15-Yr-Old Charged With Murder

November 2, 2011

[Updated] This morning [Nov.2] in Magistrates Court a 15-year-old male was charged with the murder of 18-year-old Malcolm Outerbridge on 28th of October in Warwick.

Rashaun Codrington was charged with murder and possession of a bladed article. He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, and stood quietly through the proceedings.

Because of his age, he would not normally be tried in ordinary court, but in Family or Juvenile Court. After arguments from his lawyer, Ms Victoria Pearman, Magistrate Archie Warner ruled that the matter was to be tried in ordinary Court and that was properly a matter for the Supreme Court.

He remanded the 15-year-old into the care of the Director of Child and Family Services. The teenager returns to Court on 18th November. The Court was packed with a number of spectators and what appeared to be family and friends, and stayed silent throughout the proceedings.

Around 12:40pm on Friday, police and paramedics responded to a reported assault in the Railway Trail, Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area. When officers and EMTs arrived at the scene, they found Mr Outerbridge who had been seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance, but subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

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  1. bermudiana says:

    At 15, he knows right from wrong and should be tried as adult for murder!!!

    • White Christ says:

      I second that!!

    • LIz says:

      I agree and even if the court doesn’t release his name it won’t be long before it is all over the internet. Youngin your in the big league now lock him up he “remand him into the care of the Director of Child and Family Services” WTF.

    • True Dat says:

      Yes He Should!!!

    • The Rock says:

      lay the smack down on his candy ass!!

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Afganistan must be safer than Bermuda these days.

  3. just curious says:

    If the matter is being held in supreme court n not family and juvi court then shouldn’t his name be allowed in the paper?!

    • bermudiana says:

      Perhaps, when it is heard in the Supreme Court. And I’m sure it will appear on FB with one child missing from a school it will be obvious to his classmates (providing he is not home schooled) in the middle of term time. The whole thing is very sad and I feel for the Outerbridge family . . . They need all the support & prayers they can get.

      • tricka are for kids says:

        No need for FB.. His name has been known since the day he was areested.

      • Dumbfounded says:

        His name was circulating on the Blackberry’s of Bermuda’s youth since like the day after the murder…

  4. Things that make you go hmmm says:

    Scary, that he is so young and could take a life. This child may have sat next to yours in school and hung out with them on the weekends. This is to close to home

  5. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    He’s a nice boy really, never been in much trouble. He goes church too, and doesn’t miss too much school. Stays wiff his Momma.

  6. twosword says:



    • youngster says:

      They may not be CHILDREN but they sure aint no adult. He aint grown either!

      Just because they do what adults do does not make them adults. Its just because most childrens parents are their friends and their parents are completely fine with them having sex and paying some of the bills in their teenage years. Perhaps parents need to show their kids who is BOSS instead of allowing them to do anything they want! In my house my mama always told me “if you are legally under my support you are a CHILD!”. This lil boy is still in school. HE IS A DAMN KIDDY BOY!

      & if he was an adult he would be in a REAL court. So don’t blow up these kids heads by letting them think they are adults. Because they are not especially with their immature choices.

      • The Rock says:

        It doesn’t matter if he’s still in school!
        Lay the smack down on his candy ass!

      • THANK YOU! says:


    • Bermudian@heart.. says:

      thank you . you have hit the nail on the head…LOCK HIM UP…

  7. ByeByeBermy says:

    Lets not be hasty in judging this 15 year old. He has not been CONVICTED, just charged. [edited for legal reasons] Just saying. I know Bermuda is in turmoil with gang crime, but lets not assume here. Let the facts come out first.

  8. twosword says:

    Do you think they just went to a particular parish and just decided to pick out the first 15 year old that they saw?? Yes we wait till the final vertic is given nevertheless did you ever question as to why a 15 year old was in custody??? You think the 15 year old was home playing video games and the mean ol police just came and picked on the poor wittle bwoy….Come on! his butt should be tried as an adult!!

  9. Things that make you go hmmm says:

    I agree, lets not judge. I know the family and non family members want answers but we also want the right person. As for the whole he’s not a kid thing, I have to disagree. It is very rare to find a 15 year old that doesn’t have his head between his legs. They are in that stage of life where they are exploring the world, falling down and learning to get back up.Something has changed in Bermuda because these kids are now making dumb choices that are costing lives.

