Three Bermudians Arrested In UK

November 10, 2011

On November 5th three Bermudians – two females and one male – were arrested at London’s Gatwick Airport after flying in from Barbados and allegedly being found in possession of what is believed to be a controlled drug.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm the arrest of three Bermudian Nationals in England on 5th November 2011.”

“The trio, two females and a male had flown on a commercial flight from Barbados and were intercepted on arrival at London’s Gatwick Airport.”

“When checked by authorities they were found to be in possession of what is believed to be a controlled drug hidden in property associated to them. The three Bermudians were taken into custody. Enquiries are ongoing.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Three blind mice…..

  2. web md says:

    i hope it wasn’t propofol

  3. The road to hell says:


    Despite the UK dropping some of their Border Agency checks, if you’d gonna commit the crime, your gonna do the time.


  4. Surreal says:

    Why are people still doing this foolishness with all the people who are being charged as it is!?! GET SMART PEOPLE!

  5. The Insider says:

    people were talking about this for days, now the story drops…..I guess soon people will be revealing the names as well….I guess im glad I had the scoop on the 5th when i happen….now the main question is…how stupid are these idiots.

  6. The Insider says:

    people were talking about this for days, now the story drops…..I guess soon people will be revealing the names as well….I guess im glad I had the scoop on the 5th when i happen….now the main question is…how stupid are these idiots.

    • Ha! says:

      That’s the difference between the gossipers and “credible” news outlets, they ensure that the facts are verified BEFORE telling everyone else. I am happy to wait a few days to get the true story rather than getting details from a shoddy game of telephone any day.

      • Question? says:

        I agree, instant isnt always accurate and comes at a price sometimes. I would rather wait and know it is accurate.

  7. Mark says:

    I guess they don’t watch locked up abroad…..dumb or desperate?????

  8. WTH says:

    Why does it matter when you or anyone else found out when it happened?

  9. freddyg says:


  10. mindyourown says:

    How about that is what is wrong with Bermudians, you are stating that this is old news because you got the scoop on the 5th who cares. Is your closet clean, remember we are living in some hard economical times an these idiots just see Money at Hand and forget the consequence. But at the end of the day is a lesson leanrned and I hope Bermudians start ananlizing that by them doing these acts it is only making Bermudians hard to fly into these countries because they know that these are some serious times and as well as how Gullable our young youth are. So stop the moves and wise up because while Family, Friends etc are left to feel your pain, remember the whole country has to suffer this behaviour when it is our time to fly like being Harassed.

    • jussayin says:

      there is no logical reason why any of them HAD to do it, some families are NOT suffering the recession like others do and are, such as these three well off criminals… but hey, they’re better off now in the UK with a prison record. they will come out and ALL living expenses will be paid, house, clothing, jobs, etc u name it they get it no questions asked, just have you been recently released from prison, YES = £££££,,, howzat for ya – oh and it wasnt their first time at least one of them i know for sure… hhmmm

    • Also justsayin says:

      Well some families arent suffering and 1 of the females her faily isnt SUFFERING !!! So like they say you do the crime you should have thought about maybe if you got caught, are you up for doing the time. I dont feel sorry for any of them. Should have made a better choice.

  11. your joking says:

    I’m willing to bet 40% or more of the people on this island have been in front of the courts for some serious crime…..any study on that Bernews????….this is definately the “Island of the Devil”

    • YES MATE! says:

      If stupidity was a serious crime you’d be doing fifty to life right now.

    • James says:

      Sounds like you need to leave! I’ve never heard such a stupid statement!

  12. wow says:

    Sadly, these people will never learn, when they travel,they stand out like sore thumbs. The individuals who are benifiting are men and women who prey on the desperation and greed of people on the island.

    The worst part is, as things get worse on the island these sorts of cases will become more common place.

    Also, for every person that gets caught there are 9 who get through………. why dont they learn?? Because they know someone in their world that has gotten away with it and now that person is profiting from the experience.

    We would be surprised on the island who has benifited in some way from the sale, or trafficing of Narcotics. Some are in it only once, some act as money launderers, just putting money in banks, some, runners, some housing the drugs, some with their access to technology to set things up, some with their companionship of the drug dealers, some in the retail enviornment who benifit from the frivilous means of spending. it is a multi million dollar industry in Bermuda, and it is not just the knuckle heads on the street profiting from it either.

    sad but true.

