Holiday Road Safety Campaign

November 25, 2011

The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] wants to help you make some holiday memories this Christmas season at the Santa Claus parade on Sunday [Nov. 27].

During the holidays, the BRSC is encouraging everyone on the island to think about the valuable time spent with friends and family and the special memories made at this time of year before each journey.

Its latest road safety campaign looks to highlight good times and festive cheer, with an emphasis on being around for many more.

The theme was designed to encourage people to cherish what is special in life, and in this case, memories.

“So go down with the whole family to the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade and make memories with your family with the Bermuda Road Safety Council, complete with a professional photo booth located on Front Street by the taxi stand,” said a BRSC spokesman.

The photo booth will also be at the Miracle on Reid Street event on Friday, December 9.

These photos can be viewed online at shortly after the events. You can like the BRSC page and tag you and your friends or view and download them at

A selection of the images will also be published in the local press.

In order to create many more of these amazing memories, the BRSC is urging people to be careful when on the road this holiday season and abide by three simple rules: Fasten your seatbelt, slow down and wear your helmet correctly.

Road Safety Officer David Minors said, “The emphasis on memories is designed to draw the entire community into a more proactive role to combat careless driving this winter.

“This campaign encourages the whole family to help promote careful driving. We want everyone to give the gift of life by driving and riding safe this holiday season.”

The BRSC is an organisation that is committed to enforcing safety on the roads by raising awareness and educating people on the dangers of unsafe driving.

Its mission is to advise Government on issues and policies with regards to road safety, to educate and promote road safety in Bermuda, and to decrease collisions and morbidity on our roads.


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  1. Indy says:

    That’s a well written piece, can I hire the author?

  2. road safety pah ha! says:

    the roaqd safety council is a joke. it is only rolled out when someone dies or hurt. Since the gun crime, you have heard very little about road deaths.

    They Road Safety Council, needs to be disbanned, as it is useless body of people who just give money to add companies, to create campains that no one pays any attention to.

  3. joke says:

    David Minors:

    what has the road safety council done all year, my cousin died this year, I have not heard anything that makes sense. I go on the RSC website the informaiton is old

    and boring. I am tired of the BS get rid of the lot and give the money to families who have had loved ones die cos this stuff is waste of money.

  4. the home says:

    The only true road safety council is the home!
    Teach your kids before the roads teach them.

    the Road Safety Council has past its usefulness.

    it must change

  5. real talk says:

    here are the most affected people


    males 19-50

    speeders and wreckless drivers

    deal with them

    get police on the road……….


  6. hammered says:

    I am glad it is just me, I thought I thought I was the only one that saw the Road Safety Council as a joke, they have no fresh ideas, and that David Minors, nice guy but seems to talk in circles.

    i have not heard much about this group in a positive sense since they create the Dejun Simmons (spelling project)

    it needs a new edge.

  7. bring back francioni says:

    the Road Safety Council has not been the same since Dr. Francionni left. I has lost its bite and become very gimmicky.

    Bring back Doctor Fran!

  8. lol says:

    Do you remember when the Bermuda Road Safety Council had those bodies and smashed up cars all over the island, and people stopping to look at the “Staged” accidents, actually caused “real” accidents.

    Or how about the gore and guts campain that had bloody heads and people in nasty situations as a part of a campaign

    (lol lol) let’s see what they come up with now.

  9. I read the article and then read the comments below – - there apparently is no coorelation one to the other. Bernews has, again, just become a spot for angry people to fly off at the mouth – to hear themselves shout.

    I am sure that the RSC could and should be doing more – - – but our “suggestions” are “give the money to the families,” and “disban the council” – really? How will that solve the underlined issue – safety on our roads?

    As I read the article and understand it, this campaign wants us to focus on family and friends during the holiday season – being there to create memories (highlighting that we need to be there to share in those memories). I don’t understand why anyone would believe that the concept is crazy or wasteful. The Council is suppose to educate the community, aren’t they?

    Some have complained about the council only doing things when there is a death or crap happening on the roads – - probably true – but isn’t this the time of year for those Christmas parties, with the wine/beer/liqour flowing? When better to put information out there to combat what we as Bermudians have gotten so used to doing during the holidays – killing each other on the roads!

    For those of us who have lost someone to the roads of Bermuda, my heart and prayers go out to all of us (including myself). Every life is important and precious – that’s why I get what they are trying to do with this new campaign – - instead of showing the dead bodies and the accident scenes, they appear to be trying “something different” by highlighting the love and joy families/friends CAN HAVE IF PEOPLE DON’T DRIVE/RIDE DRUNK.

    Can the Council do better? Hell, yes I think they can and they should.

    Is the Council worthless? No – any information to assist is better that thinking that there isn’t a problem and “I can drive drunk” or “I only live around the corner” which is exactly how some Bermudians think.

    Before I forget, this is only my opinion – - people are allowed in this country to believe what they choose – - thus, I am not attacking anyone or any comments on this blog – - it is what it is.

    When I ride on the road, I look out for myself first – -I refuse to be a statistic – - maybe if more of us actually paid attention to driving than that Blackberry or cell phone, or those bad-ass kids in the backseat, we would drive better in this country – - look in the mirror first – might be able to solve the problem before we even get on the bike – - think about that one for a second?!

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)