  10. Unknown says:

    The law states he isn’t an adult until he is 18 years of age, so at this present point yes, he is a CHILD. I am in no means condoning what he allegedly did or making excuses for him but we do not know the background situation. We do not know what kind of home he grew up in, whether he faced abuse, maltreatment or such. And although we have the right to freely speak as we want he is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Secondly the judgement you’ve made about “most” 15 year olds couldn’t be further from the truth, but as the saying goes “one bad apple spoils the bunch right?” WRONG! I honestly can say I know more 15 year olds doing right than doing wrong. I do weep for the next generation though as they have to endure a lot more than I have had to see in my years of living. With that being said if he is found convicted of murder he should be charged to the fullest extent of the law but also tried as a child.

  11. will says:

    because he’s a minor he’s going to get out in like 5 years..lucky him….perhaps someone should be charged with his murder very soon after…our justice system is a joke..this kid is clearly a danger to society and should be incarcerated or made to swim with the fishes, literally and no cost to tax payers

  12. Bad Girl turn Good says:

    IF convicted a LIFE sentence is not long enough

  13. N/A says:

    When I was 15, I was thinking about getting my bike the next year, and how many girls I could get. Not, carrying around a knife and stabbing people. I have little sympathy for this 15 year old, he’s old enough to know right from wrong. He’s deprived Malcolm of everything in life he himself would look forward to. I hope they make an example out of him…

  14. bb says:

    Those boys deserve no mercy. Let the dogs out on them. NO SYMPATHY.

    • N/A says:

      What are your sources? If true though, several more lives could be saved in the future if they are convicted. If someone is that sick at 15, just imagine how mad they would be at maturity..

    • tricka are for kids says:

      If this was the case the second suspect would not have been released. I am not going to speculate but just perhaps the gasoline was for the bike that was taken. let ALL the facts be presented first.

      • Cassy says:

        Perhaps they did not have enough evidence on the other boy at the time. But do not worry, all that is done in the dark WILL come to light in this case. All the sick twisted details…

    • SMH says:

      are you serious?????

  15. bb says:

    note that the victim was still alive when parametics got to him…. therefore they were about to burn him alive to cover up their act that words cannot describe.

  16. All Clogged Up says:

    they were gonna burn the boy alive?!?!?! what the hell have we bermudians become? what have we allowed our children to become? very troubling….very sad….

    • Bermuda is truely another world..... says:

      Your last statement I can agree with….but “what the hell have we Bermudians become” is not a true statement. Parents have been failing their kids for quite a while now, this the result of letting TV and video games raise your kids. Without the proper parental guidence kids learn from their peers who are not much smarter themselves. They see it on TV and think oh lets try that, without a responsible adult to explain the difference between fantasy/entertainment versus real life/consequences we see what we have today. Also, if a child is not nurtured and is raised in an abusive lifestyle, how are they to know the difference…that lifestyle becomes their norm. Now I don’t know his story but at 15 yrs old someone has to be responsible for his upbringing and should also be held accountable for neglect of a child in their care. Adults/parents need to step-up; stop having kids that you are not prepared to raise up the right way!

    • So I hear and if Malcolm was bad in martial arts, wheres the others that assisted this evil possessed youth?

  17. True Dat says:

    15 years old!!! you have not even begun to live your life!!

    this is so Sad…

    Devils isle *smh*

  18. Let's Hope says:

    If he was the assailant I hope he meets a similar fate in prison!

  19. Foxtrot Oscar says:

    Screw the fact that he’s only 15…IF he was involved, and did in fact have a hand in savagely murdering Mr. Outerbridge, then he should be tried as an adult. Bring back the death penalty!! My symapathies go out to the Outerbridge family at this time.

  20. Things that make you go hmmm says:

    bb, where did you get your info?

  21. ** says:

    I AGREE!

