Cox: ‘Frank & Meaningful UK Talks’

November 25, 2011

Bermuda Premier Paula Cox said today [Nov.25] she welcomes the intention of the UK Coalition Government to engage a new partnership with the Overseas Territories and acknowledges the obligations on all parties within that relationship.

The Premier concluded two days of discussions at the annual Overseas Territory Consultative Council [OTCC] in London yesterday.

Minister for the Overseas Territories Henry Bellingham chaired the OTCC on November 23-24 in London with political leaders and other officials from Britain’s 14 remaining dependencies.

“Leaders of Governments within the Overseas Territories participated in very frank and meaningful discussions on issues which concerned each of their Territories,” said a Bermuda Government spokesman.

Ms Cox and OTCC Leaders With UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Minister Henry Bellingham:

In addition to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office there were various discussions with UK Ministers across Whitehall to include the Department for International Development, Ministry of Defence, Treasury and Transport.

A further eight UK Departments participated in the discussions on the second day to advise on technical assistance which are available to the Overseas Territories. These included the Department of Education; Communities and Local Government; Culture, Media and Sport; Home Office; Business, Innovation and Skills; Works and Pensions; Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; and Energy and Climate Change.

On the first day of the annual OTCC the Foreign Secretary William Hague addressed the Overseas Territories by stating, “My Ministerial team in the FCO and my colleagues across other Government departments will work tirelessly to ensure that our partnership promotes the best interest of all our citizens and bright and successful future for the Overseas Territories.”

In addition to attending the OTCC the Premier represented Bermuda at the Pre-Overseas Territory Consultative Council on Monday [Nov. 21].

This was an opportunity for Leaders of Governments within the Overseas Territories to consult on combined issues preceding their discussions with the UK Government.

On Tuesday [Nov. 22], the Premier attended a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association luncheon/reception at Westminster Hall in honour of the delegates attending the OTCC.

That evening the Premier attended a networking reception for Bermudian students and Bermudians living in the UK. The event was organised by the Government of Bermuda London Office and was an opportunity for all Bermudians in the UK to engage and consult directly with the Premier on issues which are of concern to them.

The Premier, who spoke to the young Bermudians who attended the event said, “I was pleased that they were eager to return home. They were networking and also there was the opportunity for them to speak to Ms Caroline Foulger, a partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers who also attended the reception and was keen to speak to young people.

“The young people were studying over a vast range — digital media communications, landscaping, graphic arts, forensic psychology, law, jewellery design, music, accountancy, project management, epidemiology/ social causes of health, business studies and government finance.

“It was a less formal affair as the Government through its London Office intends to host a jobs fair-internship reception involving stakeholders who seek to provide more work opportunities for Bermudian students and Bermudians training in London.”

On Wednesday [Nov. 23] evening the Premier attended the annual Bermuda Society Dinner, hosted by Baroness Sharples — widow of former Bermuda Governor Sir Richard Sharples – in the House of Lords.

The keynote address was presented by the Bermuda Monetary Authority CEO Jeremy Cox who strongly emphasised Bermuda’s high regulatory regime to an audience of senior executives and CEOs of companies who have close ties, links and an interest in Bermuda.

While in London, the Premier also signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement on behalf of Bermuda with Malta’s High Commissioner.

The Premier was accompanied in the UK by Secretary to the Cabinet Donald Scott and assisted by Kimberley Durrant of the Government’s London office.

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  2. deshawn says:

    @all clogged up – get the words right :)

    This seems like it was a very positive event, especially given that the Premier and Ms Foulger gave time to the youngsters. I hope there are jobs here for them to come back to!

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    Maybe a coalition government is the way to go Premier .. Think about it , Flip Flop Furbert already has his feet under your table .