobby DeCosta & Chris Wells in the time of 42:29, while Graham Sutherland & McNeil Wilson finished second. The third boat across the line was Tonka Simpson & Seth Cletty who clocked 49.19, while David Selley & Andrew Osbourne crossed the line in a time of 49.46 and Perry Delsiva & Francisco DeCosta rounded out the top five finishers.

A perennial favourite on the social calendar, locals lined the shores and waterways  enjoying the Round the Island boat race from various vantage points around the island. The video above was filmed by Pompano Beach in Southampton by Youtuber Keyth15. The full results of the race are available here, our first photo gallery is located here, three videos filmed from an on-board camera are here, and our second set of photos are below.

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  1. PORTO GIRL says:

    Bobby DeCosta had our attention when he came past the Park by John’s Smith Beach, he was inside those reefs and moving. We were praying he would make it to the finish line. I guess you know where all the reefs are!!!!! Good show for all. Congrats Bobby and Chris.

  2. 1minute says:

    Hey Bernews, can you check with the BPA & check the ruling for all the boats that didn’t go around the buoys at Whites Island and let us know what they say?

    • bernews says:

      Will do…cannot guarantee an answer, but will ask…

  3. Marion Scaife says:

    What happened to all the boats which were to take place in the race.
    I counted about 16 which came up to the Five Star Island area.
    Next year could the race go around Five Star Island like it used to do.
    I did hear on the radio some talk that the residents of Five Star had complained,how can they complain when they are never in residence.
    Next year go around the Island.

    • Derek Simons says:

      I agree go around Five Star island next year dam the race only last for about an hour and the boats only go that way once a year. I think it’s to much of these people coming here and stoping tradition. I can understant Flatts Bridge that was a bit tricky and the race boats have gotten bigger and are going to get biger. We live here come on people!!

  4. Derek Simons says:

    Ok now that the Tech Inspectior have found out that the guy Chunka’s boat did not have BIG parts on it that was protested by the NASTY BUNCH From POINT MART because they got a good Cut A** from Chunka will there be a peace put in the News paper letting people know about that. Maybe the Point Mart motor needed to be pulled down to be checked they MUST have been CHEATING to think no one is suppose to beat them. Well done Chunka give it to them!!!!