  22. rightious vigilant says:


  23. Bob says:

    Quote apparently from this guys facebook page

    “Um a straight up guy from jvc um easy 2 get along with um funny but if you f*** with me i’ll cut your ass”

    So he ment it then! way to go parents! i hope they jail you too for your great parenting

  24. Bermuda is another world says:

    Young Offenders Act 1950:

    Restriction on imprisonment

    No court shall impose imprisonment on a child.

    No court shall impose imprisonment on a person who (though not a child) is
    under the age of eighteen years unless the court is of the opinion that no other way of dealing
    with him is appropriate; and for the purpose of determining whether any other way of
    dealing with any such person is appropriate the court shall obtain information relevant to
    the circumstances of the offence of which he has been convicted and such information as
    can with reasonable expedition be made available to the court relevant to his character,
    environment and antecedents and to his mental and physical condition, and the court shall
    take into account any information so obtained and any other information before the court
    which is relevant to the matters aforesaid.

    Where a court of summary jurisdiction imposes imprisonment on a person
    under the age of eighteen years the court shall state the reason for its opinion that no other
    way of dealing with him is appropriate and shall record the reason in the judgment of the
    court and in the record book required to be kept under section 22 of the Summary
    Jurisdiction Act 1930

    • you gotta be kidding me says:

      lol @ Bermudian in another world. You are definitely in another world. You put up a statute that has no relevance to this case. LOL keep reading the law you would see this excludes crimes of murder, attemped murder, and infanticide. The court has all the power bring him in front of the Supreme court for an indictment. Please again look it up for yourself it is there in the same piece of legislation you tried to copy and paste. LOL

      • Wandering says:

        Bernews can you please check this and let us know the situation about a 15 year old being charged as a adult.

  25. The road to hell says:

    Tip of the iceberg. Like the infamous ship, you can’t turn away from the disaster… knife and gun crime, drugs and violence. It’s safer to be in Harlem these days. When will something actually be done here to stop the rot? Bermuda – it’s in your hands.

  26. …. I know this 15 year old boy and grew up with him, he was a friend of my brothers he was well mannered very kind.. And when I found out it was him being charged I was very shock because I never thought he would be capable of doing such a thing because he is a good boy.. I am not sticking up for him.. And he does deserve a life sentence if he is convicted.. Because malcolm did not deserve that.. And I grew up with malcolm as well he was a very sweet person n my heart is hurting because this whole situation is messed up.. And my condolences go out to the outerbridge family.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      This whole situation is very, very sad – not only for parents of both boys but friends and neighbours too, not to mention the rest of the island. We have lost the contributions that both boys would have made to our community.

      For those who are saying the perpetrator is innocent until proven guilty or that he had no remorse: I’d like to get clarification. [Edited for legal reasons] At the very least, he is sparing the family and the court system the stress and cost of a trial. If I am incorrect, I am open to correction.

  27. Bad Girl turn Good says:

    Send the parents to prison also for their NEGLECT someone has to be held accountable.

    • real deal says:

      thats whats wrong with these convicts now. always blaming everyone around them but them. life is about choices. HE chose to get himself in this position; should be the only one held accountable. not all bad seeds come from bad homes. SOME parents really try but arent strong enough unfortunately

      • Bad Girl turn Good says:

        I do understand what you are saying but do you think this is the first time EVER this 15 year old has tested or broken the law. Do you think he woke up and said let me stabb someone today without considering whats right or wrong? I can tell you one thing if this chaos in Bda issss gonna stop we need the “VILLAGE” scenario back. I KNOW FOR A FACT I WOULD HAVE A CUT A$$$$$ FROM UNCLES, AUNTS, ALL 15 NEIGHBORS AND THIER HUSBANDS/WIVES/GRANNIES/GRANDPAS WHEN I WAS COMING UP SO BY TIME I HIT 15 YEARS OLD I KNEW WHAT RIGHT AND WRONG WAS AND WOULD NOT EVEN THINK OF CARRING A BLADE OUTTA MY MOMS HOUSE LET ALONE USE IT….AND IN THIS “VILLAGE” I BETTER NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT SAYING I WAS PART OF A GANG – I WILL BE WEARING DENTURES – ACTUALLY NO MY MOM WOULD SEND ME SCHOOL WITH NO TEETH JUST TO BE MORE EMBARRASED

    • Um just sayin says:

      In situations like this, I think that the perp should be made to attend the funeral of his victim, shackled with guards so that he sees first hand the devastation he has caused the Outerbridge family.