  13. All Clogged Up says:

    Everyone has had stupid thoughts of doing something illegal. But despiration drives some into actioning their stupid thoughts. um too scared and too old to get locked up for stupidness. at my age I’ll be out on my 70th birthday. I’d rather be poor than rich, taking chances of being caught. Most mules blow their fortune within 6 months anyway.

  14. Hmmm... says:

    Funny how some people come from money and STILL feel they needa get more money by any means! SMH ….but then again, isn’t that how they got money to start with?

    • hrmph says:

      Smart people dont soil good money with bad .. You might think they do but .. oh never mind ..

      Now if your talking about people born into dirty money and keeping the legacy alive .. then yeah , tons here like that .

  15. Victor says:

    The scuttle bug is that one of the females has a four year old child presently in Bermuda with her Granny and Auntie – very sad for everybody involved, but most of all the young child.

    • disgusted says:

      why did you feel it necessary to mention the child??? This has nfn to do with her and if u were truly sorry for the child you wouldn’t involve her. The fam and child could be going through enough as it is, they didn’t need your help in spreading personal information. A$$hole!

      • Alana(2nd Chance) says:

        It will come out anyway, and names weren’t mentioned. I know people who are going through hard times, stupidity is not an excuse for her actions. She shamed herself, her family, and her child!

      • tricks are for kids..... says:

        People know who it is anyway. Although names weren’t mentioned. SHE should have been the one to think of what SHE would be putting HER child and family through. It was no need for her or any of them to do something so stupid. People are going to talk whether you or anybody else likes it or not so it’s no need to reduce to name calling because someone made a comment that YOU are not in agreement off. I’m sure you’ve repeated a story and disclosed what would be considered personal, uneccesary information and if you say you’ve never done that than you are lying to yourself.

      • Get Real says:

        @ disgusted: The real A$$holes in this story are those who got caught after making such an asinine decision. The one you speak of, obviously, only had her mind on the reward, thus totally ignoring the consequences of getting caught.

        • disgusted says:

          I am not defending anyone here except the child. Nor am I saying they weren’t stupid for their actions (I AM IN TOTAL AGREEMENT WITH THAT).

          Of course ppl will gossip and it will come out. But some of you need to adopt some consideration. There is absolutely no need to speak on the child. Run on about the three arrested all you please but why speak about a child who cannot speak for or defend him or herself. I agree the mother should have thought about the child. But dont you think this burden is enough on the child? He or she does not need to become the topic of website gossip. Yes I may have spoke on topics and I may have disclosed personal information but I have NEVER made information publicly available on a website of any sort (its called respect). This is the first and last time I would be posting a comment on her as I have better things to do then sit and speculate like the rest of you- I simply wanted to make myself clear

          Moral of the story: PROTECT AND RESPECT THE CHILDREN. Simple.

  16. Keep them Honest says:

    Common sense:
    when you fly from another country (that is not your country of residence) Airport security want to know why, why why why why and why?

  17. bermudiana says:

    Stupid is how stupid is . . . STUPID! They have just embarrassed all Bermudians with their stupiditym these accused drug mules! No sympathy at all & hope HM Customs & Excise and the British Police also get “the money” behind their stupid business adventure too!

  18. tricks are for kids..... says:

    Dumb,de dumb dumb dumbbbb!!!!!!and I bet the same people that sold them the drugs also called and “tipped” the authorities!!!! not only did they get thier money from the sale of drugs they’re probably in the runnings to get reward money as well!!!! Has happened before……..

  19. Shut Yo Mouth... says:

    Most likely they were flagged in Barbados . However Barbados is as broke as we are , so they allowed the fools to get one step further into the cold world of Prison Life . Beans on toast for three hungry drug traffickers .

  20. Get Real says:

    There is another case that comes to mind, whereby a Bermudian lost his freedom after getting caught doing the same thing a few years ago. He is currently incarcerated in the U.K., so the authorities there are more serious about their duties and perform them very well. I understand that the mule I speak of had the option of travelling from Jamaica via the UK or Canada…he chose the UK and got caught, just as these three idiots did. Common sense should tell these people that drug trafficking has its risks!

  21. Star man says:

    “Sounds like you need to leave! I’ve never heard such a stupid statement.”

    So what?… Every time someone says something you don’t like, you’re gonna tell him to leave. To where…?