      Also, the perps family should be made to pay for Malcolm’s funeral.

      My heart goes out to the Outerbridge family.

      • Cassy says:

        If someone killed my family member I would not want that sicko at their funeral so they can sit there and laugh. You really think this boy will feel remorse when he sees the family of this boy crying.

        I do agree that his family should be made to pay for his funeral as he was the one who caused it.

        Does anyone here know if the family of murder victims have to pay for their funeral arrangements?

      • yes yes I totally agree

  28. real deal says:

    this may sound harsh, but the death penalty needs to brought back. not just because of this case but the rest of those suck rocks up westgate living lavish & couldnt careless about taking a life. (this obviously pertains to the ones found guilty w/o a shadow of doubt).

  29. tricka are for kids says:

    Life is about CHOICES and unfortunately this child (and yes he is a child, a minor according to the laws of the land) allegedly CHOSE to do the wrong thing. It’s not his parents fault, it is not Govenrments fault it is HIS fault!!! It was his CHOICE. I don’t know what happened between him and malcolm (as I was not present) that could have made him so angry that he could have stabbed his friend (and yes they were friends) but want I do know is that he could have walked away. He had a CHOICE!! We may never fully know the truth because Malcolm is no longer here to give his side of the story.(may he RIP). Even if the death penalty was introduced at this point the young man in question would not qualify as his crime was committed before the law was instituted.

    At the moment he has only been charged I cannot speculate or assume. I will wait until ALL the FACTS have been presented.

  30. Justice says:

    Social services need to talk to the parents… they must have known their ‘kid’ was involved in some kind of badness… what would lead a child to kill someone? Unless hes mentally unstable he needs to be tried as an adult and sent to jail. Hes 15, he knew what he was doing.

    What a horrible sad day.

    Have you ever seen ‘scared straight’ on tv.. all these little gangsters need to be taken to a place where they get the s*&^ scared out of them… show them the morgue and show them what a ‘glamorous gangster life’ is all about. Scare them straight… at least with young ones there is hope of change… these older ones seem like a lost cause… but never say never

    Police and social services need to come up with some inventive ideas to stop this violent cycle. If we can prevent the youth from being lured into gang life we may eventually some day cut out most gang activity…

    heres to hoping…

    • sheila says:

      OMG I agree that this young man knows from right and wrong and the fact that at 15 years old he can just take a life of another is something wrong with our system. I think that they definetly need to show these young men at an early age what can happen to you if you make bad choices and that you will go to jail for those terrible choices. The company that you choose is not going to get you out of this trouble that you have gotten your self into. They need to bring a program into the school that would be implimented in the school system where a group of them would have to go and see for themselves where they would go for these crimes that they choose to do. They need to get the sh*t scared out of them by these guys who are up there already and get them to put their stories out their on how they ended up there with the choices that they made. Hit them young as the gangs are aproaching them at a young age so come on government and let’s fix this problem. Show these girls and boys what can happen to them.

    • family, child services are jokers

  31. navin johnson says:

    Sadly though social services is a bit of a mess with people being let go and funding cut everywhere….social workers rarely stay on the same case and get shifted around constantly…while my heart goes out to the Outerbridge family and to Malcolm I also have some sympathy for the 15 year old who perhaps has not had the easist road and has no doubt had a poor education and family situation. I pray for the Outerbridge family and for Malcolm.

  32. JUSTICE says:

    I agree that these are young men and women young adults and the sooner yall get that through your heads the faster you will understand whats happening in our society. 15 year olds are making money getiing women driving and all that these are young adults. Now if you want to call them kids ..ok then lets see you go to these kids and tell them to get off the wall and stop selling drugs and see if they give you a child answer or if they address you as an adult.

    • youngster says:

      When i was 15 year years old (only 2 years ago) i would never dare to be rude to some one that is an adult. The problem with the teens now days is that many of them are bought up in different circumstances, so they have to fan for themselves at very young ages which then makes them feel that they are some sort of superior and grown. Jus because they make money dont mean they grown. I use to grocery pack when I was 10, does that mean I was an adult at 10? NO!

      If a teenager on a wall f@#$ you off, that dont mean they are an adult, that just means they have no respect period!

      • youngster says:

        &&& people like you are part of the issue young people act the way they do. Adults and parents just need to know how to put them in their place. Nobody is ever to old for a cut behind!

  33. Think about it says:

    Long term solution- have these punks spayed and neutered now to prevent them from reproducing and passing down their idiotic, violent genes.

    Short term- bring back capital punishement. Hang or inject anyone found guilty of premeditated murder. It wont’ prevent murders, but that punk that gets strung up by his neck wont have another chance to rob or murder anyone ever again.

    p.s. Bernews fix your page. It always tells me I’m posting too fast when this is my first for the day Lol

  34. WellSaid says:

    This kid wants to act like a grownup – let him be charged like a grownup in big boy court. If the police have sufficient evidence to convict him, so be it. If he isn’t guilty and proves himself as such, so be it.

  35. Maclcoms Boy says:

    GIVE DAT BOY 75 to life!

  36. bermuda gone says:

    bermy gone done hill

  37. Cat says:

    I would like to hear from all the criminals out there, old timers and young ones, and let them tell me that they grew up without licks. If you took a poll of all Westgate prisoners right now, at this moment, today, (especially those convicted of violent crimes) I could almost guarantee you that 99.99% of them got plenty of licks growing up.

    We don’t know if this 15 year old boy had a decent upbringing or not…why do people always jump on this “these kids don’t get enough licks” tip? Like what’s up with that? Is it that you just can’t think of anything else to say?

    So, if there are any current or former criminals out there (or their family/friends) that can speak to this issue I would love to hear your comments.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Cat: I’m with you! I have never understood the logic that says you teach people to be non-violent by hitting (being violent) with them.

      The other chestnut that frequently comes up is “spare the rod and spoil the child.” People, shepherds used rods to guide and rescue the sheep, to lead them out of danger. They didn’t beat the sheep!

      In my eyes, the idea that flogging, beating, and other forms of physical punishment are effective is straight out of the slavery mentality. Corporal punishment was the deterrent of choice for infractions (and sometimes just for wanting to be free),and to this day, it is primarily the descendants of slaves (so as not to use that word that gets the knee-jerk “racist” response) who think this is an effective way to force obedience.

      We might all have benefited from seeing the Bermuda Docs film “Buck.”

      • Kim Smith says:

        I’m a bit late reading these comments but I can’t help but to reply. Physical punishment came long before slavery. Whipping and stoning are only a couple of methods of punishment used during the Bible times. Need scriptures???

  38. xxxxxxx says:

    Parents do you know where your child is tonight , Parents if we spent as much time taking care of our youth and being parents instead of “friends” to them then I believe we would have less issues like this . My heart goes out to both sets of parents , no one wants to be the parent of a victim or a murderer.

  39. What Needs To Happen says:

    Does it matter if he goes church or if his mama goes church. He knows what he did was wrong and should be punished for it. Not jail time in these nice Bermuda jails. Either death penalty, butt naked cat of nine tails in public so all can see it happen (however you spell it), or cut off both his hands and put him back out on the streets to show other people going in that direction what will happen if you murder someone. Cut off these guys hands and put them right back on the street, that will emotionally break them. The things they use to be able to do but can’t their best option is to tell their story and how it got them to this place and get the younger ones looking up to them to change.

  40. Fishy says:

    IF this kid did it and is convicted, juvie isn’t enough, but westgate will just get him linked up with more criminals who will see his potential. If he gets life and spends the whole of it in jail (assuming he lives to 80) we will have spent 5.5 million dollars in him. I for one don’t think he is worth $5 let alone $5.5 mil.

    So if he did it perhaps something else should be done with him

    Don’t really want to say eye for an eye…. But hey…

    • Changing Status says:

      its true, why send him to jail where he’ll learn more tricks, and more than likely, thanks to our crap judicial system, he’ll be out by the time hes in his 30′s to do it again.
      capital punishment, keep him in prison until hes old enough to be hung by the neck until dead.

      i mean think about it bermuda, do you really want a muderer roaming the streets?

  41. WTH says:

    I agree with most of the above comments.

    This situation has bothered me too bits as I have a son thats only 1 but I have nephews this age.

    The reality is these older gang members are showing these kids that fast money and bling bling is a glamorous way of life.

    this child (15 years old) by no means would have been with a group of 15 year olds trying to show off for them in coming into contact with an adult Malcolm (18 years old)

    it could be just speculation, but I believe he was with older boys, perhaps Malcolms age and the are the devil is his ear telling him come on man do just do it.

    The fact that Malcolm was left alive states that he could have did it considering a 15 year old is not educated enough to know where they are stabbing when they are trying to stab someone, so he might have swung once and just hit the wrong artery.

    Again once they wur all picked up these same older boys sadly have encouraged this 15 year old to take the wrap, probably stating to him things such as “come on man your not 18 you wont go to jail; even if you do go jail you would get out by 30 and respected and feared.”

    This kid needs to be handled very carefully, because the fact that you can convict someone based on a confession; because i doubt they have enough DNA on this case already, shows that this kid will be easily influenced throughout his whole life.

    Means he is an attention seeker and just trying to make a name for himself. I dont want to put the murder blame on these parents, but some peoples parents just dont care enough. kids nowadays have no incentive to work do good in school etc…

    Why was he on mid term at 15 years old and not at work, yes you cannot be with your kid 24/7 but I am 25 years old and age 15 during mid terms i was working and even still at workmy parents were blowing up my pager and cell phone, even still were they calling my boss and telling them to call in case of any emergency or if i go lunch and dont come back.

    he might have had a smile but inside this kid was empty, why no one knows except his family.

    this kid needs life in jail with counselling, i dont think he deserves to come out if the evidence proves he was the killer, but i also dont think he deserves time in jail when the real murders are just scoping out their next prey, the next 15 year old looking for some attention to become feared or respected. the next 15 year old to take another kids life.

    • Think about it says:

      Are you f*cking kidding me? Why are you making it seem like this kid is innocent and mislead? I know and see/encounter 15, 16 and 17 year olds quite often. The are the most rude and disrespectful age group on this island. When I hear the way they speak to people and the things they do, it makes me want to cut their @sses. But I can’t because more than likely they are carrying a weapon.

      Also, you’re insinuating he didn’t know what he was doing? If this kid has seen any PG-13 or Rated R movies, or played any mature rated video games (which I’m sure he has) then I am 150% positive he knew exactly where to stab, what he was doing, and what the consequences would be.

      Try him as an adult. If guilty, lock him away until capital punishment is re-established and then string him up.

  42. Pastor Syl says:

    It is time we stopped making “respect” and “fear” synonymous. Respect denotes a positive feeling of esteem for a person or other entity. I do not have esteem for that which I fear.

  43. Spellcheck says:

    I know this is off subject but Bermuda’s education system needs an overhaul too. I read article after article with jacked up spelling, bad grammar and people using words improperly. Just read these posts. What the heck does fan for themselves mean? Fan is not a typo for fend. I can’t believe how terrible the spelling problem is in Bermuda which leads me to believe the public school system is failing in more ways than one. No wonder the youth can’t get jobs and resort to crime. Nobody can spell worth a damn!
    Did you read the 15 year old boy’s quote posted by Bob?
    Um a straight up guy!? Um? What does Um mean? Um means this boy is dumb. Bad parenting is right. My prayers go out to Malcom’s family.

  44. Black Pearl says:

    Dem shame he murdered that young man over his bike…..pure sickness. Malcolm was such a nice young man and did not deserve to die that way. The Most God sees it all. May he R.I.P

  45. So Sad So Sad!!! says:

    @ Rev Syl… In the case of Capital Murder doesn’t the accuse have to plead not fuilty and be tried. Can someone confirm this please… or not!!! My condolences to the Outerbridge Family and Friends. After the Kellon Hill murder and now this young man …. parents, relatives and friends should we not give sound advice to our young people that will impress on them that these a different times and that they should call authorities before taking on anybody… and that goes to we adults too.
    Most of us have cell phones… it might save a life…